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An Introduction to the Scheme Development process.

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1 An Introduction to the Scheme Development process

2 1 Topics Introduction to our organization Introduction to Product Development Knowledge Examination Skill Examination Personal Attribute Assessment Steps to Success


4 4 As the leading international authority on personnel & training certification, we work for you - to directly benefit your quality of life. This goal lies at the heart of everything we do ; and we couldn’t achieve these outcomes without our valued, certified & capable professionals and training providers. Together, we ensure a global resource of competent professionals is readily recognizable –together, we are the voice of competence.

5 5 We are everywhere, and yet our people - who assure your way of life - are often invisible. Thousands of people join us each year as certified professionals and training providers, who all make a positive difference to a vast range of industries. At the heart of this, we work behind the scenes, and across the globe, to ensure that professionals everywhere consistently give you the most competent service possible – within any product or industry. As the leading international authority on personnel certification, we work exclusively with standards owners, government agencies, international organizations, and industry bodies to achieve this goal towards competency.

6 6 Our Vision: To be the world’s most desired organization for competent professionals. Our Mission: Provide world-class products and services that add value to professionals in industry through competency-based certification. Value Proposition: Certification provides me with an international recognition of my capabilities. RABQSA partners with me to demonstrate my professional skills my customers. My certification ensures my customers are confident I can add value, making me sought-after in my community.

7 6 Continue to hold JAS-ANZ accreditation for the following personnel certification schemes: QMS, EMS, OHS, FS and Disability Services Received InMetro accreditation, Sept 2011, for the EMS Conama 306/02 Scope Have applied for ANSI accreditation for the ISO 50001 Auditor personnel certification scheme Accreditations

8 8 Personnel Certification Training Certification Qualification-based (where generalists across a broad industry are required) Recognizes: Education Industry training Work experience Assesses: Curriculum design, development and delivery Competency-based (where specialists with discreet capabilities are required) Examines: Knowledge Skills Personal attributes Evaluates : Examination design, development and delivery Different Purposes, Different Products


10 With the assistance of key stakeholders we create a globally recognized certification product by following the accredited development stages: Stage 1: Signed proposal and initial meeting with Scheme Owners Stage 2: Identify References & Establish Scope Stage 3: Establish full Sub-Scheme Committee Stage 4: Draft Certification Requirements and Job Analysis Survey Stage 5: Conduct Job Analysis Survey Stage 6: Finalize any CUs/Test Specifications Stage 7: Exam Development Stage 8: Final review and approval Stage 9: Publication A Scientific Approach to Product Development


12 Supporting any certification product is the ability to rigorously design, develop, and deliver knowledge assessments. Our worlds best practice approach utilizes the following psychometric* principles: Step 1: Job Analysis Step 2: Item Writing Step 3: Item Review / Form Pilot and Review Step 4: Cut Score Study Step 5: Equating Process Exam Development Process *psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational measurement. The field is primarily concerned with the construction and validation of measurement instruments such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments.


14 14 Skill brings together a persons learnt knowledge, and experiences and delivers an outcome to a defined work process, job task or skilful activity. Skill examination is the assessment of a persons application of knowledge in a real world or simulated setting. By observing a persons actions we can see how their personal attributes affect the application on knowledge in a skilful manner.


16 16 Personal attributes measure a persons attitude to their surroundings, work and relationships. Often a persons attributes can mean the difference between a valued service, a safe work environment, a caring manner, and a request to return or continue & complete a job task. Attributes often predict a trait, level of risk, or potential to succeed. Tools include personality profiling, risk analysis, and job fit analysis. We offer: PAAS Master; assessment of ethics, and professional qualities Exemplaar; assessment of leadership qualities Risk Compass; assessment of personal risk behaviors Hogan FIT Analysis; assessment of desired personal qualities to discreet job functions


18 1.Determine support for certification product i.Identify sponsor (financial contributor) for product development ii.Identify stakeholders involved in product development 2.Determine support for centralized versus external (subcontracted) exams i.Typically subcontracted via a RABQSA certified training provider 3.Determine constituents of development committees i.Knowledge, skills & attributes committee ii.Examination committee iii.Marketing & communications/advocacy committee 18 Engagement

19 4.Develop certification i.Knowledge, skill and personal attributes ii.Grades and scopes iii.Surveillance 5.Launch & market product i.Engage key stakeholders ii.Identify target personnel iii.Campaign regulators 6.Revisit & revise product efficacy annually i.Reconvene committees ii.Conduct user, stakeholder & customer survey iii.Review, revise, release updated product (where necessary) 19 Development, Advocacy, Satisfaction


21 We aim to contribute to the success of every industry and to drive progress by having certified professionals in every country. To date have a presence on every continent and have a growing cadre of professionals including: –Auditors, Evaluators, Inspectors, and Assessors –Security Personnel –Trainers, Examiners and Proctors –Portside Crane Operators (pending) –Transport Professionals –Design Engineers –Electronics Engineers –Consultants Find on the web, LinkedIn, and Facebook; or make contact with one of our staff 21

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