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Exclusive Premier Aug 27 – Rochester Aug 28 - Buffalo Act! v16.

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1 Exclusive Premier Aug 27 – Rochester Aug 28 - Buffalo Act! v16


3 About Us Twelve / Three Marketing, Inc. Est. 1993 Geoff, Bob, Laurie, Stephen GoldMine, ACT, SageCRM, MSCRM

4 Agenda 9:00 – 9:30Who is Swiftpage Act! – Business Value and you Act! v16 (2014) Feature Overview 9:30 – 10:29Act! v16 - Live Demonstration Act! Deployment Windows, Web, Mobile 10:30 – 10:45Break 10:45 – 11:00T3 Auto-Address – Bob 11:00 – 11:30Google Adwords & Swiftpage - Stephen 11:30 – 12:00Q & A, Closing, Drawings and Giveaways

5 Who is Swiftpage? Swiftpage for Businesses Just Getting Started Act! for Thriving Small Businesses SalesLogix for Established Enterprises Swiftpage provides digital marketing and CRM solutions that help businesses grow. “And we’re with them every step of the way.”

6 What Swiftpage Does Integrated Marketing, Sales and Support Activities that convert prospects and retain customers are vital. Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Customer Relationship Management

7 Swiftpage Facts 11 years in the industry Over 65 Million emails sent per month 98% deliverability 85% satisfied/very satisfied with support

8 Why Choose Swiftpage Solutions? Swiftpage delivers easy-to-use email marketing, social media marketing and contact management solutions to micro and small businesses. #1 selling contact and customer manager, enabling small businesses and sales teams to organize customer details, increase productivity, and drive results. SalesLogix is CRM without compromise, offering unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for a powerful CRM solution that helps accelerate your strategic advantage. Introducing Our Products

9 A brief History of ACT! 1987 – Founded by Pat Sullivan (YES -> ACT!) 1993 – Sold to Symantec. Pat has 5 yr. noncompete 1998 – Pat starts SalesLogix. IPO. Buys ACT back with his new $$ 2003 –.com and 9/11 crash. Pat can’t make a payment. Sage buys ACT and SalesLogix from him. 2004 – Total re-write. SQL,.net, etc. Annual releases 2005 – Pain. Class Action suit. 2013 – Sold to Swiftpage

10 Sage vs Swiftpage (Geoff’s opinion) Sage – Publicly traded UK company –$2,200,000,000 Annual Revenue –24 Countries –300+ software titles, mostly Accounting –$ and quota driven. Hard selling. Good or Bad? –Unaware they owned ACT. Swiftpage – Privately held US company –Financials are difficult –Family Oriented –Moved Co. / Ga. to Scottsdale –Kept everybody –Hired 4 key people back

11 So What’s different?? No more Annual Releases This is ACT! v16 not ACT 2014 Less discounting Less frequent “bar-gooning” Swiftpage is a cloudy business Sage wasn’t cloudy (accounting) Most development effort to cloud, phone Some good people came back In Sales, it’s the same guys and some habits die hard.

12 The Road Ahead September Act! v16 October Act! emarketing November Act! Connect 2.0 December Beta for Project Red Cloud (Act! SaaS codename) January Act! Feature Pack 1 February Public Launch of Red Cloud March Ben takes a day or two off April Red Cloud Update 1 May Act! emarketing 2 June Red Cloud Update 2 July Ben gets another day off August Feature Pack 2 December Act! v17


14 Business Care Overpriced – Getting Better. Qty Discounts Provides Software Updates. Annual basis Can provide technical support Bronze Care – Software only ($89 Pro, $126 Prm) Silver – SW plus India Support ($157 Pro, $194 Prm) Gold – SW plus US support ($224, $261 Prm) Service Packs – Free Feature Packs – must be on Business Care

15 New Features in Act! Mobile Groups/Companies Mobile Email Tablet Custom Views Calculated Fields Company Management History List Act! Scheduler automated email notifications Reschedule multiple Activities Create Lookup from Universal Search Web Manage fields/Design Chrome Support

16 Mobile – Groups & Companies

17 Mobile – Groups List

18 Mobile – Group Detail

19 Mobile – Group Membership

20 Mobile - Companies

21 Mobile – Company Detail & Membership

22 Mobile – Groups & Company Facts Purpose: Extend Groups/Companies to mobile to round out all major entities. Write Email - Sends an email to each contact in the group. Criteria for membership – Only simple criteria can be created ID/Status = single value for groups. Company Name = single value for companies. All groups/companies will work, but you can only add new simple criteria

23 Mobile – Email Preferences


25 Mobile – Email Preferences Facts Purpose: Simple way to avoid double message entry on sending out emails from device. Disabled by default to use existing manual email Uses same preferences as APFW No SSL Records history if enabled.

26 Mobile – Tablet View


28 Mobile – Tablet Views Facts Purpose: Adds additional list views on all detail view. Contacts List Task List Filters Opportunity List Filters. Demo - Backup -

29 Calculated Fields – New Field Type

30 Calculated Fields – Add to your Layout

31 Calculated Fields

32 Calculated Fields - Facts Purpose: Allow simple calculations to complicated calculations on a single record. Works at Contact and Opportunity Views Currency, Decimal, Number and Date Calculations Commission, age, days to contract renewal Calculations cannot be edited; only deleted and added Processed at the database level; same for Web/Mobile/Sync/Import Calculated on Save Cannot edit calculations! Must delete and recreate.

33 Company Management



36 Company Management Facts Purpose: To provide best practice on basic CRM account management. Once threshold is met, company is created with just company name. Linked all contacts. If company already exists, linked to that company. Multiple companies exist, links to one (but always the same one) Processed at the database level; same for Web/Mobile/Sync/Import….

37 History View - NEW

38 History View List

39 History View List – Export to Excel


41 History View List – Facts Purpose: To provide a rear-view of the Actions in a database. Filterable, exportable, easy to generate quick excel reports or find data.

42 Act! Scheduler – Admin Email Notifications


44 Act! Scheduler – Admin Email Notification Facts Purpose: Assurance that database tasks are being completed or alerts that they are not. Can be configured to send to multiple recipients SSL Support Custom STMP Port Selection

45 Task List – Reschedule Multiple Activities




49 Task List – Reschedule Multiple Activities FactS Purpose: Efficiency in scheduling Keeps all values except date/time Changes time to timeless

50 Universal Search – Create Lookup

51 Universal Search – Create Lookup Companies

52 Universal Search – Create Lookup Contacts

53 Universal Search – Create Lookup FactS Purpose: Take Action Create Lookup from Contacts Create Lookup from Companies Filter for specific types of items Filter by date

54 Act! for Web – Customize Fields/Layouts

55 Act! for Web – Customize Fields

56 Act! for Web – Customize Layouts

57 Act! for Web – Customize Fields/Layouts FactS Purpose: Improve Hosted Customer experience. Reduce support costs for hosted partners. Not meant to be a full replacement for the desktop product. No field triggers, alignment, fonts…(limited)

58 Act! for Web – Chrome Browser Support

59 70 Defects addressed in Chrome Browser

60 Office, Mobile, Table – Act! Everywhere

61 Premium Windows, Web, Mobile

62 v16- ACT PRO v16 LICUsageSeatsACT SKU Regular Price after 9/18 Roadshow Customer Cost until 9/18 Roadshow Price Bundled w/ Bronze until 9/18 ACT PRO v16 LICNew1-4ACTPRO16L 269.99 206.54 251.17 ACT PRO v16 LICNew5-9ACTPRO16L 229.49 175.56 217.95 ACT PRO v16 LICNew10-29ACTPRO16L 215.99 165.23 205.40 ACT PRO v16 LICNew30-99ACTPRO16L 199.99 152.99 190.92 ACT PRO v16 UPG LICUpgrade1-4ACTPRO16UPL 199.95 152.96 197.59 ACT PRO v16 UPG LICUpgrade5-9ACTPRO16UPL 169.96 130.02 172.41 ACT PRO v16 UPG LICUpgrade10-29ACTPRO16UPL 159.96 122.37 162.53 ACT PRO v16 UPG LICUpgrade30-99ACTPRO16UPL 149.96 114.72 152.65 v16 - ACT PRM v16 LICUsageSeatsACT SKU Regular Price after 9/18 Roadshow Customer Cost Roadshow Price Bundled w/ Bronze ACT PRM v16 LICNew1-4ACTPRM16L 549.99 420.74 484.12 ACT PRM v16 LICNew5-9ACTPRM16L 467.49 357.63 417.83 ACT PRM v16 LICNew10-29ACTPRM16L 439.99 336.59 393.63 ACT PRM v16 LICNew30-99ACTPRM16L 412.49 315.55 369.42 ACT PRM v16 UPG LICUpgrade1-4ACTPRM16UPL 359.95 275.36 338.74 ACT PRM v16 UPG LICUpgrade5-9ACTPRM16UPL 305.96 234.06 294.26 ACT PRM v16 UPG LICUpgrade10-29ACTPRM16UPL 287.96 220.29 277.33 ACT PRM v16 UPG LICUpgrade30-99ACTPRM16UPL 269.96 206.52 260.39 PRO - ACT BRONZE for PROUsageSeatsACT SKU Regular Price after 9/18 Roadshow Customer Cost ACT BRONZE for PRO 1yrBundle1-4ACTPROBRZ1 89.25 44.63 ACT BRONZE for PRO 1yrBundle5-9ACTPROBRZ1 84.79 42.40 ACT BRONZE for PRO 1yrBundle10-29ACTPROBRZ2 80.33 40.17 ACT BRONZE for PRO 1yrBundle30-99ACTPROBRZ3 75.86 37.93 PRM - ACT BRONZE for PRMUsageSeatsACT SKU Regular Price after 9/18 Roadshow Customer Cost ACT BRONZE for PRM 1yrBundle1-4ACTPRMBRZ1 126.75 63.38 ACT BRONZE for PRM 1yrBundle5-9ACTPRMBRZ1 120.41 60.21 ACT BRONZE for PRM 1yrBundle10-29ACTPRMBRZ1 114.08 57.04 ACT BRONZE for PRM 1yrBundle30-99ACTPRMBRZ1 107.74 53.87

63 20 ACT Tips in 20 Minutes

64 1. Edit / Copy a Contact If you want to e-mail a contact record to someone. –Go to that record –Edit –Copy (Ctrl – C) –Open an email –Paste (Ctrl – V)

65 2. Even better – Send vCard Go to Contact –Contacts –Send vCard (ACT 2010 & later)

66 3. Clean out your My Record “My Record” is the first thing loaded History tends to accumulate Slows down the opening of ACT Clean out “Contact Deleted” Sales Pitch – 12/3 has written a program to selectively delete history based on type and date range on all records i.e. – “Delete all Personal Activities from 2002 thru 2008.

67 4. Goofy Tools Preferences Startup Startup Database Named Database Aasdfff Press Ctrl – Shift – Alt at the same time Let go Press the key = first letter of today (“T” for Tuesday)

68 5. Dropbox Cloudy FTP site Free (small) Cheap (Big) Great for sharing files and data on the cloud Do not put your ACT database there! –Clever idea –$$ to Geoff

69 6. Search phone numbers Right Click on a phone field Searches that field Lookup – Other fields – Any Phone Field –Searches all phone fields Same with Any City, any Zip, etc.

70 7. Question When was the last time you backed up your ACT database? Scheduler does it for you –Unless you’ve deleted the act account it ran under –Or changed your password –Or ran out of disk space V16 will notify you/me if the backup failed This will be part of our install.

71 8. Twelve/Three offers Free training every week Tuesdays 9:30am 30 minutes Learn a new technique every week Web based Free Sign up with Laurie if you want to get class notices.

72 9. You can connect 2 contacts Using relationships Families Business relationships Competitive info Added in ACT 2009

73 10. The annoying welcome screen Tools – Preference – Startup Change to Contacts or Calendar

74 11. Schedule many calls at once Preferences Setting Unchecked – Creates a single conference call Checked – Creates separate activities

75 12. Keep at it It takes an average of 12 calls to get through to a new lead 50% sales people quit after 1 try. 90% quit after 2. Count your attempts in ACT

76 13. Lookup by recent activity Who have we met with in the last 30 days? Called?

77 14. Lookup by example Fill in the fields you want to search on For multiple conditions AND condition is best. i.e. State=NY AND ID/Status=Customer

78 15. Win 7 & Win 8 Users GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Create a folder on your desktop and name it this.

79 16. Beware free software New trend in download bundlers

80 17. Use the snipping tool When sending us problems via e-mail To create your ACT training manual Win 7 & 8

81 18. Smart Phones iPhone –Everything Works –Limited Choice Android –Many choices in phones and software –No Apple store so possible virus vector

82 19. Universal Search Geo* - Match any number of Chars Geo? – Match a single letter Geo?? – Match 2 letters 15= Match any single digit Ex (Contact_Zip_Code::144??) And Or And not fancier Sage KB 28034

83 20. Check out your add-ons ACT! has always been a top 5 CRM/CM product Millions of users – Lots of Add-ons We Like: –Swiftpage – e-mail marketing –Quotewerks – generate sophisticated quotes –Topline Designer – Custom Subentities –Handheld contact – Part of ACT soon? –Oak Merge – import into anything i.e. daily sales in history Automated

84 Summary V16 is a better than average release. Some meat. No more annual releases This makes Business Care worth a look –Start with Bronze –50% off this week, see what we get We work for you New Ownership – New Policies, New Directions,?? If you want to a Road Show price, see Laurie. And Thank You for your time!

85 Q&A

86 Drawings and Giveaways

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