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One Touch: Creating Healthy and Energy Efficient Housing Ellen Tohn Tohn Environmental Strategies 2014.

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1 One Touch: Creating Healthy and Energy Efficient Housing Ellen Tohn Tohn Environmental Strategies 2014

2 Slide Title Home visiting programs for energy, health, and housing repairs have limited scope while family needs are broad. Opportunities to connect families to added services are missed. Opportunities to reduce program costs (e.g., intake, wasted visits) The Need

3 Slide Title Creates effective e-referrals Provides added health services to families to reduce health care expenses and improve health outcomes Reduces energy use, addressing climate change and lowering family energy bills Develops public private partnerships & collaboration to fill local gaps in service Improves home visitor capabilities One Touch Solution

4 Slide Title New HUD General NOFA provides extra points for: –Collaboration among health, housing and energy –Use of common assessment and referral procedures –Bringing multiple funding streams to assist clients –Engaging health care payers/providers One Touch helps you structure programs to achieve these HUD goals Added Benefit for HUD Funds

5 Slide Title  Omaha NE  Greensboro NC  Fitchburg MA  Minneapolis MN  Vermont  New Hampshire  Burlington VT One Touch Sites

6 Slide TitleFamilies “Touched” Each Year IssueNHOmahaVermontMinn. Health26002200 7,000 3400 Energy 1800 (1,000 low income) 1150 (400 low income) 4,000 2500 Housin g 800200 1300+ 1600

7 Health Benefits of Energy “Touches” Healthier babies - 20% less likely to be underweight for age or length  Reduced hospital stays in colder months - 30% less likely to require admission after visiting emergency room. Source: Frank et al, Heat or Eat, Pediatrics, 2006

8 Slide Title Improved asthma outcomes if weatherization added to community health worker visits (Bryesse, 2013) Weatherization yielded fewer sinus infections, reduced asthma medication use (Wilson, 2013) Health Benefits of Energy “Touches”

9 Who Should Be Involved?

10 Common Assessment Tool

11 Making E-Referrals

12 Automated E-Referrals

13 Slide TitleManchester, NH Referrals 95 units –Initial Pilot 9 partnering agencies 70% of homes needed at least one referral 127 referrals. Most common : lead, energy, smoking cessation, social services, housing repairs Adds 15 minutes to home visit Referrals initially tracked on, moved to state supported system

14 Slide TitleOmaha Referrals One Touch done in > 1700 homes

15 Referral Partners Omaha

16 Summary Data Douglas County Health87 City Lead Hazard Control 48 City Rehab39 City Handyman (Elderly)14 Habitat for Humanity (Roofs) 65 ReBuilding Together86 OHKA (Healthy Home)117 Weatherization19 Fire Department (Alarms) 7 Tobacco Free Nebraska6 City Emergency Repair 6 Other7 Total Responses280

17 Partners Have Access to Data

18 Slide Title One Touch Program (8 -12 months) Kick Off Meetings Engage Partners Develop Tools & Pilot (1-4 months ) Develop Check up Forms, Electronic Referral & Outcome Measures Engage Partners Pilot Test Refine Tools & Expand Reach (5-12 months) Modify Tools & Approach Partner Adoption Sign Compact/MOU Typical Timeline

19 Slide TitleNH Referral Commitments MOU among Health, Housing, and Weatherization Lead to track referrals statewide MCH home visits complete One Touch assessments & e-referrals Health WX Housing

20 Slide Title Secured significant Kresge Healthy Homes Grant, Assisting City in maintaining Weatherization presence Connections to Rebuilding and Habitat Program is institutionalized Will position them for HUD Omaha Benefits

21 Slide Title Closer collaboration among weatherization, city rehab, and lead Local CDC developed green and healthy rehab specs Considering linking new tablet for code enforcement with One Touch software Fitchburg MA Benefits

22 Slide TitleMoving Forward Spread The Word.... One Touch can happen without significant new funding Contact: Ellen Tohn, Tohn Environmental Strategies 508-358-7770;

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