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Hospital Signage Design Services Design, Build, Install

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1 Hospital Signage Design Services Design, Build, Install

2 About us AAA Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., is a design services firm with strengths in architectural sign design. Incorporated in the year 2003, we started as a graphic design studio and by 2008 established ourselves as one the leading sign design & build companies. We believe in providing professional service to our clients, with partners and designers involving themselves intimately with clients to produce solutions that exceed expectations. Professionalism and passion are hallmarks of our company. These synergize to create work that is compelling. We are alert to context and focused on the best result no matter what your budget. That is why our full-service custom design process is also focused on giving you a return on your investment. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped to handle all types of challenging works. Our focus is on providing services to corporate, healthcare, hospitality & other infrastructure projects with progressive products & services tailored to meet their exacting needs.

3 Signage Design AAA's full service solutions ensure that each client receives the signage program that meets their needs, budget and time frame. We work with architects, builders and construction management companies on a daily basis. Our experienced team of sign specialists can help design and implement a signage program engineered around your exacting needs. Our services in this area include the following:  Facility evaluation  Preparation of BOQ in consultation with the concerned  Signage Design  Detailed wayfinding plan for all functional areas  Close consultations with the client and projects team for improvements and customization  Submission of design, material recommendation & costing  Manufacturing / Fabricating  Installation  Maintenance of all required signs

4 Hospitals & Signage Hospitals are a public place and attract a diverse range of people who come to the facility. Hospitals spend enormous time building a credible clinical team and a functional hospital structure. But one area which constantly misses the attention of administrators is the sign-boards inside the hospital premises. The first- time patient needs to know what all facilities the hospital offers and where they are located. Patients who speak various languages visit the hospital and it is the duty & right of the patient to be have a seamless way finding plan in place to guide them to the location they need to go to. What we can do to make your hospital patients friendly Our experienced team begins with a thorough plan to determine the most appropriate solution for the project on needs, timeline and budget. We work closely with client to develop signage design options that best meet all needs of your project. From custom designed solutions to modular signage systems, AAA will deliver the perfect solutions for your hospital in-site branding.

5 National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers NABH Standards for hospitals : This standard has been accredited by International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). The approval of ISQua authenticates that NABH standards are in consonance with the global benchmarks set by ISQua. The hospitals accredited by NABH will have international recognition. This will provide boost to medical tourism. NAHB guidelines recommend that all the signages are in dual language (sometimes 3 languages) and use symbols to guide the patients around the hospital. Most of the hospitals in India lack a good signage plan and that is the reason NAHB focusses on implementing a high quality signage plan as one of the assessment criteria. For more information :

6 Criteria for a good signage program acceptable by NAHB are as follows:  Good quality sign board in terms of materials  Readability factor – Distance v/s visibility  Multilingual - English & one local language acceptable (if you can convince them)  Usage of symbols  Internal & External Wayfinding  Services offered  Doctors Directory  Availability & non availability of doctors with days/timings  Patients safety  Fire Safety Instructions  Fire Exit Plans  Services for physically challenged  Locating Lifts & Staircases  Locating Public Utility Places  Patients’ Rights & Responsibilities  Service Areas  No Entry Zones  Cafeteria

7 Typical examples of Dual language signage and use of symbols

8 Imported Modular Signage

9 Imported Modular & Fabricated Signage

10 Doctors Directory

11 Effective way-finding & a good internal signage plan, implemented in a systematic manner will take you one step closer to achieving greater client (patient /visitor) satisfaction Mob: +91 9010400015 or Email : AAA Business Solutions India Pvt.Ltd Plot No:34, Road No: 12, Tech Park, Nacharam Industrial Area, Hyderabad – 500076, A.P., India

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