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(1927-20013) Born On August 10, 1927 In Kilis Turkey Died on November 18, 2013 in Istanbul Turkey Nationality : Turkish Nationality : Turkish Marriage.

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2 (1927-20013)

3 Born On August 10, 1927 In Kilis Turkey Died on November 18, 2013 in Istanbul Turkey Nationality : Turkish Nationality : Turkish Marriage with Nejla Uygur Sons: Ahmet Uygur Süheyl Uygur Süha Uygur Kemal Uygur Süheyl UygurSüheyl Uygur Ve Behzat Uygur Ve Behzat Uygur Behzat UygurBehzat Uygur Occupation (s): Theatre, cinema and a range of players His active years : Between 1949 and 2007


5 His mother was a teacher and his father was a soldier.He was the third son of them. He was discovered by the artist Ismail Kilisli Dümbüll and was made famous by him.. He completed his education in various regions of Anatolia. Nejat UYGUR (1927-20013),a Player in Turkish theater, cinema and range of plays

6 He completed his Primary Education in Siirt, Ezine and Intepa and he begam his theatral career during this period. He then entered the Sculpture Department of the Fine Arts Academy After completing secondary school in Çanakkale an Manisa but did not graduate.

7 In 1943, together with the increased interest in the sports began in Saunders Community Center. He was a good athletics and water polo. In 1950, he married with Necla Uygur. He has stepped through the Theatre in a proffessional sense in 1949 in Nejat Uygur Theater. Nejat Uygur has stated that he thought the theater as a first profession:

8 " I think my first thought was being a pilot. I thought I would be a pilot in my childhood. When I was a child, I never forget, in Manisa, I received bed linen and I planned to jump down from a high place. My brother as an experienced pilot jumped before me and he broke his feet. My brother, Zeki Ayhan Uygur, is now a famous brain surgeon in the United States. I am proud of him. My elder brother was a marine colonel here, but then he left the army. "

9 He had been voluntarily a sailor to arrive in America in his youth: " I had a very strong desire to go to America in my youth as everyone. Therefore I had harbor wallet and became a sailor. I remember that when I worked in a Panamanian freighter, noone got bored because I described jokes, did mimics. Everyone was very friendly. Then I went into the military, I also made my friends laugh here. Gradually, making people laugh became a passion for me and Then I started my theatre career anyway. "

10 During the period lasting 13-years in Anatolia tour, his five sons named Ahmet, Suhayl and Suha twin brothers Kemal and Behzat. As their father, Suheyl and Behzat became players at the theatre. In 1998, the Ministry of Culture gave him the title of State Artist.

11 Uygur suffered from a partial paralysis on the left side of the body because of a blockage occurring in the brain vessels on 10 September 2007. Health authoritis said that he could not move his left arm, there occured a shift at his face, and seems to be able move a little while speaking. Suheyl and Behzat Uygur stated that Nejat Uygur had been living in his past. LAST YEARS OF HIS LIFE AND HIS DEATH

12 Brilliant actor Nejat Uygur, although having a long treatment in hospital, he died on November 18, 2013, at 19:57 because of respiratory failure in the vicinity (respiratory failure) at he age of 86. After the funeral in Teşvikiye Mosque, he was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

13  2007 - Golden Butterfly TV Stars Competition "Theater Support Year Special Award  2006 - Kemal Sunal Culture and Arts Award "Best actor  1999 - 22. Avni Dilligil Theatre Awards "Belkis Dilligil Honor Award  Important theater Plays  It's Asylum Alone?  Amanda Ozal you hear  Why My Mom home Unleashed  Cibal Police Station  Dynasty  Hospital?Chestnut?  The Kaynanat  Helmets Flower Eken Soldier  mintimint 1  Is Ours Yours Can the eggplant?  Last Hope my National Lottery  Do the Things that I'd Thing  (mintimint 2)  Zamsalak AWARDS

14 2007 - White Angel 2004 - Vizontele Tuuba 1974 - Jaafari of the Hookah 1971 – Cafer Bey. Good, Poor And Polite 1970 – Cafer Bey MOVIES

15 (1928-….

16 Yıldız Kenter ( Ayse Yildiz, born on 11 October 1928,in Istanbul), A Turkish theater and cinema artist. She is also a States Artist.

17 She was born in Istanbul on October 11, 1928. Her real name is Olga Kenter.She had a British mother called Olga Cynthia, who was named as NADİDE KENTER after obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and Her father is Turkish diplomat Ahmet Naci Kenter. She graduated from the Ankara State Conservatory skipping to a Higher Chapter. She worked in the Ankara State Theatre for 11 years. After winning the scholarship called "Rockefeller", at American theatre wing, and at Neighborhood Play House she worked on new techniques in teaching, acting and acting in actor'sstudio. She was then appointed as a teacher at the Ankara State Conservatory.

18 In 1959, she resigned from the State Theatre. He spent a year with Muhsin Ertuğrul. With her husband Şükran Güngör and her brother Müşfik Kenter she founded the Kent Players Community. In later years, she continuously worked on "Changing Educational Methods" and "Acting Methods" in the United States and Britain.

19 In 1962, because of her great afford in theatre, she was chosen as the "Woman of the Year". In 1968, she completed the construction of the building of the city's theater in Istanbul.As an artist, she was given the prize "Golden Orange" for three times. In The Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Yugoslavia and in Cyprus, she exhibited games in English and Turkish.

20  She acted in about 100 plays. She Showed almost 100 plays. She acted on plays of Shakespeare, Chekhov, Brecht, Inoesco, Pinter, Albee, Tennessee Williams, Alan Ayckbourn, Arthur Miller, brianfreil, neilsimo's, atholfugard, of many authors such as sergeykokovk as well as Melih Cevdet Anday, Necati Cumalı, Day Sumer, Adalet Ağaoğlu, Intelligent Özturanl, the Güngör Dilmen,, such as Turkish writer Muzaffer İzgü.  1984 She got the prize of the Union of Italian Culture in Rome as seen worth of"adalaideristor". As a Professor, Yıldız Kenter makes the scene instructor for 37 years.

21 In 1989, in Corsica - Bastia Film Festival, she was given the"Best Actress" award for her role in the movie ‘ The Lady’. In 1991, In Lions Clubs International, for her great efforts in theater she was rewarded with "themelvinjones". She got Ulviye URAZ "Best Actress" reward twice and three times,in the same branch Avni Dilligil awards.

22 In 1994 at "Konkan Party" with Fonsl role in the play, she got the "Extraordinary Review" award. She was in Finland honored as one of the most successful women of the century by the International Women's Organization. In 1995 the Ministry of Culture gave the HONOR AWARD for her contribution to theater arts ". In the same year she got "Mevlana Brotherhood and Peace Award". At Magazine Journalists Association in 1996, she was given "Best Actress" award for her role of being Julie in Jülide and Ramiz.on May 19, 1997 at the International Istanbul Theatre Festival,a lifetime honor because of its contribution to the Arts award was presented to Yildiz Kenter by Dame Diana Rigg.

23 In 1998, she got the Ankara Art Association "Female Artist of the Year" award, In 1998, Muhsin Ertuğrul lifetime honorary award for her contribution to theater arts and In 1998 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award. "The Seagull" from his role in the play Madame Arcadia 1999, Afife Theatre Awards - Best Actress award.

24  Cultura l Heritage Music Audio Spirit Body Breath - Neyzen Kerem Cataclysm - Izmir Adnan Saygun Cultural Center (2013)  Two for the Seesaw by William Gibson - Ankara State Theatre - 1969  I Anatolia: Gungor Slitting - Kent Players - 2007  annakar field: Tolstoy / Helen Edmundson - Kent Players - 2006  Night Season: rebeccalinkievicz - Kent Players - 2005  Oscar and the Pink Angel: ericemmanuelschmitt - Kent Players - 2004  The Glass Menagerie: Tennessee Williams - Kent Players - 2002  Always Had Love: Star Kent - Kent Players - 2001  Conformity: margetedso - Kent Players - 2000  March: Anton Chekhov - Kent Players - 1998  Harold and Maude: colinhiggıns - Kent Players - 1990  Hamlet by William Shakespeare - Istanbul City Theatre - 1959  Anger: John Osborne - Ankara State Theatre - 1958  Desperate Hours by Joseph Hayes - Ankara State Theatre - 1957  Desert Mouse: ladislasfod - Ankara State Theatre - 1957  Rainmaker: N. Richard Nash - Ankara State Theatre - 1956  Guest (game): fritzschweig - Ankara State Theatre - 1956  Fintan: Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan - Ankara State Theatre - 1956 THEATER GAMES STARRİNG

25 Gods and Men (Gilgamesh): Orhan Asena - Ankara State Theatre - 1954 Maria Stuart: friedrichschil are - Ankara State Theatre - 1954 Invite Castle: Jean Anouilh - Ankara State Theatre - 1954 Onunikinc Night: William Shakespeare - Ankara State Theater - 1954 - 1957 ladyfrederick: W. somersetmaugha - The Ankara State Theatre - 1953 bride (game): Emile Zola \ in marcellemauret - Ankara State Theatre - 1953 Wrong Wrong On top: olivergoldsmith - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Scene Outside the Game: Ahmet Refik Seveng - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Dead Queen: Henry de Montherlant - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Fatih (game): Nazim lead - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Stay Remak: thorntonwild - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Shadows): Istanbul stands Dranas - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 Elektra: Sophocles - Ankara State Theatre - 1952 The farther right: suttonv valve - Ankara State Theatre - 1951 Heritage (game): augustusgoetz - Ankara State Theatre - 1951 Cheating and Love: Schiller - Ankara State Theatre - 1950 False: Carlo Goldoni - Ankara State Theatre - 1949 Jealous on: Oktay Rifat \ Melih Cevdet Anday - Ankara State Theatre - 1949 Peer Gynt: henrikibs that - Ankara State Theatre - 1949 SCAP's Closet: Moline - Ankara State Theatre - 1949 Antigone: Sophocles - Ankara State Theatre - 1949 THEATER GAMES STARRİNG

26 Year Film Role Notes name 1951 for fatherland grandmother 1964 Standing dead trees are 1965 Rebels 1966 pink Women pink 1967 Older eyes Umran 1971 Mother and Child Fatma 1971 Elmacı Women 1996 Fatma Gundogdu chimney1972 My sister 1974 My daughter Ayşe Baci Huriye 1974 A Home A Girl Zeynep 1983 Cruelty Orhan's mother Ayşe 1988 Lady Olcay lady 1999 Goodbye elegant A 2001 Big Man, Little Love Müzeyyen Hanim 2005 Whatever You Wish Nanny Mimi 2007 white Angel angel2008 Mevlana Love Dance vocalization MOVİES STARRİNG


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