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SMART Boards A Multi-Media Presentation Created By Tawana Stiff EDUC 7101-3 Instructor: Dr. Amar Almasude.

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2 SMART Boards A Multi-Media Presentation Created By Tawana Stiff EDUC 7101-3 Instructor: Dr. Amar Almasude

3 SMART Boards: Need To provide active, hands-on learning experiences that will prepare students for future leadership roles To hone the skills of today’s technologically savvy students To facilitate engaging lectures in face-to- face and distance learning environments To efficiently accommodate a diverse group of learners who embody various learning preferences To operate in conjunction with computer applications used to present, display, manipulate, share, interpret, and analyze data in pre-existing documents, multi- media presentations and other online resources.

4 SMART Boards: Research A Data Driven Diffusion… In 1986, David Martin and Nancy Knowlton had a discussion about developing an interactive whiteboard that could create “magic” through its innovative features. One year later, the SMART organization was founded. Most of the research on SMART Boards has been led by affiliates of school districts, universities and educational scholars. Research findings indicate that students that hands on manipulation of data heightened student ability to make connections between content and background knowledge. In addition, the SMART board is considered a powerful teaching aid that is visually appealing and increases student attentiveness. These positive findings led to the SMART Board’s production.

5 SMART Boards: Development Problems that hindered the development of SMART boards in early phases were as follows: The SMART company was not financially secure and had limited alliances with corporations, and The parameters by which the SMART board would operate had not been established.

6 SMART Boards are manufactured by SMART Technologies. They are distributed either directly or indirectly through the founding company. In addition, SMART Boards may also be purchased through distribution companies used for educational and corporate purposes. All of the components are shipped in one package per unit. Due to its popularity and effectiveness, the SMART Board markets itself. However, professional development workshops and training courses are also available to heighten SMART Board awareness and accelerate its diffusion.

7 SMART Boards: The Innovation-Decision Process Timeline 2008 2005 19921991 Knowledge: The world is exposed to the first interactive whiteboard Board_interactive_whiteboard Persuasion: SMART Technologies formed an alliance with Intel Corporation SMART/Innovation/Beginnings+of+an+industry Decision: The founders of the SMART Board received financial support from Corporations, family and friends who believed in the potential success of the innovation SMART/Innovation/Beginnings+of+an+industry Implementation: A wireless SMART Board that allows users to manipulate data and launch computer applications is integrated in classroom instruction. 092_what-history-smart- board.html Confirmation: The new collaborative learning software to be used in conjunction with SMART Boards provides a means for integrating this innovation to a greater capacity and on a larger scale. 915092_what-history-smart- board.html

8 SMART BOARD: Scatter Plot 1991 2009 20102011 Year 800 750 700 650 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 Annual Revenue & Adjusted Net Income (in millions)

9 SMART BOARD: S-Curve 1991 2009 20102011 Year

10 Innovators - The Creators Early Adopters – Teachers, Students and Corporations Laggards – The people who are reluctant to adopt the innovation

11 SMART Boards: What Works Best for Adoption? The Approach The People Centralized…Only the decision makers have a voice Decentralized …Everyone has a voice Rising Star members will work cohesively to articulate a need for change The superintendants as well as any individuals who deal with district spending should establish an information exchange between SMART Technologies and the district Rising Star teachers, administration and central office will serve as conduits to the other members in district regarding the adoption and implementation of SMART Boards. Rising Star Members will maintain ongoing communication with the people they represent to ensure that all expectations are being met, all stake holders are on task with the adoption agenda and all concerns are being addressed

12 SMART Boards: Critical Mass…

13 SMART Boards: The Role of the Champion : Presenting….Mike Spisieck, Director of Technology Stamp of Approval Power Charismatic Expert or either has access to an expert Effective Respected









22 Babarujan, R. (2009, Summer). US the largest adopter in smart boards. Retrieved from 60232-us-largest-adopter-white-boards-smart-technologies.htm Laureate Education, Inc. (2008). Diffusion and Integration of Technology in Education: Identifying trends. Baltimore: Author Martin, A. (2008, Spring). Ideas in practice: Graphing calculators in beginning algebra. Journal of Developmental Education, 31(3), 20−32 Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of innovations (5th ed.). New York, NY: Free Press. Somyurek, S., Atasoy, B., Ozdemir, S. (2009). Boards IQ: What makes a board smart? Retrieved from org/10.1016/j. compedu.2009.02.012

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