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Petra Kučerová Michaela Salajková

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1 Petra Kučerová Michaela Salajková
Phosphorus Petra Kučerová Michaela Salajková

2 Physical properties Non-metallic Density: 1,83 g/cm3
Melting point: 41 °C Boiling point: 277 °C Standart state: solid Colour: white, red and black

3 Chemical properties The 15th group of periodic table
3 alotropic modifications Insoluble in water Soluble in carbon disulphide (= rozpustný v sirouhlíku) Biogenic element

4 White phosphorus Waxy (= měkký jako vosk) Toxic Pyrophoric
(= samozápalný) Phosphorescing vapors (= fosforeskující páry) Very reactive By heating to 250 °C changes into the red modification

5 Red phosphorus Non-toxic Less reactive than the white one
Amorphous substance (= amorfní látka) Stable on air

6 Black phosphorus Crystal structure Metallic lustre (= kovový lesk)
Heat conductor (= vodič tepla) Conductor of electric current (= vodič el. proudu) The least reactive of all modifications Non-toxic

7 History Discovered in 1669 by Hennig Brand
Isolated from urine (= získán z moči) Name – from Greek - Phosphoros = „bringer of light“ Když hledal kámen moudrosti

8 Occurence (= výskyt) Only compounds (apatite, phosphorite)
Heavy occurence in the earth´s crust (= zemská kůra)


10 Lipids, bones

11 Uses 1 Safety matches Pyrotechnics Coca-cola
Bone-ash - monocalcium phosphate – baking powder (= kostní moučka; prášek do pečiva)

12 Uses 2 Fertilizers (= hnojiva) Pesticides Alloys (= slitiny)
Clean agents Water softeners

13 Hazards and risks 0,1 g of white phosphorus is deadly toxic
Chronic poisoning of white phosphorus leads to necrosis of the jaw („phossy jaw“)

14 Thanks for your attention

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