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Sleep Deprivation By: Anisha Robertson.

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1 Sleep Deprivation By: Anisha Robertson

2 Question Sleep deprivation: Who has it more, student or teachers?

3 Hypothesis I think that sleep deprivation will be the same in teachers and students because of the different schedules they may have.

4 My Aim My aim is to discover who is affected by sleep deprivation more out of students and teachers to see if teachers are also as sleep deprived and why.

5 Method My method was to give a survey to a certain number of students and teachers asking questions regarding sleep pattern to see who is more sleep deprived.

6 Background Sleep is needed to be able to function properly throughout the day and be able to stay focused on important tasks. When this is not followed, sleep deprivation is developed. Sleep deprivation is the technical term for not getting enough sleep needed. Getting little sleep causes sleep debt and eventually your body will demand that the debt be repaid (Jonathan L Gelfand, MD on February 09, 2009). Therefore, the consequences that may occur due to this are depression, memory loss, weakening of the immune system, poor judgment, and increased fatigue. Both teachers and students are affected by sleep deprivation because of their schedules whether hectic or not as chaotic. But who experiences it more?

7 Dangers of sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation can cause several bad effects to the body such as health risks, weakening immune system, memory problems and death. Sleep-deprived people tend to have bad hand-eye coordination according to experiments and it is suggested not to do certain tasks such as driving.

8 Survey Choose the best answer that appeal to you and your sleep pattern . How many hours of sleep do you get on a daily basis? A) 8 Hours + B) 6 Hours C) 4 Hours D)3 Hours and less 2) Do you ever find yourself falling asleep unexpectedly during the day? A) Never B) Rarely C) Sometimes D) Frequently 3) Are you able to concentrate on your daily activities without feeling some fatigue? A) Yes B) No 4) Which of the following side effects do you experience? You may choose more than one.

9 Survey Cont. Yawning Memory loss Extreme fatigue Depression
Irritability Low tolerance Increase in stress Bad concentration Strange appetite changes

10 Data Side Effects Students Teachers 18 17 6 2 3 5 8 10 Yawning
Memory Loss 6 2 Extreme Fatigue 3 Depression Irritability 5 Low Tolerance 8 Increased Stress Bad Concentration Appetite Changes 10

11 Data continued Questions Students Teachers Hours Of Sleep
3 Hours or less: 2 8 Hours: 1 6 Hours: 15 4 Hours: 2 3 Hours or less: 0 Falling Asleep unexpectedly Never: 3 Rarely: 4 Sometimes: 12 Frequently: 1 Never: 8 Rarely: 5 Sometimes: 5 Frequently: 0 Concentration without fatigue Yes: 13 No: 5

12 Data analysis When approaching this project, I wasn’t expecting to have many patterns amongst the teachers and students and how they are affected by lack of sleep. I learned that students definitely suffer a lot more than teachers from the many side affects that determines you are sleep deprived or not. There were no complications with collecting my data because it was pretty simple and accurate and all of the test subjects did complete it correctly.

13 Are you Getting Enough Sleep?
Sleep is important mainly because of the positive and helpful affects to the body. Depending on your age, a certain amount of sleep is suggested. Infants: 16 Hours a day Teenagers: 8-9 Hours on average Adults: 7-8

14 Conclusion The conclusion I drew from my data collected and analyzed is that student are indeed more sleep deprived than teachers. This surprised me because I was leaning more toward them being the same. My data disproves my original proposal by showing just how much teachers get more sleep and are less affected by side affects than students. If I had to improved my study furthermore, I would maybe had asked different questions or more and got a bigger body of people.

15 Bibliography Jonathan L. Gelfand, MD on February 09, 2009

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