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Unit 2 Different Kinds of People

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1 Unit 2 Different Kinds of People
Part A What do they look like?

2 Proverb: A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.
Tongue twister: If one doctor doctors another doctor, does the doctor who doctors the doctor doctor the doctor the way the doctor he is doctoring doctors?

3 vocabulary To describe: To say or write what a person or thing is like
Fair: Light-colored Curly: With natural waves and twists Eyebrows: Lines of short hairs above the eyes Build: The particular form of a person’s body Overweight: Too heavy or too fat Appearance: The way a person or thing looks or seems to other people Positive: Happy or hopeful Negative: Not happy, hopeful, or approving

4 Additional words that may helps to describe a person
Fringe: the part of your hair that hangs over your forehead (bangs.AmE) Round/circle/heart/oblong/oval/square face Blonde/ginger/ginger-brown/graying/auburn/fair hair fair/dark skin; pale/ruddy complexion Hazel(淡褐色的)/dark brown/blue eyes Long wavy/short spiky(钉子似的)/straight shoulder-length/long straggly dark/lank(平直难看的)hair Jaw;chin;dimple;cheek;cheekbone;beauty spot;beard;center/side parting hair;bald;dimple;frown;wrinkles;thick/thin lips

5 Describe the following two celebrities (in pairs)

6 Group work Discuss the following questions:
Who is your best friend in our class? Describe him or her . How do you describe yourself? Look at the photos of some teenagers on P7 and describe each one.

7 Listening practice Describe the people in the picture and guess which of the people are Helen, Sylvia, Danny, and Ben. Listen three times: at the end of the first time, compare answers in pairs; check the answer for the second time; enjoy the conversation for the third time.

8 Assignment Communication task on P7 Group work on P7
Get prepared for a duty report.

9 Part B Your personality
Focus: describe people’s personalities and discuss astrological signs.

10 Proverbs: wise men change their minds; fools never do.
Tongue twister As I was going along, I sang a pop song. The lane I went was so long, and the song I sang was also long. So I went along the long lane in a long song.

11 Vocabulary Neat: with everything in its place
Adventurous: willing to try new and unusual things Stubborn: opposed to change or suggestion Astrology: the study of the planets and stars to foretell events and to describe people Star sign: an astrological sign, such as Gemini or Aries Characteristic: something that is typical about someone that makes that person different from others

12 Additional information
Zodiac:the zodiac an imaginary area through which the sun, moon, and planets appear to travel, which some people believe influences our lives: “which sign of the zodiac were you born under?

13 Additional information
Gemini is the sign of the zodiac ,representing quickness of thought. Gemini are good communicators. They are active and clever. Geminis are adaptable, versatile,communicate,witty,intellectual,and eloquent. Sometime they can be pessimistic which is caused by their dualistic nature.Geminis like being part of a group. They always follow the rules of the game.Understanding and tolerant, they can be helpful in any situation.They usually liven up any social gathering with their ideas and verbal facility.Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Geminis can adapt to any situation,however they still try to keep their independence.Geminis like to travel and socialize. Geminis are good lawyers,politicians and public speakers.

14 Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac,representing
Examples of the horoscope Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac,representing growth and development,Taurus is patient,reliable, warm-heated,loving,persistent,and determined.It likes few changes which determines its reserved and practical nature. Taureans show great interest in all physical matters.Taureans remember it forever. No other sign in the zodiac is closer to earth than Taurus.Taurus is ruled by Venus and seeks harmony with its surroundings. Taureans like being part of a team. However, they have a reputation for stubbornness. Taureans are good teachers, scientists,designers,and chief.

15 Aries is the first sign of the twelve zodiacs. It
more example of horoscope Aries is the first sign of the twelve zodiacs. It represents the beginning of all things and usually displays a strong desire to read. Aries are adventurous, energetic,pioneering,and courageous.Arians always want to be on top. They tend to be frank and open but also self-centered and willful.Arians love adventure and almost have no fear .All is done with great enthusiasm which affects the people around them. Arians are loyal to family and friends. Aries is ruled by the forceful Mars. Arians are good  athletes,doctors,explores, soldiers,and leaders.Sometimes they like physical ,emotional and mental extremes but Arians should be careful not to go too far with their extremism.

16 assignment Try to find out more adjectives which can describe a person’s personality Communication task (Activity 3) on P9 Review the words we’v learned

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