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Surviving the Great Depression and The Election of 1932

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1 Surviving the Great Depression and The Election of 1932
Chapter 22 Section 3 and 4 Surviving the Great Depression and The Election of 1932

2 Penny Auction Farmers would bid mere pennies on land and machines auctioned by the banks in order to help their struggling neighbors

3 How did penny auctions help farmers overcome some of the hardships of the Great Depression?
Neighbors would buy the farms and equipment, then return them to their original owners

4 Twenty-first Amendment
Repealed the 18th Amendment (prohibition) making it legal to produce and consume alcohol

5 Why was the 21st Amendment passed?
It passed because many people wanted to lift the ban on alcohol Also, it return the decision of alcohol production up to the individual states, instead of the federal government

6 Why do you think it was passed during the Great Depression?
To help people socialize during tough times Lessen the activity of gangsters and bootleggers The government could tax it and collect the revenue

7 Why was there an interest among some Americans in radical and reform movements?
Many Americans became interested in radical and reform movements because those movements promised a fairer distribution of wealth

8 How did American involvement in these radical and reform movements differ from the political movements occurring in some parts of Europe at the same time? Unlike the situation in many European nations, American involvement in these movements was nonviolent and did not seriously challenge the government

9 How did President Hoover hope to end the Depression and its hardships?
Hoover believed that the economy could correct itself if Americans remained confident He relied on voluntary actions from businesses to maintain this confidence He agreed to allow some federal assistance to be used in relief efforts

10 Hawley-Smoot Tariff The highest import tax in U.S. history
Designed to protect American workers by making foreign products more expensive Forcing people to only buy American

11 What was the effect of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act?
It backfired European nations raised their own tariff Slowed down international trade Made the depression Great

12 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Gave government credit to a number of institutions, such as large industries, railroads, and insurance companies Lent money to banks so they could give loans

13 Bonus Army A group of WWI veterans that wanted immediate payment of a pension that had been promised for 1945 They were in D.C. to support a bill in that senate that, if passed, would grant them their money The bill was voted down and Hoover asked the military to escort them out of the city

14 How did the Bonus Army contribute to Hoover’s downfall?
The military dispersed them with tear gas and fire It made Hoover appear unconcerned with the problems of the average American, who made up the largest part of the voting public

15 Describe Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s appeal to the American voter in 1932.
He intended to bring in a new philosophy of government, one that would expand the government to provide more for the common people

16 From what groups did FDR receive support in the 1932 election?
Democrats, Republicans, immigrants, laborers, and urban workers

17 What percentage of the electoral vote did FDR receive in 1932? Hoover?

18 What percentage of the popular vote did FDR receive in the 1932 election? Hoover?

19 Which states electoral votes did Hoover win?
Maine New Hampshire Vermont Connecticut Pennsylvania Delaware

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