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Expanding opportunities

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1 Expanding opportunities

2 Our purpose Providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives.

3 An emerging global pharmaceutical company
Established in 1984, we are a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company through three core businesses: Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients - comprising of our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Custom Pharmaceutical Services business Global Generics - which includes Branded and Unbranded generics Proprietary Products - which includes New Chemical Entities (NCEs), Differentiated Formulations, TM Generic Biopharmaceuticals and a Dermatology focused Specialty company - Promius Pharma Our products are marketed globally, with a strong focus on India, Russia, Europe and US. Dr. Reddy's conducts NCE research in the areas of metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, anti-infectives and pain/ inflammation

4 Indian Pharma Firsts New York Stock Exchange listing
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) certification 180-days exclusive marketing rights for ageneric drug in the US Authorized Generic Commencement of Discovery Research NCE out-licensed for development NCE into Phase III development Fastest to reach $1 billion in revenues HDMA Diana Award winner (2006, 2007 and 2008) United States Custom and Border Protection Agency certification

5 Global Pharma Firsts USP certification under the Pharmaceutical Ingredient Verification Program Launch of generic monoclonal antibody Polypill (Cardiovascular) Trial

6 Driving value through collaboration
The foundation of our partnership philosophy: Diversified business model; multiple product and service offerings A simple, transparent and streamlined process to progress partnering discussions Centralized Business Development Council to facilitate thorough diligence of multiple partnership opportunities and coordination between the different business units Flat organizational structure to facilitate swift decision making Effective alliance management processes Adherence to highest global regulatory standards

7 The partnership process
Alliance management Deal Execution, Alliance Management and Value Realization 3 Evaluation, Negotiation and Due-Diligence 2 The partnership process Preliminary Contact & Opportunity Screening 1

8 Global Generics Our Branded and Unbranded generic products offer affordable alternatives to innovator brands, both directly and through key partnerships

9 Global Generics Manufacturing Bandwidth
7 Formulation plants [6 in India (1 USFDA approved), 1 in US] Product Portfolio Integrated product development center 50+ products marketed in the US 130+ ANDAs filed till date. 69 ANDAs pending approval at the USFDA, of which 32 are Para IV and 19 are FTFs* 160+ products marketed in the EU 200+ branded formulations marketed in India, Russia and other emerging markets Among the top 10 generic companies in the US; ranks 5 in Germany; the 7th largest Generic Pharma company in Russia and among the largest pharma companies in India * As on Q3 FY09

10 Unbranded Generics We have a significant presence in the regulated markets of USA, Germany and UK where we offer high quality medicines at affordable prices

11 Unbranded Generics Strengths • World-class distribution capabilities
• Strong product portfolio and an attractive pipeline • Proven ability to garner market share • Credible track record of successful “Day 1” launches • Strong relationships with key distributors, pharmacy chains and insurance funds Partnering Opportunities In-licensing, co-development and product opportunities in difficult-to-make generics Product portfolio expansion Partners with unique platform technologies for product development

12 Branded Generics Our Branded Generics portfolio offers over 200 products in the major therapeutic areas of gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, pain management, oncology, anti- infectives, paediatrics and dermatology. Our top brands enjoy leadership positions in our key markets of India, Russia & the CIS, Romania and Venezuela

13 Branded Generics India Among the largest pharmaceutical companies
Product portfolio of over 200 brands across 13 therapeutic areas Market leader in gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, pain management and oncology 2000+ sales and marketing team 300,000+ doctors and stockist Near 100% coverage of KOLs and key institutes Stamlo, Omez, Reditux, Nise, Ketorol are market leaders in their respective category

14 Branded Generics (Contd.)
Russia Among the top 15th pharma companies. 14th in retail segment Fastest growing international branded generic company by volumes Top 5 brands occupy the 1 spot in their respective molecule space 4 brands [Omez, Ketorol, Nise and Ciprolet] among Top 100 Strong presence in gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, anti-Infective, oncology, pain and dermatology Building capabilities in wellness and nutraceuticals 300 + sales and marketing team Working with top 5 distributors Coverage of 66 town classes, doctors, retailers and 500 hospitals

15 Branded Generics (Contd.)
Partnering Opportunities In-licensing opportunities in Differentiated Products and NCEs (phase III, registered, marketed) in gastro- intestinal, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, pain, anti-infectives and dermatology Partnerships to build Hospital and Paediatric portfolio Life cycle management opportunities for big brands

16 Global Oncology Strengths
One stop portfolio solution with a broad product basket for launches across the globe Established capabilities in chemistry and biology enabling strong IP positions Low cost development and manufacturing operations Strong commercial infrastructure in focus Geographies Partnering opportunities Partners for commercialization of our portfolio In-licensing opportunities in: - Differentiated Products and NCEs (phase III, registered, marketed) - Complimentary basket of oncology products Co-development opportunities for big brands

17 Pharmaceutical Services & Active Ingredients
The Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients business of Dr. Reddy's serves Generics and Innovator companies through the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) businesses respectively

18 Pharmaceutical Services & Active Ingredients
Manufacturing Bandwidth 8 USFDA approved facilities (6 in India, 1 in Mexico and 1 in UK) 3 Technology Development Centers (2 in India and 1 in UK) Among the top three API players globally Product Portfolio 150+ APIs in the market 20 products under development at any given point of time IP leveraged wide basket of assets Cost effective API pipeline; end-to-end services and competitive pricing

19 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
We offer an unparalleled portfolio to our customers, who include innovators and generic formulators worldwide. With more than 150 products, including cytotoxic and hormones, and our “first in, last out” approach, we are among the top three API players globally

20 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
Strengths Broad Global Portfolio: Portfolio of 140+ USDMFs, 80+ EDMFs and several filings in the Rest-of-the-World markets Global Presence: Sales in over 85 countries Large scale of operations: 8 USFDA approved facilities; serving 300+ SKUs across the globe; unmatched scale-up facilities Strong product lifecycle management Cost and technology leadership Partnering Opportunities Sourcing opportunities for products globally Technology platforms to achieve breakthrough costs for better life cycle management Partnerships to build capabilities and strengthen the overall value chain

21 Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS)
The CPS business today is a partner of choice for the strategic outsourcing needs of 'Innovators', both big pharma and emerging biotech companies worldwide. Partners will benefit from our years of experience in developing and extending product life cycles and enhancing intellectual property. Our services and capabilities go beyond the boundaries of contract services and enable value creation through different stages of pharmaceutical development.

22 Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS)
Strengths: Cost effectiveness, speed and flexibility in project execution Broad service offerings Process development and scale up to commercial manufacturing of drug substance and drug products Customized solutions with a range of products (APIs and dosage forms) Technology leveraged manufacturing services including chiral technology (asymmetric hydrogenation, hydroformulation and bio catalysis) Activated mPEGs/ Pegylation Steroidal API manufacturing IP advantaged basket of assets Partnering Opportunities: Life cycle management solutions End-to-End services in development and manufacturing

23 Proprietary Products Our Proprietary Products business comprises of New Chemical Entities (NCEs), Generic Biopharmaceuticals, Differentiated Formulations and a Dermatology focused Specialty company - Promius Pharma. We are building world-class capabilities and partnerships to accelerate the discovery and development of new and improved therapies in select diseases

24 Proprietary Products Development and Manufacturing Bandwidth
Discovery Research centers in India and US cGMP E.Coli and Mammalian cell-culture manufacturing facilities with filling and finishing Dedicated product development teams for differentiated products and Promius Pharma

25 Discovery Research Strengths
Discovery and development efforts in metabolic disorders (type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia),anti- bacterials and pain/inflammation History of successful R&D collaborations with external partners Creative risk-sharing partnerships that leverage strengths in therapeutic areas of focus Systematic project management principles and processes for timely execution and monitoring of development programs Partnering opportunities Co-development and commercialization partners for internal programs In-licensing of drug delivery technology platforms in metabolic disorders, anti- bacterials and pain/inflammation

26 Biologics We view generic biopharmaceuticals as an integral part of our mid to long term growth strategy and believe that building depth in development and manufacturing capabilities will be critical in accessing this opportunity. We have made significant efforts in this direction and have over the years succeeded in creating world class infrastructure and a highly capable team.

27 Biologics Strengths Proven generic biopharmaceutical development capabilities with two marketed products - GrafeelTM (filgrastim) and RedituxTM (rituximab), in emerging markets Developed and launched RedituxTM (rituximab) - the world's first generic monoclonal antibody Pipeline of eight generic biopharmaceuticals in various stages of development with two in clinical development The product portfolio spans multiple therapeutic areas - oncology, auto-immune diseases and CNS cGMP facilities to manufacture Biologics, in adherence with global regulatory requirements at a significant cost advantage Partnering opportunities Partners with intent and capabilities to commercialize generic biopharmaceuticals in specific geographies Partners developing generic biopharmaceuticals as differentiated product or for new indications and want to source product

28 Promius Pharma Promius Pharma is a branded Specialty company with a portfolio of in-licensed dermatology products and an internal pipeline in different stages of development. Promius Pharma's current portfolio contains innovative products for the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis

29 Promius Pharma Strengths
2 products in the market: EpiCeram Skin Barrier Emulsion and Scytera Foam, 7 products in pipeline Track record of successful partnerships with Ceragenix, Foamix, Sinclair and Antares Strong portfolio of in-licensed and co-developed dermatological products and an internal pipeline under development Strong and committed sales force State-of-the-art integrated product development center in Hyderabad, India Partnering opportunities In-licensing and product opportunities in branded dermatology space Interested in late stage (phase II, Phase III, ready-to-market, or in-market) opportunities for development and commercialization Out-licensing, co-development and commercialization partners for internal programs for market outside of the US

30 Thank you

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