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1 Citizens for Effective Government Proposal To Our Joint City / County Elected Officials On How To Address Our Regional Public Health And Safety Crisis.

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1 1 Citizens for Effective Government Proposal To Our Joint City / County Elected Officials On How To Address Our Regional Public Health And Safety Crisis June 27, 2008

2 2 Citizens for Effective Government collaborative leadership addressingcritical needs … is a group of citizens, businesses, community and nonprofit organizations, working in concert with our local government officials, to provide collaborative leadership in addressing the critical needs of the region.

3 3 Citizens for Effective Government  Concerned Citizens  Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS ®  Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce  Pikes Peak United Way  Economic Development Corporation  Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs  Health Care Professionals  Downtown Partnership  Council of Neighbors and Organizations  Trails and Open Space Coalition  Leadership Pikes Peak  Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group  Colorado Springs Firefighters Association  Citizens for Public Health  Local Businesses

4 4 Agenda For Today  Review of the growing problem with our community's Health and Public Safety  CEG Perspective of the need for a solution: –Jan Doran - Public Safety –C.J. Moore - Public Health  CEG recommendation and rationale  Proposed funding plan to achieve success  Council / BOCC Input, questions & comments

5 5 Prevention Protection Investigation Regional Public Health And Safety Crisis

6 6  County Crime Trends Increasing –Criminal Trespassing & Home Invasions up 52% –Robberies up 43% –Sex Crimes up 17% –Assaults up 28% –Restraining Order Violations up 33%-- many times resulting in death Regional Public Safety Crisis

7 7  One Sheriff’s deputy for every 65 prisoners  Forced to mix non-violent inmates with violent, creating volatile environment  No new Sheriff patrols since 1990, while –County population up 43% –Calls for service up 137% –Nat’l Sheriff’s Ass’n: 29 new deputies –NIC: Jail needs 30 additional deputies Regional Public Safety Crisis

8 8 Sheriff Patrol FTEs per 100,000 Unincorporated Population 10-County Budget Survey Sep 2006

9 9 Regional Public Safety Crisis  Regional Fire Management at Risk –CS Fire Department struggling to maintain 8-minute response times  Workload increased 72%  Areas of the City are underserved  North & South insufficient fire stations –Wild Land Fire response inadequate  Personnel & equipment to fight fires in County under-funded

10 10 Regional Public Safety Crisis  Colorado Springs Police had no officers to respond to nearly half of calls –Criminal Mischief 65 min response time –Hit and Run 36 minutes –Theft 47 minutes  Dropped 911 calls at 640 per week  Other municipalities same challenges

11 11 Prevention Protection Investigation Regional Public Safety Crisis  Coroner –Serves entire Pikes Peak Region –Autopsy caseload doubled since 1997  No increase in staff for autopsies or accident scenes –Facility is unsafe and substandard –Staff Put at Risk

12 12  District Attorney –Criminals released back into community  Many re-arrested numerous times  Courts cannot meet the demands –Deputy DAs simultaneously handle 250 felony cases –Unfunded yet mandated 5 new courts to be staffed in next 2 years Prevention Protection Investigation Regional Public Safety Crisis

13 13 Regional Public Health Crisis

14 14 Prevention Protection Investigation  Public Health Department serves the entire Pikes Peak Region –Funding for Public Health has decreased by 31% since 2001 –Infectious disease reported from our region has increased 200% since 2000 –So far in 2008, public health workers have stopped 23 serious outbreaks Regional Public Health Crisis

15 15  Public Health inspections limited due to lack of staffing and funding –Increase in child-care facility health and safety complaints and violations –Insufficient public pool inspections - six closed in '07 for E. coli contamination –Unable to meet state requirements of inspecting Retail Food Establishments twice per year Prevention Protection Investigation Regional Public Health Crisis

16 16 Public Health Crisis  Unable To Meet Community Expectations –Protection from infectious diseases in our community a priority –Prevent Disease / Give immunizations –Protect Our kids - keep child-care facilities and swimming pools safe –Keep food safe –Stop potential epidemics and contagious diseases before they become a crisis Prevention Protection Investigation

17 17 Budget Crisis !

18 18 Prevention Protection Investigation Sales Tax Rates for Colorado Cities (2007)

19 19 Prevention Protection Investigation The Lowest El Paso County Has The Lowest Property Tax Per Person In Colorado

20 20 County Mill Levy Rate Continues To Decline While The Cost Of Government Is Rapidly Increasing

21 21 Prevention Protection Investigation Are We In A Crisis ?  Crime continues to rise  Longer emergency response times  Sheriff forced to release criminals  DA unable to prosecute non-felony crimes  Unable to investigate health complaints  Public safety and health providers unable to adequately protect citizens  Businesses report safety is a growing concern / jobs will go elsewhere

22 22 This Is A Regional Issue !  County Jail: –85% of criminals in jail City residents  District Attorney Office –95% of cases prosecuted City residents  Health Department –90% of cases City residents  Coroner's Office –85% of case load City Residents

23 23 CEG Perspective Time for a solution ! Jan Doran - Public Safety C.J. Moore - Public Health

24 24 Prevention Protection Investigation CEG Recommendation  To go to the voters in November and ask them to support A 1% sales tax for health and public safety  Dedicated to Public Safety & Health with specified projects, as with PPRTA  Mill levy increase was considered but not recommended because: –Current situation with housing market –Gallagher restrictions –The size of the increase to meet needs –Burden not spread to visitors

25 Safer Community Initiative Capital Projects  Capital Needs: 153.5 M 1. Regional Criminal Justice Center (Max & Medium) 2. Regional Sheriff’s Ops, Training & Coroner Facility 3. Regional Work Release Facility 4. State Mandated Court Expansion 5. Regional Judicial Complex 6. Sheriff Emergency Vehicle Storage Facility 7. Emergency Operations Facility/Data Center 8. Joint Public Safety Substation (Fountain, Sheriff) 9. Joint Public Safety Substation (CSPD and Sheriff)

26 34.0 % 1.Public Safety / Police & Fire - City of C. S.34.0 % 17.5 % 2.Criminal Justice Center - Operations17.5 % 23 % 3.Regional Public Health Department 23 % 13.5 % 4.Other Municipalities (Population Based)13.5 % 2.5 % 5.Drug Abuse Enforcement & Prevention 2.5 % 5.0 % 6.District Attorney 5.0 % 2.5 % 7.Regional Coroner/Medical Examiner 2.5 % 2.0 % 8.Regional Office of Emergency Management 2.0 % Safer Community Initiative Operational Needs

27 27 Prevention Protection Investigation Proposed Funding Plan To Achieve Success (50 / 50 / 10)  Capital 50% / 50% / 10% ….. Sunset  Allows for capital to be a pay as you go  Eliminates Millions in interest payments  Give operational areas time to ramp up  Quickly Addresses most urgent needs  Completes Capital in about 12 years

28 CEG Requests City and County Support for Safer Community Initiative

29 29 City Council and Board of County Commissioners City Council and Board of County Commissioners Input, Questions & Comments

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