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Graybar: Organizing Your Super User Program Larry Labedz and Fred Asher.

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1 Graybar: Organizing Your Super User Program Larry Labedz and Fred Asher

2 Learning Points  How to define and select Super Users in a diverse environment  Super Users’ roles within the project  Obtaining Management support for the program  Solutions for training Super Users

3 Who is Graybar?

4 Leading distributor of electrical, telecommunication, and networking products Graybar Company Profile

5  Employee owned  Fortune 500 Corporation based in St. Louis  Serving North American markets since 1869

6 Graybar Company Profile Elisha Gray, an inventor, and Enos Barton, an entrepreneur, founded Gray & Barton in Cleveland in 1869 In 1872, this partnership became Western Electric Company Western Electric became the exclusive manufacturer of the telephone equipment for the Bell System and by the early 1900s, grew to be one of the largest manufacturing concerns in the world

7 Graybar Company Profile Western Electric also managed a thriving electrical distribution business, furnishing its customers with non-telephone products made by other manufacturers. This electrical distribution business was spun off from Western Electric and organized into a separate company, Graybar Electric Company, Inc., in 1925. Graybar employees bought their company in 1929. The corporate headquarters moved from the Graybar Building in New York City to St. Louis in 1982.

8 Graybar Company Profile - Today  $4.08 Billion Sales  $500 Million Inventory  250 Locations  7400 Employees

9 Graybar Company Profile - Today  Millions of SKUs  Thousands of Material Vendors  Thousands of Purchase Orders per day  Hundred Thousands Customers  Orders, Price, & Availability Checks number in the thousands per day

10 Enterprise Management Strategic Enterprise Management Management Accounting Financial Accounting Corporate Governance Financial Supply Chain Management Business Analytics Consumer Consumer RelationsConsumer PromotionsMedia & Advertising Customer Account AnalyticsAccount ManagementTrade Promotion ManagementCustomer Service Product Program Management New Product Development Collaboration Recipe Management Quality Management Product Safety Marketing Market Research & AnalysisBrand ManagementProduct ManagementCategory Management Sales Sales Cycle ManagementMulti-Channel-SalesFull Service VendingSales Force Management Sourcing & Procurement Strategic SourcingOperational ProcurementSupplier Collaboration Supply Chain Planning Strategic Planning & Monitoring Demand & Supply Planning Production Planning & Scheduling Distribution PlanningTransportation Planning Supply Chain Execution Manufacturing Warehouse Management Direct Store Delivery Foreign Trade & Legal Services Business Support Incentive & Commission Management Fixed Asset Management Employee Life- Cycle Management Employee Transaction Management HCM Service Delivery Consumer Insight Order Fulfillment & Transportation Travel Management Graybar’s SAP Implementation

11 To Vendors To Providers Auth. Data GUI Data Output Mgmt, Job Scheduling, Solution Mgr R/3 APOBW HRCRM Enterprise Portal End Users CIF Extractors Auth. Data GUI Data Auth. Data GUI Data Auth. Data GUI Data Demand History CIF (Cust Data)Org, FI Data Cost, Profit Ctrs EDI Gentran FileNet Graybar Net External Inventory PCM Taxing Authorities Output Tech. (Invoices) VertexBanks Benefits Providers Tax Pymts Invoices Materials Sales, POs Master Data Movements Avail, Price Cust, Material Data To Customers Updates Pymts, BAI Avail & PO Status Avail & PO Status Doc Data Pymts, BAI WMS Tax Data Pymts, BAI Auth. Data GUI Data Materials Std SAP New Interfaces Graybar’s SAP Implementation

12 Graybar Project - “As a recipient of the 2003 InfoWorld 100 Award, Graybar’s ERP system was selected from a field of 160 entrants as “an outstanding example of enterprise innovation and IT leadership” by a panel of the magazine’s editors. GRAYBAR RECEIVES 2003 INFOWORLD 100 AWARD FOR TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP - ST. LOUIS, November 13, 2003 Outside Recognition “The InformationWeek 500 identifies the best technology and business practices of companies that demonstrate patterns of technological, procedural, and organizational innovation.” GRAYBAR IT INFRASTRUCTURE RECOGNIZED IN 2003 INFORMATIONWEEK 500 RANKING - ST. LOUIS, October 6, 2003 GRAYBAR IT INFRASTRUCTURE RECOGNIZED IN 2004 INFORMATIONWEEK 500 RANKING - ST. LOUIS, September 20, 2004

13 Defining and Selecting Super Users in a Diverse Environment

14 How to define and select Super Users in a diverse environment  Defining a Super User is unique to your business  There is no set definition of a Super User!  The Super User can function as a full time team member that participates in system design, testing, implementation, training and support.  The Super User can function as only a trainer.  The Super User can function as a trainer and first line support person.  Selection of your Super Users is dependent upon the Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations you define.

15 What is a Super User?  understands the SAP-enabled business processes for a business unit or business process  helps support the project by assisting the project team with feedback  will be training end users in their area of expertise, and providing first level SAP support to their business areas during and after Go-Live In SAP terms, the Super User is an individual that…

16 Super User Concept Functional Teams Subject Matter Expertise for Functional Processes and SAP Configuration End Users Training Team Educational Services Team Program Design, Development, and Deployment Super Users Train-the-Trainer Approach End User Training, Feedback, and Evaluation Change Mgmt. Team Super User Training and Preparation

17 * SAP R/3 knowledge and skills will be developed (or enhanced) through participation in PACE activities. Qualities of a Super User SUSU Understanding of Graybar’s business direction, organization and culture Excellent working knowledge within a sub-process/ functional area Well-respected within his/her organization: a “go-to” person Aptitude and enthusiasm for learning and for teaching others Good PC computing skills Advocate for change initiatives Good communication and presentation skills Excellent teamwork skills Flexible— quickly learns and adjusts to changes

18 1.Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills Selection Criteria: Qualifications/Knowledge/Skills 2.Viewed as department SAP champion and supporter 3.Positive attitude/team player 4.Knowledge of office productivity tools (e.g., Microsoft Office, etc.) and strong computer skills in general 5.Aptitude for learning computer applications 6.Strong business process knowledge

19 1.Understand transactions in their SAP area Selection Criteria - Responsibilities 2.Handle/resolve SAP transaction questions from co-workers 4.Communicate the benefits of SAP to others in department 3.Maintain a positive attitude about the SAP R/3 system 5.Describe the process changes 6.Experience from an end user perspective 7.Participate in Operational Blueprinting and Realization 8.Train end users prior to Go-Live 9.Provide on-going support post Go-Live

20 Super Users’ Roles within the Project  Establish the Super Users’ roles within the project as part of your strategy  Make sure those roles are defined and explained to the Super Users at the beginning of their training program

21 Super Users’ Roles within the Project  Trainers  Change Agents  Go-Live Support Persons

22 Super Users as Trainers District Training Program:  Scheduled approximately 240 Instructor-Led classes in each district  Each Super User taught from one to five different courses  Classroom “in a box”

23 Super Users as Trainers Each Super User taught from one to five different courses.  Taught courses within their SAP roles  Assisted other Super Users  One-on-One mentors

24 Super Users as Trainers Classroom in a box  250 Locations to train  Developing a transportable classroom  Use of laptops

25 Super Users as Change Agents Local level change advocates for the SAP system implementation. What do we mean by “change advocate”?  Commitment to the cause.  Positive attitude toward the system and co-workers  Active, two-way communications

26 Where do Super Users fit in the Change Management Effort? Super Users are one of the critical components of the change management effort at the local level… Graybar Branch Branch Management – Overall Change Leadership at the location Super Users – Critical Change Agents via their interactions  as instructors  with fellow employees outside the classroom  during Go-Live support responsibilities

27  Why are Super Users so key to the change effort?  Their peers take a “read” on the change from Super Users  Why do employees look to Super Users?  Because Super Users get training and experience with SAP in advance of their colleagues Super Users – Key Change Agents

28 Super Users in Go-Live Support We utilized the Super Users as  First line support persons in their own districts  Follow up support in other districts following their own “Go-Live”

29 Calculating the Number of Super Users Required for Your Implementation Ratio of End Users to Super Users  15:1 – The ratio we used at Graybar based on job titles and categories  Based on Super User responsibilities and roles. This ratio could be very low or very high depending on the complexity of the implementation  Be flexible in your numbers

30 Calculating the Number of Super Users Required for Your Implementation

31 Keys to a Successful Go-Live Super Users are key to the training and implementation because they are  KNOWLEDGEABLE: They know the business procedures.  RESPECTED: They can deliver training in their own language and their colleagues recognize them as knowledgeable.  ACCESSIBLE: Super Users provide over-the-shoulder support to their co-workers. The availability of this support is especially important during the initial days of SAP use.

32 Obtaining Management Support of the Super User Program

33 Establishing Management Acceptance for the Super User Program  Preliminary contact within the business unit or organization  Organizational meeting with the business unit or organization management  Define the selection criteria for the Super Users  Finalizing your Super User group

34 Preliminary Contact within the Business Unit or Organization Set up meeting with district  Set Up date a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the start date for Super User training.  Include all appropriate people in the meeting. Super User Count Worksheet  Categorized by Functional Area and then by Job Titles  Number of Super Users per area and location

35 Organizational Meeting with the District Management One day meeting held at district office  Approximately six hours  Explanation of the concept of Super Users  Training responsibilities and scheduling  Associated Tasks for the conversion

36 Obtaining Management Support of the Super User Program  Work closely with the business unit management team and let them decide who their Super Users will be  The Super Users should be the best people in the business unit  Interaction with Corporate Executives

37 Finalizing the Group of Super Users  Determined by the district, with our guidance.  List of Super Users was approved by the district.  District assigned the courses each Super User was to teach, with our guidance.

38 Expected Benefits of Management Support  Smoother implementation because you have well-trained end users.  First line support during the implementation allows for continuous flow of business.  Direction is established prior to implementation.

39 Solutions for Training the Super Users

40  The training exposure required by the Super User is defined by the Responsibilities and Roles you expect the Super User to perform  There are many alternative ways to training your Super Users  SAP Functional Classes held at SAP training facilities  In-house training programs presented by SAP trainers  In-house Train-the-Trainer programs focused on your unique situation

41 SAP Training Solutions  SAP Functional Classes held at SAP training facilities  In-house training programs presented by SAP trainers These courses are usually arranged at the beginning of the project. As a resource on scheduling this training, contact your SAP Educational Account Manager.

42 Super Users Training Program Four Week Program consisting of:  Study at Home Location  Intense System Study in St. Louis  On-the-Job Exposure at a live district location

43 Super Users Training Program Study at Home Location  Welcome to the program  Introduce road map that will be used for the development of the Super Users  Provide a basic understanding of roles, responsibilities and timelines

44 Super Users Training Program Intense System Study in St. Louis  Regimented curriculum based on courses  Training on the system processes  Train-the-Trainer – Presentation Skills course  Interaction with Graybar executives

45 Super Users Training Program On-the-Job Exposure at a live district location  Opportunity to see the production system  Work with other Super Users to hone skills  What to expect at Go-Live

46 Super Users receive the following Change Agent preparation: A mini Change Workshop  Occurs during the first day of their two-week training cycle.  An opportunity to discuss what a change advocate is, the importance of their influence, steps to take in next 30 days. Also covered is the “commitment” path they and their colleagues must follow Toolkit  A quick, general education about the SAP implementation  A reference to support effective change agent behavior Super User Preparation for their Change Agent Role

47 The Commitment Curve Ownership Individuals make the change their own. Changes become the way work is done now — the new status quo STAGES FOR BUILDING PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO CHANGE T I M E Status Quo Vision COMMITMENT High (Involvement) Low (Awareness) Awareness Individuals are aware of basic scope and concepts of initiative General Understanding Individuals understand impacts to the organization & their functional area Personal Understanding Individuals understand impacts and benefits to them personally Acceptance Individuals are willing to work with and implement changes and are ready to acquire the skills to adopt Adoption Individuals are actively participating in the initiative and are acquiring the skills necessary for change Goal is for employees to get here before training begins

48 Return on Investment  Graybar implemented SAP in approximately 250 locations in 21 months  Trained 7400 users  Completed training $50, 000 under budget

49 Leading Practice  In establishing your Super User program make sure you plan out the entire strategy prior to taking the program to management  Establish management ownership of the program  Assess your Super User program throughout the training cycle(s)

50 Key Learning Points  Defining Your Super Users 1.Start early to establish the program with your organization 2.Select your Super Users by specific criteria 3.Create a training program that empowers the Super Users  Super Users’ Roles Within the Project 1.Establish the Super Users’ roles within the project as part of your strategy 2.Define and explain those roles to the Super Users at the beginning of their training program 3.Follow through on your program regardless of the hurdles or obstacles you need to jump  Obtaining Management Support of the Super User Program 1.Establish their ownership of the program 2.Work closely with the management team to select Super Users 3.Track your results and report those results to management  Solutions for Training the Super Users 1.Create a training program that empowers the Super Users 2.Make sure the training you provide the Super Users matches their involvement in the project 3.Don’t be afraid to adjust as you go, from the course materials through the structure to your Super User program

51 Questions or Comments? Questions

52 3200 Session Code: Larry Labedz 314-573-2572

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