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Write an e-book in one hour! For use in a literacy & language setting Alison Jones.

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1 Write an e-book in one hour! For use in a literacy & language setting Alison Jones

2 Overall Objective of Workshop  To set a context for using the iPad/ tablets in ABE  To introduce a new way of making tailor made, targeted materials for adult learners  To introduce the technology and the methodology 2

3 Workshop Outline  Overview of iPad use in GABES  Demonstration and practice of using Book Creator  Activity: write a short book  Feedback 3

4 Technology and Education  NALA:“Learning systems must adapt to the changing ways in which people live and learn in their lives today”. New York Times: “ leaders say the iPad is not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including thousands with educational uses.” 4

5 iPad Use in Gabes  2010: 3 iPads for one to one classes  2011: 10 iPads for group classes  Now used in literacy, numeracy, language and special needs classes, both groups and 1:1s  Used in tutor training  Used as resource (audio recording, camera, PDF worksheets and colour handouts ) 5

6 Benefits for Adult Learners 6 Used as a tool to aid literacy/ numeracy skills Increases self -esteem, communication skills & confidence Increases self -esteem, communication skills & confidence Used as a tool to aid technology skills

7 7 Tutor Feedback  Students motivated and engaged  Role transferral & learner autonomy  Meaningful tasks students can relate to  Link to formal literacy initiated

8 IPads & ITABE:  Blog  Twitter account  Link with adult education centre in Kentucky  Postcards (app)  Poetry festival (photos and videos)  Teamwork, modern marketing, IT proficiency  Numeracy apps (fractions) 8

9 Writing a blog: Work Skills group 2011 9

10 IPads & Special Needs  Writing books Writing books  Improving Maths skills  Video and audio skills  The tutor reports "Helps me to teach to their individual levels" "Students claim their own learning" "A communication tool" "Students concentrate better" 10 ESOL

11 11 Back

12 IPads & ESOL:  Language apps  Postcard apps  Recipe project  Audio recordings 12 Kevin's ESOL class

13 Book Creator app 13  Students write books for themselves  Tutors write books for students  Books have multimedia content and can be tailor made to suit  Books can be short, long, funny, informative, instructional, personal  Ideal for language experience approach  Books can be saved and read in iBooks app

14 14 A Funny Story Our New Home It's in the Bag What's the Message Books are written in Book Creator and opened & read in iBooks Book Creator: examples

15 Now it's your turn! 15 W h a t w o u l d b e u s e f u l f o r m y s t u d e n t s ?

16 Some ideas  My pet  My favourite place/ hobby  Plural rules  A student story/ anecdote/ travel story  Homophones tips  Instruction booklet e.g. How to make Irish Coffee  Adapt a worksheet (e.g. Brown & Brown)  My favourite team 16

17 Further Information  To print, share and export your eBook and carry out many other tasks, visit the developer’s website for more information   Book Creator is also available on Android platforms Thank you for coming! 17

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