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Capítulo Preliminar Los Números.

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1 Capítulo Preliminar Los Números

2 Números 0-10 0. cero uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez

3 Números 11-19 once doce trece catorce quince dieciséis diecisiete dieciocho diecinueve

4 Números 20-29 veinte veintiuno veintidós veintitrés veinticuatro veinticinco veintiséis veintisiete veintiocho veintinueve

5 Números by tens 30. treinta 31. treinta y uno 40. cuarenta 50. cincuenta 60. sesenta 70. setenta 80. ochenta 90. noventa 100. cien

6 P. 8 activity 2: Write out the numbers in Spanish

7 To find out or give the price of something, you say
Asking for prices To find out or give the price of something, you say ¿Cuánto es, por favor?

8 Spain uses the euro, the currency of all countries of the European Union.
In many Latin American countries, such as México, the currency is the peso. Venezuela uses the bolívar, named in honor of the Latin American hero Simón Bolívar. In Guatemala, the currency is named after the beautiful national bird—el quetzal. In some countries, such as Panamá and Ecuador, the monetary unit is the U.S. dollar. Monetary Units Summarize:

9 Steps for writing large numbers
Números Steps for writing large numbers Write the first number you say Write the 2nd number you say, etc. The only time you use “y” is between the ten spot and one spot (31-39, 41-49, 51-59, 61-69, 71-79, 81-89, 91-99) 100. Cien If you are between : cien becomes ciento 101. ciento uno 200. doscientos 300. trescientos 400. cuatrocientos 500. quinientos 600. seiscientos 700. setecientos 800. ochocientos 900. novecientos

10 Números 1,000-1,000,000 1,000: mil 2,000: dos mil 16,000: dieciséis mil 500,000: quinientos mil 1,000,000: un millón 2,000,000: dos millones

11 Rules Un is NOT used before cien, ciento, and mil. cien personas= a hundred people mil pesos =a thousand pesos

12 1,275 15,023 563,710 2, 310, 704 Practice Write out the following numbers

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