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Christopher Columbus By: Desiree Soper Columbus sailed the In fourteen hundred He had three ships and left from He sailed through sunshine, wind, and.

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2 Christopher Columbus By: Desiree Soper

3 Columbus sailed the In fourteen hundred He had three ships and left from He sailed through sunshine, wind, and ocean blue ninety-two. Spain rain.

4 Cristoforo Colombo Born in Genoa, Italy in 1451 Genoa is a very busy port city, ships are always coming and going This is where Columbus fell in love with the sea.

5 Columbus Learns to Sail! 1470- at only 19 years old, Columbus sailed on his first long voyage where he learned to navigate and steer a ship in open water At 14 years old, he began an apprenticeship with a merchant on a trading ship

6 SHIPWRECKED!! In 1476, Columbus set out on a journey that would change his life He was on a ship near the southern coast of Portugal, when the ship was attacked! Columbus was among only a few survivors

7 NewNew A New Life in a New City He swam ashore and eventually made his way to the capital of Portugal, another busy port, called Lisbon There was a high demand for those who were willing to explore the sea “New technologies were making ships sleeker, faster, and capable of carrying more” (Berne, 2008). Ships were also able to stay out to sea longer

8 This was Columbus’ Chance! They needed explorers and he was willing to explore! During this time, everyone believed that the world looked much like this:

9 Marco Polo 1200’s --travelled east across land to get to India and China Marco Polo described the RICHES of the far East-silks, jewels, spices and GOLD! Columbus just KNEW there was an easier way! What if he sailed WEST to get to the Indies? He would be RICH AND FAMOUS! BUT….. BUT…..

10 He needed money, ships, and a crew…. AND ANOTHER LAND STOOD IN THE WAY!

11 What would YOU do? After being turned down by the King of Portugal, he went to Spain to ask King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella They didn’t accept his proposal right away, but they were very interested---Reaching the riches of the Indies would help Spain jump ahead of Europe

12 Finally…. After 8 years of waiting…Columbus finally got his wish

13 The CONTRACT Spain gets… The bragging rights of finding a new route to the Indies Gold, silver, gems, and spices Columbus gets… One-tenth of any riches found-gold, silver, spices, gems, gums, pearls He will be the “governor of any islands and mainland he might find” (Berne, 2008). Title of “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” Also, that this title will be passed down to his descendants

14 AND THEY’RE OFF! With 90 men aboard the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria

15 They spent 43 days on the ship

16 Land! Land! Many of the crew members were worried that they would never reach land. Lived in horrible conditions Finally, on October 12, 1942, someone shouted “Tierra, tierra!”

17 The Next Day… They rowed on shore They brought swords and knives for protection; and red caps and glass beads as gifts They were so happy to arrive on land, they kissed the ground and offered prayers to God, claiming the land for Spain.

18 San Salvador Claims the land for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand and names it San Salvador As he is doing this, people came out of the trees Convinced that they landed in the Indies, Columbus named these people “Indians”


20 San Salvador? Indians? The name of the island was “Guanahaní” for iguana Arawaks or Tainos Kind people Greeted Columbus and his men and invited them into their villages

21 Search for GOLD! Columbus and his men moved on to try to find the land that Marco Polo had written about They found Colba and Hispaniola (today’s Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic) Knew there was gold there, but needed to return to Spain—forced the Tainos to search for gold while he was gone. Some men stayed behind

22 A Hero Returns Home Brings with him: – Parrots – Avocado – Corn – Some gold – 6 captive Taino “Indians”

23 Second Voyage-Invasive Species Columbus returns to “the Indies” bringing with him: – Sugarcane – Lemons – Wheat – Horses – Chickens – Cattle – Sheep – And many, many more Soon, they take over. They reproduce rapidly, ruin other crops, and have no natural predators.

24 Who is going to tend to the fields? Tainos are forced into slavery Rebellions begin and many natives, as well as Spaniards are killed Columbus leaves to go back to Spain with 500 slaves because he had no gold to send back.

25 Third Voyage King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are not happy with Columbus Returns again to “the Indies” with fewer ships Finds today’s South America and begins to realize that this might not be the Indies News of rebellion travels to Spain

26 Ut oh! In 1500, Columbus is arrested and returns to Spain in chains.

27 Fourth and FINAL Voyage The King and Queen know that Columbus is a great sailor, so they allow one more voyage, but he is not to go to Hispaniola. He leaves in 1502 and arrives in Jamaica Sick, he goes to back to Spain in 1504, never to return Columbus dies in 1506


29 Columbus’ Legacy He didn’t “discover” America, because it was already occupied. But, he “opened the way to the New World and changed life forever on both sides of the Atlantic” (Hills, 1991). Unfortunately, his fame and glory for finding the New World was restored to him after his death—he never knew it was a new continent!

30 The End!

31 Recap

32 What do you see?

33 NOW what do you see?

34 References Berne, E. C. (2008). Christopher Columbus: The voyage that changed the world. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co. Hills, K. (1991). The voyages of Columbus. New York, NY: Grisewood & Dempsey, Ltd.

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