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Unit 3 Our hobbies Topic 3 What were you diong from seven.

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2 Unit 3 Our hobbies Topic 3 What were you diong from seven

3 Teaching aims and demands: The Past Continuous Tense: 主语+ were( was )+ doing

4 Task 1 Learn the Past Continuous Tense:

5 What is she doing now ? She is doing some cleaning now. What was she doing this time yesterday? She was doing some cleaning.

6 What is the boy doing now ? He is doing some reading. What was the boy doing this time yesterday ? He was doing some reading.

7 What is the boy doing now ? He is playing the piano. What was he doing this time yesterday? He was playing the piano.

8 What is the girl doing now ? She is doing some cleaning. What was she doing this time yesterday ? She was doing some cleaning.

9 What is he doing now ? He is sleeping now. What was he doing this time yesterday? He was sleeping this time yesterday.

10 What is the boy doing now? He is skating now. What was he doing this time yesterday? He was skating this time yesterday.

11 一、过去进行时的概念: 过去进行时表示过去某一时刻 或 过去某一阶段时间正在进行的动作。 如 : 昨天这个时候你在干什么?我在打篮球。 What were you doing this time yesterday? I was playing basketball . 那几天你在干什么?我在看一本小说。 What were you doing those days? I was reading a storybook .

12 二、过去进行时的构成: 过去进行时由助动词 be 的过去式 were (was) + doing 构成。 三、过去进行时的句式 (1) 陈述句的肯定形式: 主语 + were (was) + doing… . 如: He was doing his homework at nine yesterday night. . 。

13 ( 2) 陈述句的否定形式: 主语 + were (was)+ not doing… . 如 : I was not doing my homework then . were (was) not 还可缩写成 weren’t 或 wasn’t 。 (3) 一般疑问句的肯定、否定及其回答: Were (was)+ 主语 +doing… ? Yes, 主语 ( 人称代词 ) were (was) . No, 主语 ( 人称代词 ) weren’t (wasn’t) . 如 :Were they doing their homework then? Yes, they were . /No, they weren’t .

14 过去进行时与现在进行时的区别: 两者都表示动作正在进行,只是 时间有别。现在进行时表示现在或 现阶段正在进行的动作。过去进行时 则表示在过去的某一时间点或过去 某一阶段正在进行的动作。 如:瞧!他们在踢足球。 Look! They are playing football . 上星期六这个时间,他们也在踢足球。 They were playing football this time last Saturday, too .

15 Let’s do together. ( )1.My brother ___ while he ___ his bicycle and hurt himself. A. fell, was riding B. fell, were riding C. had fallen, rode D. had fallen, was riding ( )2. The last time I ____ Jane she ___ cotton in the fields. A. had seen, was picking B. saw, picking C. had seen, picked D. saw, was picking ( )3.I first met Lisa three years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time. A. has worked B. was working C. had been working D. had worked A D B

16 ( )4.When I arrived at his office, he ___ on the phone. A. was speaking B. spoke C. had been speaking D. had spoken ( )5. “ What ' s the matter, Alice? You look sad. ” “ Oh, nothing. As a matter of fact, I ___ of my friends back home. ” A. just thought B. have just been thinking C.was just thinking D. have just thought ( )8. I ___ my breakfast when the morning post came. A. had B. had been having C. have been having D. was having A C D

17 Task 2 Pair work: Ask and answer in pair, using the Past Continuous Tense.

18 Example: A: What were you doing from seven to nine yesterday? B: I was learning English. Were you playing on the computer? A: Yes, I was. ? No, I wasn’t.


20 Task 3 Work alone: Listen to the tape and answer the following questions.

21 What was Kangkang doing when Bill knocked at the door? He was watching TV.

22 What was Jack doing when the telephone rang? He was writing a letter.

23 What were they doing when their mother came back? They were making a model plane.

24 What was the teacher doing when Bill came into the classroom? She was giving the students a rest.

25 Task 4 Written work: How did you spend last Sunday?

26 How did you spend last Sunday? Did you have a good time? What were you doing at different times last Sunday? Write a passage about it. The following information may help you. Watch a movie, climb mountains, play basketball, visit friends.

27 My weekend Last Sunday was my busiest day of the week. I got up at 7:00 a.m. After breakfast when Jim called me I was doing my homework. He wanted me to play basketball with him. We played happily from 10:00 to 12:00. In the afternoon, I was washing my clothes at 2:00. I was reading comics at 3:00. At 4:30 I went to see my grandparents with my parents. After we got back home, I helped my mother do the cooking. After supper, we all went out for a walk, and then we watched TV for a while. When I went to bed, I felt very tiered, but I was very happy.

28 Task 5 Useful expressions

29 Useful expressions 1. Yeah, I think so. 2. Hold the line, please. 3. I think they are just so- so. 4. I don` t agree. / I don` t think so. 5. Who is speaking? 6. It` s nothing serious. 7. I think he is very brave! 8. Make faces 9. I agree. / I agree with you.

30 Let’s chant. People are busy on workdays. Students go to school for five days. We are free o the weekends. We relax in different ways.

31 1.Bring examples of you r hobbies to school. (stamps, CDs, etc.) 2. Show your hobbies to your group members. 3. Talk about your group members` hobbies. 4. Select the best report from your group and then present it to your class. Homework


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