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Confirmation Everything started when the Bishop came in and then he started to ask questions about Confirmation. In Church there were four different schools.

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1 Confirmation Everything started when the Bishop came in and then he started to ask questions about Confirmation. In Church there were four different schools and we all had to go to the front when our names were called. We all went and we said some prayers and them the Priests put their hands on our heads to bless us then we all went to our seats and not to long later we received chrism on our heads. Arvydas Juchevicius Confirmation

2 On Sunday the 1 st March 2015 our class made our Confirmation in the Sacred Heart Church in Clones. We were also Confirmed with Gaelscoil Eois, St. Mc Cartons and Conon’s. My favourite part of the ceremony was being anointed with the oil of Chrism. I liked this part because I loved the smell of it. This part of the sacrament of Confirmation means that you are being sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Eimear Courtney

3 Confirmation I thought the Confirmation Ceremony was good and the Bishop was very nice. It was very different than what I expected it to be. I thought it was interesting what the Bishop was saying about Chrism and everything else. The questions the Bishop asked were about the pope and who picked I thought this was very interesting to know. All of the Priests were nice overall it was very good. Renee Nolan

4 On Sunday March the first we made our Confirmation in the Sacred Heart Church Clones. The mass wasn’t as long as I thought. After mass my family and I went to the Hotel Kilmore in Cavan. We all had a lovely meal and stayed for a little while. My Confirmation was really good and I really really enjoyed myself. Hannah Mealiff Confirmation

5 On the day of my Confirmation I woke up at half past six and I couldn't get back to sleep because of my nervousness. I played my ps3 until eight o’clock. When my dad got up we had a lazy day until eleven o’clock and that is when all hell broke loose and worst thing of all I lost my trousers. But they turned up in my little brothers uniform drawer I almost had a heart attack when I found out I lost them then at two o’clock we headed for the Church. The mass took about two hours then we went to Connolly's bar and when everyone was there my mum give me my first phone an Iphone 5c. Luke Rooney Confirmation

6 On Sunday the first of March I made my Confirmation. You make your Confirmation to get the seven gifts of Fruit and the gift of the Holy Sprit. At 3.00pm in Sacred Heart Church Clones was the place and time we where making our Confirmation. First welcomed the three Priests and Bishop Liam Mac Daid who was the Bishop of Clogher. He started of saying a few prayers and after that he got us to line up around the edge of the Alter. Then Claudia and Oisín read out a prayer and I carried up the body of Christ when we where getting the anointing of Chrism. Chrism is made of oil an balm it was runny and sticky the words you had to say where your name (Sarah) Amen and with your spirit and you headed back to your seat with your sponsor mine was my god mother Siobhan Mc Kenna. I had a good day at my Confirmation. The best bit was when I got home to see my family. Sarah O’Harte Confirmation

7 The thing that stood out the most for me on my Confirmation day was that my Great Uncle concelebrated the mass with the Bishop. I was delighted to see him there. I really enjoyed the whole mass as well. It wasn't too long. I also liked the way we wore our uniforms. I felt like a new person after being Confirmed. I am glad I chose to make my Confirmation. Leah Coffey As much as I enjoyed the after party, the Confirmation ceremony meant a lot to me. It was a pleasure to meet Bishop Liam Mc Daid he was so kind! I definitely made the right decision of making Confirmation and I will continue to practise my faith. Mai Kelly

8 Confirmation Before I went to the Church on Sunday, I felt very nervous. But whenever the ceremony was over, it wasn't as bad at all. The Bishop was really nice too. Whenever he did the anointing, it felt warm and smelled a bit like lavender. I thought that the mass would of been very long, but it actually wasn’t. I enjoyed my day really well. Amy Mc Cusker On Sunday 1 st March 3:00 I made my Confirmation. There were 3 Priests helping the Bishop. The Bishop was Liam Mc Daid. I had a reading. I thought I would get it wrong, I think I got it alright and I was the first to get my Chrism. It was a really good day. Claudia Curran

9 Confirmation The highlight of my confirmation was when I done my reading because even though I was nervous I think I done good. After the Confirmation my friends and family came over to my house we had cake and dinner. It was a fun day I enjoyed it. Oísín Kierans It was my Confirmation day and I was very nervous but there was no need to be. First the Bishop had a chat with us and asking us questions about Confirmation, like what's Confirmation and what’s Chrism. Them the Bishop called us up for the laying of the hands where the Priest out his hand on our heads and said a special prayer to invite the Holy Sprit into us. Then we had the anointing of the Chrism me and my sponsor walked up to the Priest and I was anointed and we said a prayer and the left. The End. Lee O’Dowd

10 Confirmation On March 1 st I made my confirmation in the Sacred Heart Church along with 58 other children. The mass started at 3 so I came a little before with my sponsor Paul. My seat was F1. I met the Bishop Liam Mc Daid. The most important parts were the laying of the hands and anointing with Chrism I received the 7 gifts and the fruits. I really enjoyed my day. Laura Mac Neill On the 1 st of March, in the Sacred Heart Church in Clones, the 6 th class pupils received the sacrament of Confirmation. First Bishop Liam Mc Daid said an introduction and greeted everyone. Then the Bishop invited all the children to get the laying on of the hands. I felt the holy spirit descend on me and I felt safe. Foreseeing that we were invited to be anointed with the Chrism. After that I got a nice picture with the Bishop. Caitlín Connolly

11 Confirmation My favourite part of the Confirmation was two parts. The first was when the Bishop walked in, I liked his hat and his suit. I also liked the choir, the harmony was very good and I liked the way the girls did the high parts of the song and the boys did the low parts of the song. I thought it would take a long time but the time flied. I really enjoyed the end of it because we went to get our meal. Finnian On my Confirmation the Bishop Liam Mc Daid was Confirming me and my friends. First the laying on of the hands happened and then the anointing came and we got a cross on our heads with Chrism. Chrism is a mixture of oil and balm and when the mass ended finally we were confirmed. Luke Leonard

12 Confirmation My favourite thing about my Confirmation was the delicious cake my mum made me. It had strawberry jam and homemade butter cream inside of it. It was covered in icing sugar. Everybody loved it and the cake went down a treat. Aaron Mc Mahon

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