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Civil Air Search And Rescue Association

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1 Civil Air Search And Rescue Association
ForeFlight Creating User Waypoints

2 User Waypoints A user waypoint is a method of saving any single point on the map (marking NOCL) for future reference, inclusion in routes, or direct-to operations.

3 User Waypoints-Touch Planning
While using touch-planning, create your own custom waypoint from a point on the map: Tap-and-hold the point until a pop-up is displayed.

4 User Waypoints-Touch Planning
Tap the More button, Then the Save button to create and name the waypoint, which you’ll be able to use in future routes.

5 User Waypoints-Touch Planning
Create a recognizable name for the waypoint. Note: Names must be one word with no spaces and must contain at least one letter. Once a waypoint has been named, you’ll be able to reference it while creating routes just as you would any other waypoint. NOTE: “D” and “CAP” are reserved and may not be used as User Waypoint names.

6 User Waypoints-Touch Planning
Description: Provide a brief description of the waypoint. The description appears in the waypoint callout when you tap that waypoint in route in the Maps view.

7 User Waypoints -Touch Planning
Lat/Lon: When creating a user waypoint via touch-planning, the latitude and longitude are determined for you based on the point on the map that you touch. LAT/LONG can be edited here

8 User Waypoints -Lat / Long Formats
Latitude/Longitude Formats 4 formats are supported: DD.dd (degree , decimal degree) DD MM SS ( degree, minute, second ) DD ( degree ,minute ,decimal minute ) DD MM SSs ( degree ,minute ,second ,decimal second ) Examples of these formats using this location 32°44’55.6”N, 80°45’57.6”W are: DD.dd 32.75N/080.77W DD MM SS / DD / DD MM SSs /

9 User Waypoints -Lat / Long Formats
NOTES: 1) Latitude is always DD, Longitude is always DDD. 2) Include a minus sign for Longitudes west and Latitudes south. 3) After *input* into the User Waypoint, these formats are *stored* in the DD.dd format. Or when tapping File & Brief from the NavLog, the DUATS filing form stores in the DDMMSSs (degree ,minute, seconds, decimal second) format. For *reading* Airport coordinates and ad-hoc tap-and-add coordinates ForeFlight allows you to select from 3 formats: DD.dd – Degrees ,decimal degrees DD – Degrees ,minutes, decimal minutes DD MM SS – Degree , minutes , second

10 User Waypoints Creating Waypoints
User Waypoints may also be entered one at a time Select More User Waypoints

11 User Waypoints Creating Waypoints
Select add +

12 User Waypoints Creating Waypoints
Enter required info Lat/long enter as follow using DDMM.mmm format Include a minus sign for Longitudes west and Latitudes south. Eg: For latest version of Foreflight mobile the letter W can be used when entering longitude Eg: W Tap the save button to finish creating the user waypoint. Once the waypoint is created, it functions just as any other waypoint in ForeFlight Mobile.

13 User Waypoints Finding Waypoints
User waypoints can be Searched by using the Search box at the top of the Maps view. User Waypoint can be included in a route By entering the name of the user waypoint in the same way you would use any other airport name or navaid when planning via search.

14 User Waypoints Projecting Waypoints
You can also enter a user waypoint as a distance and radial from an aviation point or a user waypoint By entering the waypoint / radial / distance information in Latitude and leaving Longitude blank.

15 User Waypoints Projecting Waypoints
Eg: entering YFC/106/10 in Latitude would create a user waypoint 10 NM away from the YFC VOR on the 106 Radial

16 User Waypoints Projecting Waypoints
Once the waypoint is created, it functions just as any other waypoint saved in ForeFlight Mobile.

17 User Waypoints Deleting Waypoints
To delete a single user waypoint, use the swipe-to-delete gesture: swipe your finger across the name of the waypoint, then tap the red Delete button.

18 User Waypoints Deleting Waypoints
To delete ALL User Waypoints, tap the “Clear” button

19 Creating User Waypoints Questions
ForeFlight Creating User Waypoints Questions

20 Creating User Waypoints Thank you
ForeFlight Creating User Waypoints Thank you

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