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Sales Attitudes & “Life Response” How your attitudes determine the quantity & quality of the sales you attract 3/18/2014 4:50 PM by Roy Posner.

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1 Sales Attitudes & “Life Response” How your attitudes determine the quantity & quality of the sales you attract 3/18/2014 4:50 PM by Roy Posner

2 Computerland Story – pt.1 A man was working at a computer store, and was asked by his boss to work a second consecutive weekend, after having also worked the weekdays. The salesperson who was at the bottom of the barrel compared to his salesperson peers seemed unwilling to accept his boss’s requests. However, later on when he considered his low sales and his wanting attitude of reluctance, he changed his mind and decided to come in that second consecutive weekend. When he did within five minutes of entering the store, a man he thought would never buy anything approached him and ended up making the biggest purchase of the salesperson’s careers. In fact that sale jettisoned the salesperson to #1 among his peers, and he would go on to have the biggest monthly sales in the history of the four store chains' operation. It also led to the biggest pay check of his career, not to mention a reward and celebration for his accomplishment from the entire organization.

3 Computerland Story – pt.2 Moral: Reversing an Attitude Attracts What Attitude was Reversed? It was Reluctance: – Roy shifted from unwillingness to acceptance – From unwillingness to work hard and make the extra effort to willingness – When he made that effort, life responded …instantly …and overwhelmingly!

4 What Do We Mean by “Life Response”?

5 “Life Response is the phenomenon where the conditions of life suddenly or very rapidly turn positive due to a shift in one’s consciousness.” What normally takes days, weeks, months, or never happens at all, occurs in a matter of moments, or even instantaneously in the blink of an eye.

6 Life Response is happening all the time, but we miss it That’s because we don’t see the relationship between the inner person and the outer result

7 Inner-Outer Correspondence What is occurring on the outside is a direct reflection of our inner condition. We think that the inner & outer are separate, but that is an illusion of our limited consciousness. The inner and the outer are actually part of the same single stream of existence. Thus, when we change our consciousness inside, life instantly responds in kind on the outside. In that way life is like mirror, constantly reflecting who we are; what we think, feel, and believe.

8 What Changes Within Us Evoke Life Response? There are many, of which shifts in Attitude is the most common. Intention, Decisions, and Actions also evoke powerful positive response. In Roy’s story his attitude changed, and life responded overwhelmingly. His intention changed as well. He also made a decision & took an action. We’ll focus on attitudes because it has a great propensity to evoke life response.

9 The Nature of Attitudes Definition: Attitudes are our deep-seated emotions and feelings about things. Attitudes express positively or negatively. We can identify three types of attitudes- – about ourselves e.g. high or low sell-esteem or self-confidence – about others e.g. trust or mistrust of others – about life e.g. optimistic vs. pessimistic outlook

10 Attitude About Limits Let’s focus on one particular kind of attitude: … our attitude about ‘Limits’ – This attitude relates to self, others, and life all in one. Example: “I can only sell to moderate size companies. Big companies are out of my league.” What if you were to overcome this attitude?

11 Larry’s Story A salesperson named Larry was intimidated about meeting a very large customer. He felt that the effort was a waste of time since he believed the company was too large to penetrate. As a result, he was unable to secure that or any other sale with the large client. However, a number of months later, he changed his attitude about working with such large accounts. The very next day, he was stunned when out of the blue that very same large customer, who earlier turned him down, placed a huge order! Overcoming his limited view and attitude that he could not secure larger customers attracted a sudden, overwhelming positive result!

12 How Attitudes Evoke Life Response When we overcome a negative attitude, we release positive energies that align with corresponding conditions in the field of life. In Sales this means a sudden and/or unexpected sale, or a spike in overall sales, or new opportunities appearing out of nowhere, or other startling events.

13 Life Response is Alignment Hand Gesture Demonstration of Alignment in Computerland story When there is a Life Response outcome, the two parties have moved into Alignment.

14 When You Attract a Sale you Have Moved into Alignment with the Customer UnalignedAligned often the results seem to come out of nowhere

15 Overcoming Negative Sales-related Attitudes Instantly Attracts (puts us in alignment with the customer, attracting the sale)

16 Negative Attitudes We Can Overcome that Attract (1) Shift from Pre-Judging the Customer to Being Open to All Possibilities – Don’t judge others by their appearance, expressions, what you have heard, etc. Shift from Being Absorbed in Your Thoughts & Wants to the Customer’s – self-givingness, rather than Ego always attracts the positive!

17 Negative Attitudes We Can Overcome that Attract (2) Shift from Your Perspective to Seeing Things from the Customer’s Viewpoint – It gets you to multi-sided truth of things. – It opens up unexpected, positive outcomes. Shift from Being Bothered By a Problem to Seeing It as an Opportunity – Negatives are really positives in disguise! – That includes customer’s objections.

18 Negative Attitudes We Can Overcome that Attract (3) Shift From Reluctance to Doing Whatever is Demanded of the Work – Remember Roy’s Computerland episode – Make a full, exhaustive effort. Doing so will attract results beyond belief! Shift from Routine to Doing Things in a Fresh, Innovative Manner – So many successful sales episodes turn on the ability to shift to an innovative strategy to secure the sale.

19 Negative Attitudes We Can Overcome that Attract (4) Shift from Lots of Talking to Plenty of Listening and Silence – Silence compels the other person to speak, act … and buy! Shift from Believing a Sale is Too Small to Pursue to Embracing It Fully – A tiny sale can be an opening to a vast opportunity! – Recall Larry’s success story.

20 Negative Attitudes We Can Overcome that Attract (5) Shift from Aloofness to Being Fully Interested And Engaged in the Customer's Interests, Concerns, Beliefs, Etc. Shift from Focus on the Sale to What is Best for the Customer. (Sales will come aplenty.) Shift from Disorderliness to Orderliness. Shift from Being Fixed to Being Open-minded and Flexible. Shift from Doubt and Fear to Calm and Self-confidence Shift from Blaming Others for Problems to Taking Responsibility Shift away from sarcasm, ill-will Avoid celebrating before the sale is fully won.

21 Other Sample Negative Attitudes that Block Achievement, Success in Life PESSIMISM, INCAPACITY “That is just too difficult” “It’s just too much to take on” “It will never work out” “It will take forever” “There are no solutions for that” “What’s the use of trying” “I can’t do that” “I don’t have the energy for that” “I can’t do it all alone? RELUCTANCE “I don’t want to do that” “I don’t want to get involved” “Let someone else take care of it” “This is new; I cannot accept it” “Leave me alone” “I’ll do it another time” LIMITS “5% growth is more than enough” “The market is limited” “There are limits to X” “Let’s play it safe” “We only have limited funds” “Resources are always tight” “I must hold on to my money” OTHER PEOPLE “I’ll have nothing to do with them” “He’s the cause of the problem” “They’ll just ruin things” “They cannot be trusted” “They’re always trying to cheat me” “They are impossible to control” “They just won’t cooperate” “It’s my way or the highway”

22 Extra Tip: Overcoming a wanting attitude while trying to elicit a sale from the current client often attracts the sudden closing of a sale or a new opportunity from an entirely different one!

23 A ‘Generally Positive’ Attitude also Attracts

24 Examples of a Generally Positive Attitude Being Optimistic about Life & Its Outcomes Having a Cheerful Disposition Loving His/Her Job, Work Perceiving Endless Possibilities Is Not Deterred by the Negative Feels Goodwill Towards Others Is Selfless and Self-giving

25 Truly successful and beloved individuals continually attract through these qualities. Let’s consider one of them: Good Will

26 Caring About Mark Story- pt.1 A while back, I had the good fortune to attend a meeting of managers and consultants at Microsoft's downtown regional headquarters in San Francisco, where the focus was on their project management software. I had been to this gathering numerous times before and enjoyed every meeting. On this particular occasion, I knew that a representative of a company I had been referring business to would attend in order to discuss a variety of issues. While I expected solid results from past efforts, the report he handed me indicated that I had not only generated staggering revenues for the firm, but that I had earned a huge referral fee in return. In fact, it would turn out to be largest one-day financial windfall of my life! In one fell swoop, I earned well over $20,000, when in the past my biggest referral fee payday had been ~$3500. Though I expected a similar amount this time, instead I garnered a 700% increase. What happened? For over a month, I was unable to figure out what I had done to attract this startling amount. I knew it wasn't mere chance or dumb luck, because I don't believe in such things. Nor did I believe it happened because of something obvious or outward I had done recently. Though I am normally able to make an association between an outer result -- especially as startling one -- and the inner cause that precipitated it, in this case, I could find no obvious clues. That is, until a friend of mine helped me see the light. It turns out that over the past several years, I have had a number of conversations with the owner of the firm -- dating back to before we had a business relationship. On those occasions, I expressed my admiration for his exceptional technical skills and knowledge, as well as his winning demeanor. In response, he offered his genuine thanks and appreciation.

27 Caring About Mark Story- pt.2 – What my other friend helped me realize was that my persistent goodwill towards the owner came back in the form of that huge referral fee! – Not only was the amount large (and continued to expand for a long time), but the client involved turned out to be the biggest telecommunication company in the US. It just seemed so miraculous-like. – In fact, I don’t even recall referring this company to my friend.

28 What About Us? Let’s then turn our attention toward ourselves. We have focused on two types of attitudes: 1.Overcoming Negative Attitudes 2.Maintaining a Generally Positive Attitude

29 Where are You Deficient in Terms of Such Attitudes?

30 What are You Going to Do About It?

31 People Who Develop More Positive Attitudes in their Sales Efforts Increase Sales Results 100% or more in 1 st Year And it frequently occurs through dramatic Life Response events

32 A Marvelous Opportunity Awaits Us

33 The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response by Roy Posner Available at

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