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Mohammed Basil Al-Mudaifa Mrs. Timm 12 C January 19, 2014 Winston Churchill.

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1 Mohammed Basil Al-Mudaifa Mrs. Timm 12 C January 19, 2014 Winston Churchill

2 Introduction Born on November 30, 1874 British politician, writer, and artist Huge interest in history Prime minister of the United Kingdom twice Known for his energy, courage, and inspirational speeches Produced over 500 paintings during his lifetime

3 Early Years Privileged childhood Lived with his younger brother, Jack Had very little contact with his parents Raised mostly by the household staff Criticized and punished by his father for performing poorly in school He did not live up to his father’s expectations, in terms of education Always interested in soldiers during his childhood

4 Education Attended Harrow Secondary School in London He was not interested in education Only excelled in the subjects that interested him, which were English and History His poor grades in school prevented him from attending university Attended the Royal Military College in Sandhurst, after attempting the entrance exam three times Finally succeeded and graduated from college after studying the subjects that interested him

5 Career / Accomplishments His career began in the military as a soldier and a part-time journalist Leader of the Conservative Party Served as Prime Minister twice; from 1940 – 1945 and from 1951 – 1955 Formed a great relationship with the United States Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 Also received a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 In 1963, he became the first person to become an Honorary Citizen of the United States

6 Personal Information Born into a rich family His father was Lord Randolph Churchill, a British statesman His mother, Jennie Jerome, was the daughter of a wealthy American businessman Married Clementine Hozier and had five children Bought the Chartwell House in Kent after getting married Unlike his father, he provided his children with care and attention Suffered from depression several times throughout his life

7 Later Years Suffered a series of strokes in his final years as Prime Minister Retired as Prime Minister in 1955 Spent most of his retirement days at his home, Chartwell Remained an inactive member of parliament after leaving his role as Prime Minister Retired from politics completely in 1963 Suffered a severe stroke on January 15, 1965, which led to his death Died on January 24, 1965; honored with a state funeral

8 Conclusion Winston Churchill is one of the most influential Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom His speeches inspired the British citizens to never give up Formed relationships with other powerful countries to support Britain Not only famous for his successful politics, but also for his written work and paintings

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