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Future Falcons! Planning for 9th Grade

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1 Future Falcons! Planning for 9th Grade
Prairie High School Class of 2019

2 Make it your goal to pass all classes!
PHS Diploma Process .5 credit earned for each class passed Students take 6 classes each semester Students earn 3.0 credits per semester and 6.0 credits per year by passing all classes Make it your goal to pass all classes!

3 Graduation Requirements
4.0 English 3.0 Social Studies 3.0 Math – Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II or another approved math class 2.0 Science – must include 1.0 Lab Science 2.0 Health/Fitness .50 Health and 1.50 Fitness 1.0 Fine Arts 1.0 Occupational Education 7.0 Electives 23.0 Total credits required to graduate Additional graduation requirements : Must pass English Language Arts Exit Exam, and Algebra End of Course Exam or Geometry End of Course Exam, and Biology End of Course Exam Must pass Washington State History – Usually completed in middle school Complete High School & Beyond Plan

4 Quick Review! How many credits will you earn next year at PHS when you pass every class? A. 1.0 B. 3.0 C. 6.0 D. None of the above

5 Quick Review! How many credits will you earn 1st semester next year at PHS when you pass every class? A. 1.0 B. 6.0 C. 3.0 D. None of the above

6 C.A.S.E.E Center for Agriculture, Science and Environmental Education
A Career and Technical Education Program Students attend PHS for three classes and CASEE for three classes every day Classes are taught in an integrated format and students earn .50 English credit, .50 Science credit, and .50 Occupational Education credit Transportation is provided Application is required – Future PHS students must turn in completed applications by April 15th .

7 English English I Honors English I – Summer reading required
Determined by grades and BGPS Assessment test scores English I Honors English I – Summer reading required CASEE - English It’s important to do your best during 8th grade year to increase your class choices in High School!

8 Social Studies World Studies is taken during 10th grade
To insert your company logo on this slide From the Insert Menu Select “Picture” Locate your logo file Click OK To resize the logo Click anywhere inside the logo. The boxes that appear outside the logo are known as “resize handles.” Use these to resize the object. If you hold down the shift key before using the resize handles, you will maintain the proportions of the object you wish to resize. Social Studies World Studies is taken during 10th grade World Studies is not taken during 9th grade Exception: World Studies AFJROTC is available for 9th or 10th grade students enrolled in the AFJROTC program

9 Washington State History
Requirement is met in 8th grade if you pass both semesters or two trimesters of Social Studies in the BGPS. If you attended a BGPS middle school but did not pass both semesters of 8th grade Social Studies, you need Washington State History in high school to meet the graduation requirement. Please talk to your PHS counselor. If you did not attend a BGPS middle school and you completed Washington State History in the 7th or 8th grade, please talk with your PHS counselor .

10 8th grade teacher recommendations.
Math Placement To be determined by 8th grade teacher recommendations. Graduation requirements include passing Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II or another approved math class.

11 SCIENCE Agriculture Science Integrated Earth & Physical Science
Biology - Students should earn B or better in 8th grade Science and English and have a 3.0 GPA to be prepared for this class. Students should also be enrolled in Algebra or higher math. CASEE Program- Application process with acceptance required before CASEE can be added on the schedule. The majority of 9th grade students take Integrated Earth & Physical Science. For students interested in taking AP Biology or AP Environmental Science, parents need to the PHS counselor .

12 Quick Review! In which subject will your grades, teacher’s recommendation, or test scores determine your placement? A. Math B. Science C. Social Studies D. English

13 French American Sign Language
World Language World Language is NOT a high school graduation requirement. World Languages available at PHS: German Spanish French American Sign Language Earning a B or better in middle school English is a recommended pre-requisite for taking World Language in 9th grade. Two years of high school World Language is a requirement for entrance into four-year colleges and universities. This must be in the same language. Consider waiting until 10th or 11th grade to take World Language classes to increase readiness.

14 Falcon Transitions One semester - required of all freshmen
Occupational credit The goal of the PHS Falcon Transitions course for 9th grade students is to create a safe, focused learning environment that will facilitate the development of skills necessary for a successful high school experience. Students will learn strategies for making positive academic, social, and career decisions. ORIENTATION Get to Know PHS; Get to Know Your Classmates; “About Me” (PowerPoint Presentation) Get to Know the Attendance Office; PHS Handbook review; Student Computer User Contract PHS Resources: Guest Speakers - Administration; Counseling; School Resource Officer; Intervention Specialist; School Nurse; Career Lab Staff Course Outline/Grading Criteria Contract; Class Expectations; Student Questionnaire

15 Falcon Transitions - Outline
GOAL SETTING Planning ahead - setting short term and long term goals Envisioning the future - counseling presentation STUDY SKILLS Getting and Staying Organized - Time Management Note Taking - Listening Skills - How to Get Good Grades Test Taking Strategies/Managing Test Anxiety INTERNET SAFETY Appropriate Online Behavior; Cyber Harassment (bullying/stalking) Social Networking /Digital Permanence/Online Privacy/Digital Security CAREER CHOICES 9th Grade Component of Culminating Project –Career Cruising portfolio CTE - PHS Course Opportunities; Forecasting (Career Cruising) Career Exploration-Investigation (including Non-Traditional Careers) Career Brochure (MS Publisher) Holland Interest Inventory (RIASEC); 21st Century Employability Skills Resume Preparation/Job Application/Mock Interviews/Personal Business Card 21st Century Workforce - Effects of Globalization History of Child Labor - Workplace Rules for Minors - Teen Labor Laws HUMAN RELATIONS Learning Styles - Multiple Intelligences Surviving High School - Stereotypes/Peer Pressure; Diversity Leadership/teamwork/collaborative problem solving Stress Management/Anger Management (Discovery Education) MEDIA LITERACY Library/Media Center Resources Research Skills - Website Evaluation Computer Ethics: Copyright/Fair Use-Plagiarism-Paraphrasing-Netiquette-Intellectual Property Research Project - Oral Presentation (PowerPoint) DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS Shared drive/File Organization - file storage devices Introduction to MS Office; Network safety Keyboarding Assessment/Review (keyboarding program available)

16 Health/Fitness Freshman Health/Fitness - full year
Family Health – half year Basketball Sports Conditioning – full year Speed Strength Training (SST) for Men or Women – full year SST is a full year class recommended for students planning to participate in fall, winter, or spring sports. Family Health must be taken for half-year during high school and PE form completed to take SST full year + Family Health half-year in place of Health/Fitness. AFJROTC – Health/Journey Into Aviation History – full year .50 Health credit & .50 Occupational credit

17 Freshman Electives There are many elective choices for Freshmen at PHS! Please check the online Student Course Guide at Counseling link, Choosing Classes link, Course Guide link to read about your choices. Also, choose alternatives!! Select six (6) just in case your first choice doesn’t fit in your schedule. CASEE includes a year long elective.

18 Quick Review! How many elective alternates should you choose? A. 3
B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

19 Organizations & Clubs at PHS
Acapella Club American Sign Language ASB Officers/Leadership Auto Club (VICA) Bachelor Club Chess CSU - Christian Students United DECA - Student business organization Drama Equestrian Family Careers & Community Leaders FFA - Agricultural leadership Gamers Club GSA - Gay/Straight Alliance Go Green HOSA– Future health care professionals

20 . Organizations & Clubs, contd
Journalism Key Club – Service, character , leadership Kitty Hawk/JROTC Knowledge Bowl Literary Magazine Club Model UN Club National History Day Club National Honor Society Photo Club Rugby Club Ski & Snowboarding Speech & Debate Ultimate Frisbee VICA Metals/ Drafting Club Yearbook

21 SPORTS Baseball Basketball Bowling Cheer Cross Country Dance Football
Golf Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Track & Field Volleyball Wrestling Completed sports packets must be turned into ASB office prior to start date of the sport. All student athletes must purchase an ASB card ($35) and pay the participation fee ($85). Fees are subject to change in August 2015.

22 SPORTS, contd. - GPA requirement for all athletes is 1
SPORTS, contd GPA requirement for all athletes is or higher with no failing grades Grades from 8th grade count!

23 LINK Connecting 9th Grade Students to Prairie High School
All 9th grade students attend the day before school starts Trained 11th & 12th grade mentors assigned to groups of 9th grade students Provides group activities, ecouragement, and fun!

24 Attend Prairie High School Open House!!
April 14, 2015 Tuesday 6:30 p.m :00 p.m. Prairie High School Learn more about PHS classes, clubs, organizations, sports, and activities available for 2015/2016! Campus tours provided by AFJROTC cadets!

25 Get involved at PHS!

26 Explore the options!

27 Make memories…

28 Prairie Pride!

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