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Schools of the Future A Joint Initiative of the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools.

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1 Schools of the Future A Joint Initiative of the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

2 Global Achievement Gap “In today’s highly competitive global “knowledge economy” all students need new skills for college, careers, and citizenship. The failure to give all students these new skills leaves today’s youth - and our country - at an alarming competitive disadvantage. Schools haven’t changed; the world has. And so our schools are not failing. Rather, they are obsolete -even the ones that score the best on standardized tests. This is a very different problem requiring an altogether different solution. Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap

3 A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future – Daniel Pink Left-Brain Dominance Has Given Us the Power of the Industrial and Information Ages The Future Will Require More Right-Brain Skills: Design - Creating New Ideas from Current Knowledge Story - Understanding the Narrative of Learning Symphony - Grasping the Big Picture, the Whole System Empathy - Understanding & Valuing Other Viewpoints Play - The Role of Fun & Positive Energy in Learning Meaning - Appreciation of a Spiritual Sense of Existence

4 Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns If, as multiple intelligence theory suggests, different persons possess different dominant “intelligences” or intellectual capacities – verbal, mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, aesthetic, etc. – and learn at different paces, then grouping all students by age and teaching all of them with a single pedagogic strategy – usually the strategy that is consistent with and comfortable for the dominant “intelligence” of the teacher – at the same pace is bound to fail. Some of the students will find the pace moving too fast, while others find it moving too slow; and those with dominant intelligences different from that employed by the teacher’s pedagogic strategy will not be able to grasp the material and the key concepts no matter what the pace of teaching is. - Clayton Christensen, Disrupting Class, 2008

5 Schools of the Future Initiative Create a sense of urgency for change Develop and facilitate dialogue around institutional transformation Identify, document and share best practices $5 Million commitment over 5 years

6 SOTF Project Schools Academy of the Pacific Assets School Hanahauoli School Hanalani Schools Hongwanji Mission Hualalai Academy Iolani School Island Pacific Academy Kailua Community of Learners (St. Anthony & St. John Vianney Schools) Kalihi No Ka Oi (St. John the Baptist & St. Anthony) Kauai Pacific School Le Jardin Academy Maui Preparatory Academy Mid-Pacific Institute Montessori Hale O Keiki Sacred Hearts Academy Seabury Hall St. Joseph School in Hilo

7 Transforming Learning Environments Teacher-Centered to Student- Centered Standards-Based to Project-Based Test-Based Assessment to Performance-Based Assessment Text-Based to Multi-Media-Based

8 Essential Capacities for 21 st Century - Partnership for 21 st Century Skills Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills Insightful Problem-Solving Communication Skills Digital Literacy Global Perspective Adaptability and Flexibility Ethical & Service-Oriented Character

9 Complex Communication — both oral and written Acquire information Explain it Compellingly persuade others of its implications Build and teach understanding Negotiate And in more than one language!

10 The Past of Learning

11 The Future of Learning Social Networking Skype/Hangout Virtual Worlds Podcasting Blogging Video Games

12 Global Perspective Demographic Shifts Environmental Shifts Economic Shifts The Rise of the Rest

13 Integrity & Ethical Decision-Making Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC

14 Community of Learners Issue-oriented, action-based collaborative relationships focused on learning, growth & change Sharing of different perspectives Purposeful discussion using protocol Online and face-to-face collaboration Team study tours

15 SOTF Ning Website Informational site, conferences, workshops Resource site - videos Forum for discussion Online CoL gatherings

16 The Challenge We are preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t yet know are problems. J. F. Rischard High Noon: 20 Global Problems; 20 Years to Solve Them Are we preparing our students for their future... or for our past? David Thornburg

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