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CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit! June 24, 2014.

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2 CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit! June 24, 2014

3 Citizenship in our students’ words… “I hope this hair goes to someone my age and it will make them smile as big as I did after I cut mine off! I really want to make the planet be happy” Mackenzie Waddell “ My definition of citizenship is any person or group of people who respect all things around them and strive for positive change in their community.” Georgia Dalke “ It’s about being involved in your community, being respectful to others, taking care of the environment, being a good role model and working towards creating a better and healthier community” Kaylene Blackwood

4 “ we should always be the nice person. Strive to be the better person. Reach out to someone and help them if they are struggling…it’s about your behavior and your actions to the world..” Emily Lohr “Citizens are never selfish and are always thinking of others because citizens are not just one person alone, we are all members of a community.” Zander Wells

5 “ I hope that people learn how to be a better person by being fair, kind and helpful. All those things make everyone’s day and the world a better place. I couldn’t imagine being any other way and hope to be this way forever.!” Cynthia De Oliveira “ I am a team player and I like to volunteer because I like to help people. I want to make our school safer and a better place for students, staff and parents.” Tony Leclerc

6 “ When someone donates a handful of time, the difference made is tremendous and it shapes a community for the better while the experiences improve the person who donated the time. Volunteering is what makes a community because it brings people together to work on a goal.” Sydney Parker “ I want to be someone that inspires others to become more involved in their community and in the world. I love the feeling of knowing that I helped someone in need and I made a difference…” Courtney Wray “

7 “ This year I have joined the newly formed Gay Straight Alliance in our school. I helped support those who don’t know who to talk about their personal choices in their own life. Peers in my school feel it’s time to come out with who they really are and I am here to support their choices and help them shoulder the burden to make it easier on them! RJ Couture-Wiens Recycling…even though it is disgusting and smelling at times, we do it for the environment. Everyone should be recycling in schools!” Recycle Everyway Team

8 “ A good citizen shows respect, honor and gives equal treatment to everyone. Helping the elderly and young children are important in being a good citizen. A good citizen is a person who takes his or her time to help others!” Saffron Hartung & Jynelle Chorney

9 École Ile des Chênes School Mackenzie Waddell I stand for:  Recycling and the environment  Helping people who struggle with cancer by donating my hair.  Making the planet a happy place.

10 La Salle School Georgia Dalke I stand for:  Be part of my school sport teams  Helping teachers  Choir, Musical, Youth Band  Coaching and babysitting  Soar Hearthland (program for inner-city kids)  VBS (Summer Camp volunteer  Keeping La Salle beautiful (annual clean-up)

11 La Barriere Crossings School Kaylene Blackwood I stand for: Festival du Voyageur Pancake breakfast School sport teams Choir and Musical at school High Life Steel Orchestra (steel drum band) Folklorama volunteer Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Group

12 École St-Adolphe School Emily Lohr I stand for: Student safety (lunch hour helper) Helping the office Dance Committee Food-drive (Chile from the Heart) Volunteering at a nursing home and Ronald McDonald House School Sport Teams Sponsoring a kid in Kenya Volunteering at an animal rescue shelter

13 Dawson Trail School Zander Wells I stand for: Anti-bullying Committee Jump Rope for Heart Cadets Leadership Respect and Responsibility

14 Ste. Anne Elementary Cynthia De Oliveira I stand for: After School Program Lunch monitoring Girls Club Terry Fox Run Fairness, Kindness and helping others Buy a Brick program

15 Richer School Tony Leclerc I stand for: Safe school Committee Student Voice School helper (special events) Anti-Bullying activities (Power of One/Respect for all program) Tell Them from Me Survey review Jeopardy Club School Sport teams Parent Advisory Council Student representative Cadets

16 École Ile des Chênes Recycle Everyday Team (Tyrone Sinclair, Colton Leclaire, Michael Svenson) We stand for: Maintaining the recycling program at their school Positive role models

17 École Ste-Anne Immersion Saffron Hartung & Jynelle Chorney We stand for: Helping Kindergarten students during lunch and during recess Helping teachers with assemblies Positive role models Responsibility Kindness

18 Collège St-Norbert Collegiate Sydney Parker I stand for: Fundraising activities to support my school Gym Riots and Fashion Show Helping in the office (receptionist and announcements) Spirit day, and welcoming day for grade 9 students Cancer Bracelets Operation Christmas Child St.Adolphe Parish Fall Supper and Community Club Winter Carnival

19 Collège Lorette Collegiate Courtney Wray I stand for: CLC Student Council (volunteering, organizing school activities, etc.) Social Justice (raising money and awareness for an adopted village in Africa with free the Children) Canadian Blood Services (organizing blood clinics) School musical School morning announcements

20 Ste-Anne Collegiate RJ Couture-Wiens I stand for: Yearbook Committee Student Voice (Idea generation, leading school activities, MC at school events) We Day Activities GSA (promoting awareness and support of LGBTTQAI community in the school community) School musical Woodridge Community Centre Marchand Gospel volunteer

21 Last word…. "There’s a radical – and wonderful – new idea here… that all children could and should be inventors of their own theories, critics of other people’s ideas, analyzers of evidence, and makers of their own personal marks on the world. Its an idea with revolutionary implications. If we take it seriously.“ - Deborah Meier

22 The End

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