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… Teacher registration in Queensland… Information for preservice teachers from Queensland universities.

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1 … Teacher registration in Queensland… Information for preservice teachers from Queensland universities

2 What is the Queensland College of Teachers? Independent Statutory Authority (est. 2006) –Board of Teacher Education (est. 1971) –Board of Teacher Registration (est. 1989) QCT comprises – the Board of the College –The Office of the College

3 Why a regulatory body for teaching? Recognises the significant role of teaching as a profession Teachers occupy positions of trust and responsibility - cf. other professions requiring registration - medicine, law, nursing… Upholds high standards of preparation, conduct & practice that characterise teaching Provides independent, representative, professional voice for teachers Promotes and advocates for the teaching profession

4 Who are the Board members? 17 members Chair (Ministerial appointment) Nominees of employers of teachers Nominees of teacher unions Registered teachers (3 elected, 3 nominated by employers) Teacher educator Parent nominees Community representative (ministerial appointment)

5 What is the Office of the College? The office’s function is to help the college in the performance of its functions. The office consists of the director and staff of the office. –Professional Standards Unit –Professional Conduct Unit –Corporate Services Unit 35 staff members Level 10, 39 Sherwood Rd, Toowong

6 What does the College do? Registers teachers Sets professional standards Approves teacher education courses Conducts research relating to its functions Receives and investigates complaints Conducts inquiries into misconduct Promotes the profession Provides advice and support

7 Who must be registered? Teachers in ALL Queensland (government and non-government) Primary schools Secondary schools Special schools + Teacher educators supervising in schools

8 How do I apply for registration? Obtain the APPLICATION GUIDE and APPLICATION FORM, either from the website or by contacting the College. Read the Guide carefully and ensure ALL required documentation is provided. Don’t leave it until the last minute! Mid-year grads: apply March – June End-of-year grads: apply Aug - Nov

9 What do I have to send with my application? Completed application for registration Evidence of qualifications (other than your pre-service program) Two ‘proof of identity’ documents Evidence of all name changes Fees as outlined in the Application Guide ALL COPIES MUST BE CERTIFIED

10 What does it cost? An applicant who applies within 2 years of completion of an initial teacher education program at a Qld institution, pays $118.10 which includes: Criminal history check fee: $23.10 Registration Fee: $95.00 (Other new applicants also pay an additional non-refundable application fee of $74.00)

11 Will I have to declare my criminal history? Yes ! ! (If you have lived overseas, you may need to supply additional information.)

12 What does my criminal history include? Schedule 3 of the Act defines “charge” as... a charge in any form including, eg. a charge on an arrest; –a notice to appear served under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, section 214; –a complaint under the Justices Act 1886; –a charge by a court under the Justices Act 1886, section 42(1A), or another provision of an Act; –an indictment. “convicted” as:... found guilty, or having a plea of guilty accepted in a court, whether or not a conviction was recorded.

13 What happens after I apply? The College checks that all documents are in order. The College conducts a criminal history check. The College holds your application until your institution provides evidence that you have completed your program.

14 How will I know I have been registered? You will receive an approval notice (letter) then You will receive a Certificate of Registration and a Registration Card Your name will appear on the searchable register on the College’s website.

15 How do I move from provisional to full registration? You will need to provide a Principal’s Report, certifying that you have taught for a year (200 days) and met the professional standards for full registration A Principal’s Report form can be downloaded from the College’s website. It is your responsibility to ask your principal to complete the Principal’s Report form.

16 Is part-time teaching OK? Yes Supply, contract and part-time teaching are quite acceptable. When you have completed approximately 200 days of teaching, you should ask a principal to complete the Principal’s Report.

17 What can the principal recommend? That you be granted full registration That your period of provisional registration should be extended That your registration should be cancelled

18 Do I have to agree with what the principal says in the Report? No. The principal should show you the report and you should sign it to indicate that you have read it. If you disagree with the report, you can write a separate submission, including professional references if possible, clearly stating your case.

19 How long does registration last? Provisional registration is for a period of two years. (You can be granted one extension of two years.) Full registration is for a period that makes your TOTAL first period of registration up to five years. You must pay the Annual Fee to maintain your registration.

20 What happens at the end of five years? You must apply to have your registration renewed every five years. At renewal you must demonstrate that you : –are still suitable to teach –have taught for one year in the past five. –have undertaken appropriate professional development.

21 And if I haven’t taught for a year in the past five? You do not need to show that you have undertaken professional development. Your registration will be renewed – with a Returning to Teaching condition. Before returning to teaching, or within one year, you must undertake a Returning to Teaching program.

22 Anything else I should know? You MUST pay your Annual Fee, each year. If your registration ‘lapses’, you will have to make full, fresh application. You MUST advise the College of ANY change in your criminal history. You MUST advise the College of any change to your employment circumstances, name, or address.

23 For further information... Website Email Phone 3377 4777 1300 720 944 (toll free) Mail PO Box 389 Toowong Q 4066

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