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Counting In Spanish By: Jayda Huitt Dr. NeSmith October 25, 2007 4 th Grade.

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1 Counting In Spanish By: Jayda Huitt Dr. NeSmith October 25, 2007 4 th Grade

2 Learning Another Language  Learning another language is hard, although while you read through this power point you will be amazed at how easy learning numbers in another language is!! Please take your time and read each slide carefully, at the end of the power point there will be an activity and a quiz, both of them will show how much you have learned!

3 Numbers 1-5 in Spanish Uno Dos Tres Cuatro Cinco means 1 in English means 2 in English means 3 in English means 4 in English means 5 in English

4 Numbers 6-10 In Spanish Seis Siente Ocho Nueve Diez Means 6 in English Means 7 in English Means 8 in English Means 9 in English Means 10 in English

5 Your Doing Great! Now lets learn the next 5 numbers! Once-Means 11 in English Doce-Means 12 in English Trece-Means 13 in English Cuatorce-Means 14 in English Quince-Means 15 in English

6 The next few are tough, But I know you can do it!! After the number 15-quince, the number 16 in Spanish is Diec-i-seis. You add 10(Diez) and the I (and) with seis which is 6 in Spanish. Change the Z on the Diez to C! So in English you are adding 10 plus 6, which is 16! So now you do it, what is 17 in Spanish? -It is Diecisiete! (To hear the Pronunciation go to this website!)

7 Wow! What a great Job! These are the last numbers you will learn! Dieciseis-Means 16 in English Diecisiete-Means 17 in English Dieciocho-Means 18 in English Diecinueve-Means 19 in English Viente-Means 20 in English

8 Lets Say them together!! Uno Dos Tres Cuatro Cinco Seis Siete Ocho Nueve Diez Once Doce Trece Cuatorce Quince Dieciseis Diecisiete Dieciocho Diecinueve Viente

9 Lets Make it Challenging! Lets say them Backwards!! Diecinueve Dieciocho Diecisiete Dieciseis Quince Cuatorce Trece Doce Once Diez Nueve Ocho Seite Seis Cinco Cuatro Tres Dos Uno

10 Adding Numbers by Matching (Remember in Spanish Y means plus in English) Tres y Uno = ? Cuatro y Tres =? Dos y Uno =? Cuatro y Uno=? Uno y Uno=? Seite (7) Cinco (5 Dos(2) Cuatro (4) Tres (3)

11 Now Subtract by Matching! ( In Subtracting, Menos means minus) Cuatro menos uno=? Tres menos dos=? Uno menos Nueve=? Diez menos Ocho=? Dos (2) Ocho (8) Tres (3) Uno (1)

12 Congratulations!! You did it! You have now learned a very large part of counting in Spanish!! I knew you could do it!! Just remember to memorize those numbers and say them over and over again in your head!! By the end of this year you will be a Spanish pro!!

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