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A Concept By Vision India in Technical Association with iRebel Webtech Get edge in Job Interviews.

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2 A Concept By Vision India in Technical Association with iRebel Webtech Get edge in Job Interviews and become the CEO of your Career using Online Personal Branding

3 We love to work on new ideas. Ideas that fill the gap between need and You. Registered as a Information technology firm we have been delivering since 6 years. In the autumn of ‘11 over a small incident a thought was born. The thought revolved around the students who despite being worthy and talented fail to land into a job. Good academic records, great personality but still a failure. Where was the gap? In our mind we went back to our times as students and brainstormed and what we found was that they might be failing to project themselves as who they were. We surveyed among the college and students conducted workshops to dig deeper and finally we came up with the solution My Life Journal. Let’s start off……



6 To evaluate candidate's professionalism in terms of their social conduct. 72% To learn more about candidate’s qualifications 45% To learn about strengths, weaknesses, behavior pattern and other personality traits. 64% To validate candidate’s accuracy of information 82% Why is Cyber-Vetting Done?

7 Professional Image 72% Good Personality 50% A wide Range Of Interests 63% Accurate Background Information 49% High Creativity 46% Great Communication Skills 43% Positive References From Others 38% Top Reasons to Hire a particular Candidate

8 Inappropriate Content Posted Online 50% Info About Candidates’ Drinking Habits 48% Bad Mouthing About Previous Employer 33% Poor Communication Skills 30% Discriminatory Comments 28% Lied About Qualifications 45% To Much Indulgence On Social Networks 27% Top Reasons to Reject a particular Candidate

9 So, the question is how to clear the Cyber-Vetting and Project Yourself as if you are the only Solution to employer’s problem?

10 Personal Branding is a revolution in the way we manage our careers or businesses. It means identifying and communicating what makes you unique, relevant, and compelling so that you can reach your goals. Personal branding means using who you are to get what you want from life. Personal Branding is clearly communicating the unique promise of value that you offer. What is Personal Branding?

11 Little More Explanation  Personal Branding Is The Art Of Shaping Public Perception.  Personal Branding Is The Practice Of People Marketing Themselves And Their Careers As Brands.  It Is Powerful, Clear, Positive Idea That Comes To Mind When People Think Of You.  It’s What You Stand For – Values, Abilities, And Actions.  A Broadcast Message About Your Character And Performance.

12 o Branding yourself is not only about getting the employer to choose you over your competition but its about getting the employer to see you as the only solution to their problem. o Gives the recruiters a clear message that you are more proactive about the future then the other candidates. o Creates perception and influence that would help the employer to hire you. o Demonstrate to others about your beliefs, values, and abilities. Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Necessar y

13 1.Enhances Your Self-awareness 2.Clarify And Reach Your Goals 3.Create Visibility And Presence 4.Create differentiation 5.Offer more control and power 6.Creates wealth 7.Offers resilience

14 1.Reflect on who you are and what you have to offer 2.Clean up your social media accounts to establish a more professional online presence 3.Create your professional message for a targeted audience 4.Understand the expectations of your industry 5.Use social media to market your new online brand 6.Network in-person 7.Allow your personal brand to grow with you

15 “As a Recruiter, it is important to hire individuals who not only possess the skill sets for an opportunity, but also one who will fit culturally within the organization. The development of a personal brand can help the company make that assessment. Therefore, it is not only important to build and protect your personal brand, but continue to develop it and learn how to project your brand in the interview process.” What One Of The Recruiter Has To Say……

16 Let’s Refresh A personal brand is all about influence. It influences how people in your target market perceives you. To be effective your personal brand must evoke three basic perceptions in the minds of your target market: 1.You are different 2.You are superior 3.You are authentic

17 Learn how to project yourself and stand out


19 7 Days ‘Online Personal Branding and Job-search’ Personal Branding Web Portal The 7 Days extensive workshop on ‘Online Personal Branding and Job-search’ is carried out to dug out various insights of a student/jobseeker and the data collected is aligned into a Personal Branding Web Portal that helps you project yourself as brands in front of your employer. Pipeline Plan: Tying ups with major recruitment agencies like, to ease jobs search for students and hiring for employers.

20 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool and the way they manage it. In 2011, 67% of employers used personal website for recruiting and in 2012 it grew to 78% 72% of recruiters have hired through social media and personal websites.

21 After Extracting Brand Points From Student’s Overall Package We Now Help Students To Align Them Into His/Her Personal Branding Portal. A portal that would be with them for Lifetime Not everyone know real facts about themselves, few know but are clueless about how to project them.

22 My Life Journal is an Online Personal Branding Tool to let world know about your thoughts, ideas, interests, hobbies, family, friends, feelings, or something you feel strongly about. Something that portray your personality in truest sense. Online diaries, self-written books, poems, family, pets, or a page about your favorite topic such as a TV show, a sport, or a hobby are examples of things that could go on your My Life Journal. Or, it could be a page written to help others with topics like health, motivation or anything. A professional summary may add stars to your portal and of course helps you in job search. Lastly but most importantly, you can make a Resume on it. It builds your brand and gives you edge in job interviews.

23 Though Student Is Free Is Decide What He Chooses To Portray In His Personal Branding Portal But We Prefer That He/She Represents Under The Following Mentioned Headlines That Best Suits A Student/Jobseeker 1. A Professional Headline Or The Brand Statement 2. A List Of Personal & Professional Achievements So Far 3. List Of Things That You Love To Do 4. How You Want To Be Perceived By Public 5. Your Unique Selling Proposition

24 6. List Of Your Key Values 7. Upload Your Academic And Professional Credentials 8. A Contribution You Want To Make To The Society 10. Make An Outstanding Resume 11. Mention How People Can Reach To You. 9. List Samples Of Your Projects, works, Internship Reports Etc. Because You’ll Never Have A Second Chance To Make A First Good Impression

25 Also Include In Your Branding Portal..... 1. Personal blogging write about anything and everything in your life, for fun 2. Reviewing review books, articles, products etc 3. Adventure Blog Where you document all your adventures of hot air ballooning, sky-diving and surfing. 5. Painting/Art showcase your painting gallery 4. Online Portfolio Of your illustrations, designs, or other unique talent

26 6.Dancing Talk about dancing on your blog and have photos, videos and tutorials on how to dance. 7. Weight Loss Blog Document yourself losing weight and record everything that you do. Make a difference. 8. Career Guides Be a guru and teach others how to be a professional in a field 9. Fashion Blog Write about popular fashion styles and tips, and upload videos showing it off 11. Music Start spreading the word about your musical talents and show off your mad skills! 10. Poems Write your original and compelling poems online, and share with others your passions.

27 12. Food Diaries Eat food, video tape, review and do it again 13. Ideas Blog About creative ideas that others can suggest and comment 14. Foreign Language corner Learn how to speak a new language and write about it! Show others your struggles, what helps you and your learning process. 15. Self-Help blog Encourage and motivate others with a self-help blog 18. Confessions Forum Create a forum that allows users to make confessions online, and have others respond. 16. It’s a Long Story Blog Write a novel and post it as a series or chapters in your personal blog

28 19. Meditation website Where you have your own meditation podcast and a blog on tips to a better mind. 20. News Website Capture the latest news first, and share with social media sites! Gain traffic and become a journalist on your own. 21. Quotes Website Create original and inspirational quotes, and share on social media networks. 22. Sports Blog All about your favorite things about sports. 23. Photography Showcase the best clicks

29 Personal Branding Portal At A Glance Portray your unique strengths, skills & attributes to potential employer Provide employers a way to contact you directly Change Static Resume To Dynamic Upload your academic credentials

30 FEATURES Personal Branding Portal: Technical Features Multiple Image Sliders Multiple Menu Creation Multiple Pages Creation Multiple Tabs Creation User Comment Facility Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Sync Blog Creation

31 FEATURES Personal Branding Portal: Technical features Portfolio Creation Photo Album Listing On Google Responsive Design Exclusive User Branding No Advertisement Customizable & Flexible Layout

32 FEATURES Personal Branding Portal: Technical features User Connect Via E-mail 5 GB Disk Space Complete Control Over Content Drag & Drop Designing No Programming Required Life Time Free Usage Digital Resume

33 The Most Powerful Feature: In-Built Digital Resume

34 Done well, a website can show potential employers your personality, creativity, drive and work ethic. Hiring managers will get a better sense of whether you’d be a good fit for their organization. In short, your site can demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job.

35 Why LinkedIn is the Incomplete Solution to Personal Branding Tool – A Forbes Article You have limited control over your what people find online when they Google you You should also know.. You get to showcase your capabilities with the space restrictions of just one or 2 pages Because a website is dynamic and interactive — with room for photos, videos and PDF downloads and you can make your story come alive in a way that’s impossible on LinkedIn It’s a great way to prove you’re in sync with technology and care about your career, an especially important consideration for anyone over 50.

36 Can Cost You Your Job Or Your Job Search The fact that one in five applicants disqualify themselves from an interview because of content in the social media sphere is a warning to job seekers and a true indicator of the digital reality we now live in. Swiss Woman Caught Surfing Facebook While 'Home Sick' From Work and was fired Grocery Store Fires Employees Because Of 'Derogatory' Facebook Group Ashley Johnson, a former waitress at Brixx, a pizza restaurant, claims she was fired from her job for complaining about customers on her Facebook account. Eagles Employee Alleges Termination For Calling The Team 'Retarted Georgia Teacher Fired For 'Inappropriate' Photos And Comments You should also know..

37 Can Cost You Your Job Or Your Job Search College Athlete Makes Racist Remarks Thirteen Virgin Atlantic cabin crew members were fired after posting comments on Facebook labeling passengers 'chavs' and claiming there were cockroaches on the planes. Stephanie Bon was fired from her role as an HR assistant at Lloyds after posting a comment about her boss earning more money than her. She wrote: 'New CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That’s fair. Housing association manager Adrian Smith was demoted after writing on Facebook that gay marriage would be ‘an equality too far You should also know..

38 Why The ‘Best’ Time To Start Your Personal Branding Is ‘Right Now’ ? 1.Because personal brand takes time to develop 2.Maybe the past failures were because you were not aware of who you really are, what you want from life and how can you achieve it. 3.The more time you spend in introspecting and developing your brand the more clearer and stronger it is. 4.The more ‘content in you’ you have to show to the world the better it is.

39 Tips For The First Year Students Trust us, your branding portal is fun to use. The ideal time to start using it is from the first year of your professional course. A lot of events are in the row, cultural events, competitions, workshops, internships and many more. You get to see new fronts of life everyday and new experiences which shapes you up as a person. Jot down those experiences everyday, upload photographs and much more. Now after every 6 months take a snapshot of your portal and compare it with the previous one. You’ll get to see significant changes. Your brand is developing. Exercise the workbook and you’ll watch yourself turning to a better and strong brand with every passing year. And the time you’ll reach the interviewer's cabin you’ll be well aware of who you are and how to use it to get what you want from life.

40 Tips For Final Year Students 1.Keep the portal updated with relevant stuff. 2.Mention your portal address on your paper resume 3.Present your personality around the company you are going to apply. For e.g., if you are going for a content writing job your portal must portray that you love content writing in form of articles or write-ups.

41 Tips For Teachers & Faculty 1. Uploading notes 2. Creating ‘Problem solving’ forums 3. Idea sharing 3. Use it for professional growth

42 Benefits To The Institution A Great Concept To Maximize Student Placements Helps In Interpersonal Growth Of Its Students Great Tool To Enhance Institution Branding As Well Indirect Online Advertisement Of College Stand Out Among The Peer Institutions

43 Parting Words…. We would propose to you to inculcate this wonderful tool to your course curriculum which would not only prove beneficial to your students in the Journey of brand building and Job-seeking but would also add reputation to your prestigious institution family For more info please visit

44 A Glimpse Of Product Presentation At IILM, Lucknow


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