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Unit 3 What are they doing? Unit 3 What are they doing?

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1 Unit 3 What are they doing? Unit 3 What are they doing?

2 eating a book driving dinner playing a kite flying tennis watching a car reading TV drawing a picture You are going to call out the verb and the students have to finish the sentence with the correct noun.

3 Get two large pieces of paper. On one, write the word ‘True’ and on the other, write the word ‘False’. We are going to describe things in the picture on the book. Ask them to say whether your statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’.

4 Example Teacher: A boy is flying a kite. Students: (point and say ‘True’) Teacher: A boy is playing the piano. Students: (point and say ‘False’)

5 It’s a lovely day and there are lots of people on the beach. Two girls are_______ badminton. A young boy __ flying a kite. Two people___ swimming in the sea. A woman__ sunbathing. A man is______ a boat and another man is_______. fishing is are sailing isplaying is are is sailing fishing Read and complete.

6 Cover up the text and you can only see the picture. Work in pairs and take turns to describe the picture without looking at the completed passage.

7 What is he doing? What is she doing? What are they doing?

8 (1) She is studying.

9 (2) He is watching TV.

10 (3) They are playing basketball.

11 (4) They are dancing.

12 (5) They are drawing a picture.

13 (6) She is singing.

14 (7) They are walking.

15 (8) She is reading a newspaper.

16 Listen and read. Then sing. What are you doing? I’m writing. I’m writing. What are you writing to? I am writing to you. What are you doing? I’m singing. I’m singing. Who are you singing to? I am singing to you.

17 1. 一些男孩在放风筝。 ________________________ 2. 李梅正在上钢琴课。 ___________________________ 3. 一个小女孩正在划船。 ________________ 4. 让你的朋友加入我们吧。 ________________________ Some boys are flying kites. Li Mei is having a piano lesson. A girl is boating. Ask your friends to join us! 汉译英

18 根据短文内容,选择恰当的单词补全短文。 sailingfishinglotsare iswomenniceall It’s Sunday today. The weather is very ____. There are ____of people on the beach. They are ___exercising. Look! A man __ running. nice lots all is

19 Two_______ are sunbathing. Some people ___ swimming in the sea. I am _______a boat and my sister is_______. women are sailing fishing

20 1. I am watching TV. ( 就划线部分提问 ) _____________________ 2. They are talking to Mr Smith. ( 就划线部分 提问 ) _______________________ 3. Li Mei is doing her homework.( 改为一般疑 问句,并作否定回答 ) ____________________________ _____________ What are you doing ? Who are they talking to? Is Li Mei doing her homework? No, she isn’t. 句型转换

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