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Management of the Company Investment Activity in the Terms of Risk (based on results of IC "Insurance House") Student: Andreenko N.I. Scientific supervisor:

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1 Management of the Company Investment Activity in the Terms of Risk (based on results of IC "Insurance House") Student: Andreenko N.I. Scientific supervisor: Senior lecturer Pestovska Z.S. Language supervision: Senior lecturer Glinska O.M. 1

2 Content CHAPTER 1. THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF INVESTING INSURANCE COMPANIES AT RISK 1.1. The concept investment insurance company 1.2. The essence of investment activity of insurance companies in terms of risk 1.3. Status of investment of insurance companies in Ukraine CHAPTER 2 CURRENT STATUS OF INVESTMENT ACTIVITY IC "INSURANCE HOUSE" 2.1. Organizational and economic characteristics of JSC IC "Insurance House” 2.2. Assessing the impact of investment on the financial results of JSC IC “Insurance House” 2.3. Status of investment activity at risk IC "Home Insurance“ CHAPTER 3. DIRECTIONS OF IMPROVEMENT OF INVESTMENT ACTIVITY IC “INSURANCE HOUSE” 3.1. Modeling of investment risk in JSC IC " Insurance House" 3.2. Investment Opportunities JSC IC “Insurance House" in the Ukrainian stock market 3.3. The new investment model for JSC IC “Insurance House" in the foreign exchange market CHAPTER 4. HEALTH AND SAFETY IN EMERGENCIES IN IC “INSURANCE HOUSE” 4.1. Occupational safety and health at IC “Insurance House” 4.2. Security Emergency in IC “Insurance House” 2

3 The Topicality of the problem. Investment activity is a very important and interesting research topic. Nowadays, a lot of businesses depend on some extent of investment. State economic performance is very dependent on the performance of investment and development of the country. The object of investigation - the investment activities of the company. The subject of the investigation - management of the investment activities of the company at risk. 3

4 Classification of risks according to types of investment Table 1 Risk classificationType of risks Conception 1 For the definitionEconomic Political Social Ecological Other risks Related to changes in economic factors Associated with various administrative limits investment policy changes According to the variety of social programs The occurrence of environmental disasters that adversely affect the operations of the invested activities Other (theft, etc.) 2 Forms of investment Acquisition of integral property complexes, new construction, renovation, upgrading, renewal of certain types of equipment, investments in financial markets Associated with the unfortunate choice of location of the invested object, interruptions in the supply of resources, delays in the introduction of the invested object with a reduction in profits during its operation 3 According to the source Market Specific types of the enterprise activities Determine the change in stages of economic development cycle, the investment markets, changes in economic legislation Related to the specific investment objects, irrational structure of invested resources, etc. 4

5 InvestmentLife-insuranceNon-life insurance Terms of investment Due to the long-term insurance contracts can be used long-term investment processes Due to the relatively short-term insurance contracts (a year) investments are short-term Profitability It is necessary to obtain a stable income as income from investments taking into account insurance premiums Less profitability compared to the liquidity of investments Liquidity Does not play a big role because of the terms of maturity investments There is an important principle of investing Inflation It is necessary to take into account inflation, as long-term contracts For most types of insurance inflation can not be ignored Amount of investments Significant, often continuously increases due to capitalization Investments variability Insurance payments Term benefits are often specified in the contract of insurance (insurance endowment) The term of payment is a random variable; necessary to consider the distribution of losses during the year according to various types of insurance and long-term nature of large amount of insurance payments Table 2 Investment criteria according to the types of insurance companies 5

6 Figure 1 6

7 Dynamics of the charter capital of the company "Insurance House" Table 3 Indicator2007200820112012 2013(beggin ing)2013(end) Charter capital7000 207000 Share capital000000 Additional paid-in capital000000 Other additional capital7,6888758 8 Reserve capital125 616 Retained profit (accumulated deficit)-905,5660-100391 89244 Unpaid capital000000 Treasury capital000000 Accumulated exchange differences-00000 Total equity capital (thousand UAH)6227,17793703316274 311539 7

8 Dynamics of financial investments of the insurance company "Insurance House" Figure 2 8

9 Assets allocation of " Insurance house" in investment establishments Figure 3 9

10 The dynamics of the inflation index in Ukraine Figure 4 10

11 Profitability of financial investments Table 4 Type of investmentProfitability Banking sector25%(per year) GoldDepends on situation Real estate5-10%( per month) Business0-100%(per year) Financial markets10-20%(per month) 11

12 To sum up I offer IC " Insurance House" to enter the foreign exchange market, as it is able to give much more profit to the company. My model is based on the gradual reduction of the investment shares in banks, which are not profitable and illiquid. 12

13 Daily amount of trading of the currency market (billion Dollars) 13


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