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President Herbert Hoover

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1 President Herbert Hoover

2 The Election of 1928 The Candidates: Herbert Hoover (Rep)
Successful engineer Former head of the Food Administration in WWI 7 years as secretary of commerce in the Harding and Coolidge admins. Alfred E. Smith (Dem) 4 time gov of NY Irish American from New York’s Lower East Side First Roman Catholic nominated as a Presidential candidate

3 Campaign Issues: Hoover: Dry Smith: Wet
Prohibition Hoover: Dry Smith: Wet Religion Smear campaign against Smith who believed the Catholic Church financed the Dem Party and would rule the US if Smith won. Hoover (Quaker) tried to squash the slurs. Result: Smith’s candidacy was seriously damaged Prosperity of the 1920’s Reps took credit for the prosperity and promised “two cars in every garage”

4 The Winner: Hoover received 6 million more votes than Smith and won the electoral college 444 to 87 It’s a landslide WIN At his inaugural address movie cameras filmed for the first time and radios broadcast the address worldwide. Hoover stated “I have no fears for the future of our country.” “It is bright with hope.”

5 President Herbert Hoover
Hoover’s Philosophy Rejects the idea of federal aid to suffering Americans. Hoover urges Americans to lift themselves up through hard work - rugged individualism=success comes from individual effort and private enterprise. C. He believes private charities and local communities, not the Federal Government, could provide for those in need. D. However, local governments and private charities didn’t have the resources and money to help so many people in a time of national crisis.

6 Breadlines

7 Hoover tries to boost the economy
Stimulating the economy 1. He recommended top business, labor and political leaders to maintain employment and wages in order to revive business activity and promote recovery. 2. Congress funded several public-works programs in order to stimulate business and employ jobless workers. - Boulder (Hoover) Dam on the Colorado River, near Las Vegas *He approved some $800 million in public works funding but it still wasn’t enough.


9 Agricultural Marketing Act of Federal Farm Board buys up the extra farm crops to increase crop prices, then the government would sell the crops later when prices were higher. Farmers rebelled by growing more crops. Home Loan Bank Act in provided $ to savings banks, building and loan associations, and insurance companies, hoping to allow more farmers to keep their land and to boost home construction. Reconstruction Finance Corporation- gave up to $2 billion for emergency financing for banks, life insurance companies and corporations. The $ was supposed to trickle down to the needy.

10 Bonus Army Citizens are unhappy with Hoover
Bonus Army: more than 10,000 WWI veterans protested in Washington DC to support a bonus bill that would give veterans early payment for their time served in the war. Demonstrators camped in DC but when Congress rejected the bill 2,000 of the veterans stayed against official orders. Hoover ordered the veterans to leave by using Army soldiers to drive them out, burning their camps and injuring many veterans as well. The nation was furious with Hoover.



13 Shantytowns “Hoovervilles”- all across the nation

14 1932 election Republicans nominate Herbert Hoover as their presidential candidate Democrats nominate Franklin Delano Roosevelt Winner?

15 Draw a Political Cartoon-
Begin with one single, clear idea A cartoon should force the viewer to use their imagination Avoid putting too many elements in the cartoon (keep it simple) Sizes and shapes of all objects in the cartoon should help make the cartoon clear to understand Use creativity!

16 Possible Cartoon Topics
Hoover’s philosophy Hoover’s cautious approach to the Depression Boulder Dam “Hoovervilles” National Credit Corporation Federal Home Loan Bank Act Reconstruction Finance Corporation Bonus Army, Patman Bill


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