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New to UD? WELCOME! What you need to know to get started Who to turn to for answers Where to find information Alphabet soup What about the Feds.

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2 New to UD? WELCOME! What you need to know to get started Who to turn to for answers Where to find information Alphabet soup What about the Feds

3 People Soft Access What is it and how do I get it??

4 What is People Soft? PS is an operating system used at UD for: Grant submissions Financials Student Services Human Resources Security clearance is required to access this system.

5 Steps to Getting Security Access Your supervisor will send an email request to the following information: –Your Name: (JANE DOE) –Your EMPLID: (XXXXX) –Your User ID: (DOEJ) and indicate one of the following access roles: Grants - Research Administrators (Proposal entry and inquiry) GM_RESEARCH_ADMIN Grants - Proposal Data Entry onlyGM_DATA_ENTRY Grants - Proposal Inquiry onlyGM_PROPOSAL_INQ

6 How is People Soft Used? For Grant Proposals (Pre-award) People Soft is a convenient system for inputting, routing, and tracking proposals. A how-to manual is available to help you; contact you C&G administrator For Financial Monitoring and Reporting (Post-award) People Soft allows you to choose from a menu of Queries to view: Grant expenditures Budget balances and transfers F&A distribution Grants awarded to PI Current and upcoming grant closeouts More information on Queries can be found at this RGS website:

7 Queries and Grants Queries allow you to extract financial data from People Soft. There are 2 types of queries that you will use the most: EZQs and GMQs.

8 Award Monitoring Queries GMQs extract information that is specific to grants such as Proposal, Project, and Cash details. EZQs provide sponsored and non- sponsored fund balances

9 Pre-written Queries EZQ_BAL_PROJ_QUERY –View PTD balance by account EZQ_BAL_PROJ_TOTAL –View Project-to-date balance for a purpose GMQ_PI_PROJ –View list of Project associated with a PI GMQ_PENDING_CLOSEOUTS –List projects nearing their end dates To access more pre-written queries go to: (PS Reporting)

10 Award Monitoring Bringing UD Data Directly to You! BUDDY ( is a web based report of financial data using UD People Soft which can be used for routine balance and transaction inquiries. Is it a quick and easy resource for PI’s and Chairs.

11 Award Monitoring COGNOS © COGNOS © is the official UD administrative reporting tool. A data warehouse is currently being developed for reporting that will offer increased functionality in standardizing and formatting report data.

12 Award Monitoring Con’t. Labor Allocation Module (LAM) is used to input a percentage distribution of salaries for faculty, professional, and salaried staff. This information is used to correctly charge salaries in each pay period. This system provides a quick turn-around for salary funding changes. To link to the LAM go to and click on UD PROCESSES

13 PAYROLL (HRMS) LAM Labor Allocation Module Funding A 20% Funding B 20% Funding C 20% Funding D 40% JED DISTRIBUTION. Payroll charges are processed by HR and are distributed either directly (based on the JED) or on the distributions in the LAM. The pay amount will go from HRMS directly to the LAM, where the distribution for each affected employee will be revised to reflect the desired distribution The LAM will override the Job Employment Data (JED) distribution.

14 What is Effort? “Effort” is the percentage of time a researcher commits to a particular project For proposal submissions, Effort is converted to “Person Months”, and if awarded, the researcher must adhere to the Effort commitment. Grant managers are required to monitor Effort and twice a year certify Effort accuracy.

15 How Do I Convert Effort to Person Months? Calculate effort based on a 12 month year (9 month contract amount divided by 9 & multiplied by 12) 1 month out of 12, or 1/12, equals 8.33% rounded to 8% to represent one month of effort. NIH Calculator – an easy to use effort to person month conversion table cy/person_months_conversion _chart.xls

16 R ESEARCH & G RADUATE S TUDIES (RGS) Website A valuable resource for quick links to information, updates, and training opportunities. Website Address:

17 Useful UD Websites UD uses PEOPLE SOFT (PS) to provide a warehouse of information that will be helpful to you as pre- and post award managers. Log on with your UDelNet ID and Password to access UD Financial System (PS): REPORTING DATABASE for queries and PRODUCTION DATABASE for proposal MONTHLY STATEMENT VIEW for viewing and reconciling

18 Webforms UD WEBFORMS are electronically submitted personnel and expenditure documents forms such as BERs, Request to Hire, Proposal Approval, and Journal Vouchers, just to name a few, that you may initiate, approve, or route throughout UD, (Note:The log on screen for WEBFORMS and UD FINANCIALS are the same, but the web address is different.)

19 Use your UDelNet ID and Password to also access: PROCUREMENT for Purchase Orders, Vendor Payments, and more GENERAL ACCOUNTING for Journal Vouchers, Account Code Listing, and Daily Accounting HUMAN RESOURCES for General HR information, Training Opportunities, Keywords

20 Where can I find more information? UD Policies & Procedures – UD Financials Training & other Information – Research & Graduate Studies –

21 About the Sponsors Fastlane/National Science Foundation (NSF) NSF FastLane is an Internet/Web based system that allows NSF customers to conduct business electronically with NSF Grant Submission Change of PI Proposal Preparation PI Transfer Change of Scope Grantee Approved No-Cost Extension (first-time request)

22 More About the Sponsors eRA Commons eRA Commons is an online interface where grant applicants, grantees and federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants. Notice of Award Just in Time Summary Statements eSnap

23 More About the Sponsors GRANTS.GOV WWW.GRANTS.GOV Provides a unified site for interaction between grant applicants and the US Federal agencies that manage grant funds. has streamlined the process of finding and applying for federal grant opportunities

24 Grant Guidelines Grants Guidelines –NSF 7140.pdf 7140.pdf –NIH 4_RR_Guide_General_Ver2.pdf 4_RR_Guide_General_Ver2.pdf 3/nihgps_2003.pdf

25 More About the Sponsors For more information about these and other sponsors - Contact your Contract and Grant Administrator

26 Federal Regulations A-21 – Cost Principles for Higher Educational Institutes: Allowable, Allocable, & Reasonable A-110 – Sets forth standards for obtaining consistency and uniformity among Federal agencies for the administration of grants to and agreements with higher educational institutes A-133 – Audits of State & Local governments and non-profit organizations

27 Training at UD A bundle of training materials can be found at the Research and Graduate Studies website that will guide you in the use of these systems. Navigate to “REARCHERS” and then to “TRAINING” for instructions on Proposal Development, the LAM, Effort Reporting, and Queries.

28 Ask Me! Contact us if you have questions and we will provide you with the information you need. Contact Katherine Lyons, RGS Ext. 8626 Rachel Coates-Knowles, MSEG Ext. 8810

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