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College of Letters & Science Short-term Instructional Staff This presentation was given live on April 25, 2013 and was modified into a self-paced online.

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1 College of Letters & Science Short-term Instructional Staff This presentation was given live on April 25, 2013 and was modified into a self-paced online presentation. This presentation was updated in October 2014. It is part of a series coordinated by L&S Administration, intended to connect L&S faculty and staff with topics and information that may be helpful in their positions. More presentations and information about this series of trainings can be found on the L&S Administrative Gateway, at: Welcome to the presentation “College of Letters & Science: Short-term Instructional Staff”. After you review a slide, click anywhere to advance the presentation. To exit the presentation at any time, press the Escape Key. To go back to a previous slide, press the Backspace Key. Click to begin the presentation.

2 The Importance of STS Ongoing need for instructors Emergencies Sudden retirements Faculty/staff leaves Experience for grad students

3 Each department is different Generally provided only when is it clear that essential courses cannot be covered by available faculty and staff. Professional development funding and sabbaticals. Determining the Need for STS STS may be used to cover backfill for sabbaticals or professional development only with advanced approval from the department’s Academic Associate Dean.

4 Planned and unplanned STS STS for sick leave coverage Enrollment pressures Determining the need for STS (cont.)

5 How/When to request STS Fall & Spring STS exercise When emergencies arise (medical, sudden retirements, enrollment demands, faculty leaves, etc.) Please submit a request form, be sure to reference how this request relates to the department’s BSR, provide as much additional information as possible and include a copy of the department’s most up-to-date teaching report. For planned STS needs, requests should come as part of the Fall and Spring STS exercises. The STS exercises occur in January for the upcoming Fall term, and August/September for the Spring term.) KB 37654 will be updated for each semester exercise. For unplanned situations, the department should submit a request form as soon as they become aware of the situation. The STS request form may be downloaded from KB 37654.

6 How STS can be funded STS Baseline Budget on your BSR Savings due to faculty being off the budget Access Funding provided by Campus Exceptional need (approved on a one-time only basis) Honors UIF Gifts/Grants Credit Outreach-Fund 104-2 Innovations Departments that have a baseline STS budget can use that to fund the STS appointment.

7 STS Appointment Types Academic Staff Assoc. Lecturers/Lecturers/Faculty Associates Lecturer (Student Assistant) Visiting Faculty Adjuncts

8 Title structure (Sr., no-prefix, Associate) A PVL and open recruitment is required. Follow Academic Staff recruitment policies. Summer Term – No PVL required. A PVL waiver is required if the person does not have an active appointment during the spring semester. Academic Staff Assoc. Lecturer/Lecturer The title will be based on the experience of the person hired. A person qualified as an associate lecturer is more inexperienced– generally seven semesters or less of teaching experience. More than eight semesters qualifies one as no prefix lecturer, and a senior lecturer has at least 20 semesters experience. When recruiting for STS positions, the department must follow their normal Academic Staff recruitment policies. The exception to following normal policies is in the summer. If a person has an active appointment during the spring semester, and there will be no changes to that appointment, then no PVL waiver is required.

9 Academic Staff Assoc. Lecturer/Lecturer (Cont.) These positions are WRS eligible Please see the online L&S Admin Training Session - "Preparing for Academic Year Appointments” for detailed information on WRS eligibility and it’s potential impact.

10 Renewable Appointments Chapter 2 of ASPP under section 2.01: Types of Appointment: When an INSTRUCTIONAL academic staff member has held an appointment in a given department for either or both semesters in each of the last three successive academic years, reappointment shall be as a fixed-term renewable appointment on a similar basis, e.g., one- semester or two-semester appointment. In cases of uncertain enrollment or other exceptional circumstances, however, reappointment to a fixed-term terminal instructional position beyond this period may be made with the approval of the Chancellor’s designee. This means that if the department repeatedly hires an instructional academic staff member as STS over a short period of time, their appointment will become fixed-term renewable. Occasionally, there could be exceptions to this (such as uncertain future enrollment), but they must be approved by the Chancellor’s designee.

11 This person is now on your regular budget at the percentage they became fixed-term renewable. Salary must remain equal to or greater than current L&S standard rate Temporary increases to fixed renewable appointments are approved as part of the short-term staffing processes. Temporary increases may become permanent. Renewable Appointments When possible, Amanda Lund will notify a department when an STS instructional staff member is getting close to the point where they must be appointed fixed-term renewable. The department should have a conversation about whether they want to continue having the staff member teach the course. The transition to fixed term renewable has commitment and budget implications, including: The department’s short-term staffing baseline will be updated to reflect the employee’s continuity status. Temporary increases to renewable academic staff will become permanent in the fourth consecutive academic year, per Chapter 2 of ASPP (previous slide).

12 Have exactly the same responsibilities as an Academic Staff Lecturer No PVL required Not WRS eligible Full tuition remission (>33.4%) Lecturer (SA) The Lecturer (SA) title is for graduate students that have lecturer responsibilities. Graduate students may no longer be Academic Staff Lecturers. What if you have posted a Staff Lecturer position and would like to hire a graduate student? Then you may cancel the PVL and hire the student as a Lecturer (SA). When recruiting for Lecturer (SA) positions, the department should maintain and follow their own documented recruitment policies, as they do for other graduate positions.

13 Requests considered only when warranted by exceptional circumstances. *note- If the department has a sufficient STS baseline budget balance to pay for a VAP, the request is more likely to be approved. Visiting “to” vs. Visiting “from” No PVL required L/I appointments – faculty from another UW system school. Visiting Faculty (VAP) Using Lecturer funds may also be approved, though the department is responsible for any additional funds that would be needed. A visiting ‘to’ faculty does not have a tenure track appointment at another university, and are generally paid at our standard rate. A visiting ‘from’ faculty does have a tenure track appointment at another university, and is paid at their home institution rate (unless it falls below our standard rate). Visiting faculty positions can be WRS eligible, depending on whether or not they’re on leave from another institution and the length of the appointment (check with L&S Human Resources for more information). L/I appointments are paid at their home institution rate as well.

14 This title is designed for instructors with extensive “high level” experience outside of University instruction. Guidelines can be found at- Adjunct Faculty Examples of people who have been given an Adjust Faculty position are the former mayor of Madison, and the CEO of United Way.

15 Scientists as lecturers (Very Rare) Emeritus faculty and staff Other retirees Volunteers and zero dollar appointments Overloads Special Cases This situation is very rare, and requires permission from the University Committee. Faculty and staff that are retired must be off payroll for 75 days before they may return. Overloads are usually only granted in emergency situations, and one a one-time basis.

16 Generally, a 3 credit course warrants a 33.4% appointment and 4 credits = 40% appointment. However, factors such as large enrollments, a high number of Teaching Assts (>4) associated with the course, unusually complex subject matter, etc can affect the percentage of appointment. Reappointment vs new appointment Percentage Guidelines If someone is hired on an open PVL the previous semester, they may be eligible for reappointment. If you think you have a situation that warrants an exception to this rule, please include the reasons for why the percentage should be different from the rule on the STS request form. For example, if in the spring you’d like to rehire someone that taught the previous fall, you do not have to go through the open recruitment process again. Instead, you may reappoint them.

17 Recruitment review AS Assoc. Lecturer/Faculty Associates – PVL required. Follow academic staff recruitment policies. Visiting Faculty – no PVL/Waiver/open recruitment required. Adjunct appts – no PVL/Waiver/open recruitment required. Lecturer (SA) – The department should follow their grad asst hiring process. Please see KB 37654 for details on STS recruitment.

18 Making an offer L & S standard rates for STS – Offer letter templates available – Email draft offer letter and copy of CV to Amanda Lund for approval.

19 Files and CBCs (Dept. is responsible) Accepted Offers & Filing Paperwork Recruitment Files Personnel Files Determining who needs a Criminal Background and Requests for CBCs – College CBC Exercise at the beginning of each semester. All rules apply no matter the funding source

20 STS Benefits Tuition Remission questions contact Bursars office- Benefit questions- 21 N Park St. email – phone-

21 Contact Information Questions about Short Term Staffing? Contact: Amanda Lund 263-8873 This concludes the presentation. Thank you for watching!

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