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New Year. Simplify soryda ring l january 16, 2015 New Home.

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1 New Year. Simplify soryda ring l january 16, 2015 New Home.

2 Objectives Unpack the Obstacles to Organization Conquer Chaos & Clutter with an Organized Command Center Tackle high stress times of the day at home Get affordable & inspirational ideas on how to organize high clutter areas in your home

3 Obstacles to Organization #1 Emotional – Heart Issues #2 Not Enough Space #3 Too Little Time

4 #1 EMOTIONAL OBSTACLES Having an Organized Heart: Time Wasters Busyness – Just Say No Perfectionism Possessions


6 EVERYTHING NEEDS A HOME Here are the questions to ask: If I bring this item into my home, where am I going to store it? Where do I use this item the most? How often do I use this item? What is the best way to contain this item or items?

7 SIMPLY MAINTAIN 15 minutes a day for upkeep Everything goes back to it’s “Home” Get your entire family involved Set aside a day twice a year to update your systems Purge what you no longer use Switch seasonal clothes The 2- minute pick up


9 WHAT’S YOUR PLANNING SYSTEM? Central Mobile Personal

10 HIGH STRESS TIMES Ace the Morning Routine Conquer the Chaos Before Dinner





15 Conquering Pre-Dinner Time Chaos



18 High Clutter Areas: Foyer, Office, Playroom, Laundry Room, Crafts, Giftwrapping Paper trail: Mailings, Bills, Photos, artwork Contain it: Repurpose and recycle things you already have for great storage SIMPLIFY YOUR SPACE INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS!

19 Crap Baskets House is less cluttered Ensures that everyone is working together toward the same goal

20 Foyer or Mudroom Everyone has their own bin Everyone can have their own hook especially for that important back pack Doesn’t have to be fancy expensive pottery barn with a simple bench and white bins at the container store I’ve seen chalkboard paint on this wall where they put family notes to each other

21 Mom Totes Keep all your things for MOPs, Bible Study, Book Club, CBS, Precepts, whatever you’re in….you don’t have to look for the book, a notebook or your name tag.



24 Laundry Have kids help sort to minimize your work Drycleaning on the run!


26 Pantry Organizatio n


28 Labels Look clean Help your children put away things faster Helps play date friends put things away faster too


30 Ikea Spice Racks $3.99 each


32 Living Victoriously Big things are built one brick at a time. Victories are achieved one choice at a time. A life well lived is chosen one day at a time.

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