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Emerging avenues & newer vistas - Future transformation of CS.

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1 Emerging avenues & newer vistas - Future transformation of CS

2  Huge space for employment for COMPANY SECRETARY in India  Opening in various countries to Company Secretaries.

3 New avenues with the introduction of new companies bill,2011 Key Managerial person. Trade marks agent Secretarial audit Professional assistance to Company Liquidator Company administrator Coordinator in case of FDI Coordinator to Indian investors and towards Foreign investors

4 Corporate Planner Technical Member of National Company law Tribunal


6 Corporate governance Secretarial/Compliance Audit and Certification Services Corporate laws advisory services Representation services Arbitration and Conciliation Services Financial markets services Public Issue, Listing and Securities Management Takeover Code and Insider Trading

7 Finance And Accounting Services Taxation Services Processing Inter Corporate Loans International Trade And WTO Services Management Services (General/Strategic Management) Arranging Amalgamation, Acquisition, Joint Venture Corporate Communications And Public Relations Human Resources Management ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS Information Technology


9 Indeed CS role will be further increased by the way of formulating new policies to FACE recession.

10 How smart CS are in COMMUNICATION

11 INBRIEF the choice or cost of pursuing company secretary is hardly anything in comparison to the kind of monetary benefits, respect, pride, satisfaction, professionalism, that we can expect from this profession if we have a capacity to learn and perform well

12 Presentation by V. Ramesh Kumar

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