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DIVERSE YOUTH WELCOMING DIVERSE CULTURES AND GENERATIONS to the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games.

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1 DIVERSE YOUTH WELCOMING DIVERSE CULTURES AND GENERATIONS to the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games

2 Sponsored by:

3 Cowichan Intercultural Society thanks: For funding: Diverse Youth Welcoming Diverse Cultures Project

4 Cowichan Intercultural Society thanks: For funding: Youth Leaving a Leadership Legacy Project

5 Cowichan Intercultural Society thanks: For funding: Ts’its’watul Different Cultures and Generations Helping One Another Project

6 Tribal Journeys and the North American Indigenous Games came to the Cowichan Territory July 28-August 10, 2008

7 Youth and adults in our community spent a year preparing to volunteer for these celebrations of: Youth Culture Sport Excellence Pride

8 Cowichan Intercultural Society worked closely with the Cowichan 2008 Volunteer Department to build partnerships between youth and adult volunteers

9 We also partnered with: Cowichan Community Centre’s Youth Action Krew CMHA-CV Branch Youth Prevention Programs Film Cowichan Students and staff from schools in School District 79 and Maxwell International School Spirit of Cowichan Drummers And our eventual home-base...

10 Hii’ye yu Lelum (House of Friendship) Society Youth Centre Thank you Rob, Amanda and everyone at our friendly Friendship Centre!

11 In February we organized a weekend of Inclusive Leadership Training for 45 youth and adults from diverse backgrounds


13 At this training we piloted the Cowichan 2008 Ts’its’watul (Helping One Another) Workshop

14 The aim was to teach aboriginal and non- aboriginal volunteers to work together as one.

15 And a group of youth made an award winning documentary film about Inclusive Leadership called ‘The Time is Now’

16 The time is now for youth and adults from all races and cultures to work together to leave a legacy of healing and reconciliation.

17 These Inclusive Leaders then organized two days of volunteer training for 60 more people – a day in in March and another day in July.



20 We also continued to help develop the Ts’its’watul Workshop. During the next few months over 300 volunteers took part in this cultural training.


22 And from March until mid July youth volunteers hosted a weekly drop in to make thousands of gifts for our visitors

23 A core group of 30 people came regularly and over 125 youth and 75 adults dropped in at least once.

24 Youth and adults of all backgrounds made thousands of beautiful, culturally inspired gifts




28 Youth volunteers also provided child minding at community events

29 And then for two weeks we were immersed in Tribal Journeys and the Cowichan 2008 Games

30 Throughout these months of volunteering, we learned so much about Cowichan and other Indigenous cultures.



33 We made long-lasting friendships


35 We helped make incredible music such as Cowichan Drumming and Metis Fiddle Playing

36 We taught each other how to represent our community well.

37 DO ALL I CAN DO Show up on time for my shift. Do what I have to do Be a good team player Be where I am needed Know what I am supposed to do and what others are supposed to do.

38 LISTEN WITH RESPECT Listen to team leaders Listen to each other Listen to what others have to say. Listen to my heart Observe and enjoy Respect everyone.

39 HEALTHY BOUNDARIES Know where my boundaries are. Stay out of other people’s safety bubbles. Have people stay out of my safety bubble. Look out for each other.

40 BE WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE Go where I am supposed to go Know where my team is. Stay together. Always be with someone from my group. Check in with team members regularly. Communicate with each other.

41 FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE Think about others as well as myself. See the other person’s point of view. Treat other people how I want to be treated. “I will respect you”. No put downs.

42 TAKE CARE OF ELDERS Help out Help Elders who need help. Serve others first. Get water for Elders. Understand the needs. Make a choice to help others.

43 SELF CARE Drink water Eat healthy snacks Wear sun screen. If you see something that is unsafe to pick up tell a buddy or team leader. Make decisions that will not harm anyone.

44 PREVENT INJURIES Make sure anything someone could trip over is picked up. Look at people around me so there is no danger Look where I am going Don’t step on glass. Pick it up.

45 SMILE AND BE HAPPY Be enthusiastic Have a positive attitude. Feel and think happy things. Be cheerful Laugh a lot Have a good time. Enjoy it. Leave negativity behind.

46 BE POLITE Be courteous Be nice and speak nicely. Say please and thank you.

47 BE WELCOMING Be friendly Make people laugh. Be open minded. Enjoy all the new people. Make work fun.

48 STAY ON TRACK Ask for help from my team leader and buddy when I need it. I’m going to do my share of the work. Make sure that garbage is picked up. Stay calm. Think twice.

49 MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES Make positive choices. Just think Think before acting. Take a moment to decide the most positive response. Take the high road. Follow my gut

50 We hope that Tribal Journeys and the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games...

51 ...will leave a legacy that will continue to bring our communities and the world together as one!





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