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The devastating impact of child marriage

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2 The devastating impact of child marriage
Health: Five times more likely to die in childbirth Education: Schooling often ends with marriage Human rights violation

3 Why does child marriage happen?
Tradition Gender roles Poverty Security

4 Why act to end child marriage now?
Large scale; little action 25,000 girls every day 10 million girls/year Direct impact on development goals Lost potential of millions of girls

5 What are the solutions? Empowering girls with information, skills, and support networks Educating and mobilising parents and community members Enhancing the accessibility and quality of formal schooling for girls Offering economic support and incentives for girls and their families Fostering an enabling legal and policy framework

6 Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage
Our members are working in partnership to: Raise awareness about the impact and solutions Empower those seeking to end child marriage Call for global action Give girls a voice

7 What action can be taken by the UN human rights machinery?
Recognise child marriage as a cross-cutting human rights issue Implement the recommendations of treaty monitoring bodies Encourage UN special rapporteurs to report on child marriage Highlight child marriage in the Universal Periodic Review

8 ‘Let girls be girls, not brides’

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