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For Interview Excellenc e Executive Blueprints, Inc Interview for Excellence.

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1 for Interview Excellenc e Executive Blueprints, Inc Interview for Excellence

2 How we can help You 1. Develop Job Profile 1. Develop Job Profile 2. Prepare Interview Workbook 2. Prepare Interview Workbook 3. Coordinate with Recruiting 3. Coordinate with Recruiting 4. Screen Applications 4. Screen Applications 5. Professional Interviews 5. Professional Interviews 6. Management Training 6. Management Training ~ Reserve a Consultation Services Your Choic e

3 Develop a Job Profile Key Job Factors Behavior Characteristics Core Competencies We can prepare the Job Description and postings consistent with your organization requirements Conserve your time and resources A short interview with management and appropriate personnel, then we complete your company forms or use a common format – your choice Identify the essential Key Job Factors, Core Competencies and Behavior Characteristics for the position

4 Prepare Interview Workbook We will prepare and deliver the Interview Workbook Includes a weighted Scale Scoring System based on Key Job Factors and Behavior Characteristics A copy of the workbook is used with each interview to assure consistency of topics for comparison and rating Easy to follow instructions, ask each candidate for specific examples and document the critical points

5 Prepare Interview Workbook Key Job Factors: Duties and Responsibilities of the Position or Role to be filled, defines requirements Core Competencies: Skills and Experience required of an individual to be successful in the position Behavior Characteristics: Personal attributes and characteristics that contribute to the role (Examples – Empathy, Good Communicator, Detail Oriented, Leader, Cautious, Motivated, etc)

6 Coordinate with Recruiting Executive Blueprints Inc Local Newspaper Trade Publications Recruiter Career We are not a recruiting firm We will cooperate with recruiters or assist posting your positions on appropriate web sites, trade journals and newspapers Executive Blueprints, Inc uses affiliated approved consulting services of experienced professionals. We do not provide recruiting services. Recruiters get paid to place a candidate that they represent. We get paid to represent your interests and protect your company. We will cooperate with designated executive recruiters or temporary placement agencies as necessary to help achieve your goals.

7 Screen Applications Accomplishments Years of Experience Minimum Requirements Level of Education Identify demonstrated and attributable personal accomplishments Identify Defined Core Competencies and Skill sets Identify and Define Absolute Minimum Requirements Select candidates for Interview based on criteria compared to Key Job Factors

8 Professional Interviews Record comments & observations based on discussions pertaining to specific individual experience Develop weighted scores in relation to importance of Key Job Factors Compare and contrast candidates with consistent and focused topics Document the interview with the automated Interview Workbook

9 Professional Interviews Have you ever been caught spending more time talking about the position than investigating the candidate? Protect your company interest, we can not accidentally disclose any confidential strategic information, and will focus on the candidate Protect your company with copies of the detailed interview workbook as evidence of Equal Employment Opportunity and selection criteria with weighted scores Protect your company with unbiased third party interview professionals

10 Management Training The Interview Workbook and Interview Skills Reference Guide materials can be customized with company name, address and Logo Full Day Group Seminars, short evening sessions and one-on-one coaching programs available. We also provide Training Courses to develop or refresh the Interview Skills of Executive & Management Staff members. Enhance internal interview skills or rely on us for Project Work as needed – your choice

11 Why this is so important First WHO – Then WHAT Good-to-great leaders begin the transformation by first getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figure out where to drive it The key point is not just getting the right people on the team. The key point is that “who” comes before “what” decisions – before vision, before strategy, before organization structure, before tactics. First who, then what – as a rigorous discipline, consistently applied When in doubt, keep looking for the right person When you know you need to make a people change, act Sometimes highly capable people are in the wrong position, move them Put the best people on the biggest opportunities, not the biggest problems The old adage “People are your most valuable asset” is wrong. People are not you most valuable asset. The right people are. ”Good to Great” – Jim Collins

12 How can we help? Develop the Job Profile Requirements Standards of Performance Key Job Factors Behavior Characteristics Prepare the Interview Workbook Coordinate with Recruiting, Postings or Advertisements Screen Applications Conduct Professional Interviews Management Training or Personal Coaching Document & Score Interview Results

13 Reserve a Consultation Request a Consultation or Request a Quote Click in the Request Form Icon (or wave your mouse pointer over it) to open the Request a Consultation Menu Please provide your contact information Please indicate which services may be most beneficial to your organization

14 About Executive Blueprints, Inc Business Consulting Professionals Affiliated Consultants with years of Executive Business management and “real life” experience and success Characterized by a passion for learning and talent for teaching. We consolidate experience and relevant information into seminars, self-paced tutorials, coaching and targeted support Projects to accommodate the demands of modern management.

15 Executive Blueprints, Inc. More Titles Other great titles available from Executive Blueprints, Inc. “Professional Presentations” “Dynamic Public Speaking” “Time Management” “Marketing & PR” “Interview for Excellence” “Developing Strategic Plans” “Customer Service 101” “Developing People” “Loyal Customers” “Dealing with Conflict” Visit for Self-paced Tutorials Presentations Case Studies PDF Samples of Tools E-Newsletter Calendar of Seminars Executive Coaching Business Consulting Proven Blueprints for Success

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