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INDUCTING YOUNG TALENTS TO TEACHING FRATERNITY Dr K A Radhakrishna Rao Asst Prof. in E & C Engg. PES College of Engg. Mandya.

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1 INDUCTING YOUNG TALENTS TO TEACHING FRATERNITY Dr K A Radhakrishna Rao Asst Prof. in E & C Engg. PES College of Engg. Mandya

2 Motivation India’s fast growing economy India’s supremacy in IT and other Engg Sector Transformation of India from developing to developed country India from follower to leader Forecasted wooing $500bn business in the next 10 years Great EQQ formula

3 contd.. Tough Competition from countries like China, Singapore etc.. Requirement of huge technical manpower All these facts motivates one to relook at Technical Education in India

4 Why quality in Technical Education? Fall in quality over recent years Industry demanding quality engineers in large numbers Mismatch between quality and quantity Nearly 30-40% of candidates entering Engineering are below average Quench for learning dropping down in students

5 Contd.. Students are concentrating more on scoring marks rather than understanding concepts Lack of problem solving skills noticed in students Most of them lack good communication skill Syllabus needs practical orientation Frequent accreditation of teachers not done

6 Role of teachers in delivering quality education Teachers are main pillars of education system A good teacher can deliver thousands of good students to society A bad teacher can spoil the future of a student A good teacher can motivate students to achieve maximum

7 Why do we need young talents in teaching profession The present market trend demands large number of quality engineers in next 15-20 years In next 25 years India will be the global leader in technology The coming generation of teachers should be able to generate large number of quality engineers The young talented teachers can correct supply-need mismatch

8 Do we have bright young teachers? For most of them teaching profession is third choice after industry and continuing education Top 60% never opt this profession For most of them it is just a stop-gap arrangement Lack of commitment and dedication in the fresh entrants The learnability is almost zero with these young teachers Not willing to involve in overall development of a student

9 Who are responsible for this? Government (both central and state) Industries Managements of the Institution Society

10 Reasons No respect and regard to this profession unlike earlier years Salary packages are not attractive in comparison to industry Profession does not offer good carrier growth in most Institutes Industries pulling talented candidates with lucrative offers Govt and Society (particularly parents) are not motivating young talents to take this profession

11 Remedies AwarenessAttractionRetention

12 Government Identify bright young talents while they are studying and motivate them to take this profession. Offer attractive salaries in par with industry Support acquiring higher qualifications and certifications Honour the additional qualifications with necessary promotions and monetary offers

13 Contd.. Provide an attractive carrier growth path Institute good number of young teacher awards Support research and consultancy activity with necessary grants Formulate suitable scheme to retain bright young teaching talents Support teachers to acquire industrial experience

14 Managements of the Institutes Quality should be the major criteria in selecting teachers Attract bright talents to this profession with attractive salary packages Identify good teachers and reward them Support teachers acquiring higher qualifications and extra skills

15 Contd.. Motivation in the form of increments and appreciations for every additional certifications Organize seminars and workshops on teaching skills and ethics of teaching Narrow down gap between management and teachers by taking them into confidence and motivate them to excel in their profession

16 Industry Being the major beneficiaries of quality education system, pump certain funds to this system Start tie ups with class B institutes which provide most of the manpower in the form of Institute-Industry alliances Sponsor good number of faculty chairs in each Institute Outsource training programs to academia

17 Contd.. Institute young teacher awards Support consultancy and research activities by starting innovation labs at institutes Support conduction of seminars and conferences on emerging and fundamental topics Support sabbatical for teachers at industry

18 Society Parents must support their children taking up this profession Recognize good teachers and felicitate them Parents should demand quality education to their children

19 Conclusion Just the label of nobleness will not attract people to this profession Offer attractive packages in par with industry standards and make them accountable in delivering quality education Inducting young talents to teaching fraternity has long standing benefits These talents can create better future for younger generation Could act as catalyst in India’s economic growth.

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