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We just need to know! Environment Awareness By Pratima Pandey.

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1 We just need to know! Environment Awareness By Pratima Pandey

2 Why this presentation? ENVIRONMENT YOU AND ME We are a part of it!

3 SOME Env Facts Each person in UAE 450 plastic water bottles in a year 1 200 kg of paper in a year Global average is 60 kg. India figure - only 9 kg 2 2. 5 kg of waste per day or 912 kg per year 3 Uses water 550 litres per day ; one of the highest consumption in the world 3 1 Bee’ah, as cited in The National (2011) 2 Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association, as cited in Gulf News (2011) 3 Bee’ah (2010)

4 Credibility of facts Source is Bee’ah: In 2011, bagged a 20-year contract to provide waste management services in Sharjah by the Sharjah Municipality (Gulf News, 2011) Blue and green recycle bins all over the city...installed by Bee’ah

5 What is the harm…when Plastics in heaps? 450 Plastic water bottles per person! Disposal an ISSUE Burn - Chemical poisoning of air and water (WECF) Dump on Land - Sore sight, occupies space, cause disruptions Dump in Ocean - Chemical pollution ; Plastic & Styrofoam form 90% of floating debris (CCC,2011) Also high energy requirement in production (Pacific Institute,2006)

6 And Paper… 200 kg of paper per person! 1000 kg of paper recycled = 17 trees saved +1,438.5 liters of oil saved (Bee’ah, 2010) Shade and clean air! No shade…! Paper made of Trees 35 percent trees felled for paper 1 1 Martin (2011)

7 And Water… Supply LIMITED - We all know that! Limited natural resources in UAE – processed, desalinized water but NOT WITHOUT A COST ◦ High Power usage (70 percent cost of water is due to desalinization (The National, 2012)) ◦ Salt Disposal harms sea-life (Aus. Gov, 2006) ◦ Green-house gases emitted (Aus. Gov, 2006) 550 liters of water used by each person DAILY… What when taps run dry ? This CAN happen, Why? Because…

8 How can things be better? Re-duceRe-useRe-cycle

9 Is the hard work worth it? Starting a good trend – Feeling of accomplishment Relief - cleaning homes and not dirtying our bigger home, i.e. Earth. Save fines (Emirates 247, June 13 th, 2012)

10 If we know the right facts and ways, we can be TREND-MAKERS Thank You!

11 Sources (in order of appearance in presentation) Bee’ah(2011, July 31). Sharjah landfills bulge with plastic water bottles. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from The National: landfills-bulge-with-plastic-water-bottles landfills-bulge-with-plastic-water-bottles Gulf News. (2011, September 19). UAE paper use among highest in the world. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from Gulf News: in-the-world-1.869234 in-the-world-1.869234 Bee'ah. (2010). Sustainability Report 2010. Retrieved June 10, 2012, from Bee'ah: http://www.beeah- %20(LR).pdfhttp://www.beeah- %20(LR).pdf Gulf News. (2011, March 13). Bee'ah, Sharjah civic body sign trash collection deal. Retrieved June 4, 2012, from civic-body-sign-trash-collection-deal-1.775421 civic-body-sign-trash-collection-deal-1.775421

12 Sources WECF. (n.d.). Dangerous Health Effects of Home Burning of Plastics and Waste. Retrieved June 4, 2012, from Women of Europe towards a Common Future: 2005/homeburning_plastics.pdf 2005/homeburning_plastics.pdf California Coastal Commission. (CCC,2011). The Problem With Marine Debris. Retrieved June 20, 2012, from California Coastal Commission - Public Education Program: Pacific Institute. (2006). Bottled Water and Energy. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from er/bottled_water_and_energy.html er/bottled_water_and_energy.html Martin, S. (2011, September 10). Paper Chase. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from Ecology Global Network:

13 Sources The National. (2012, January 19). Abu Dhabi raises green profile. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from news/abu-dhabi-raises-green-profile Australian Government. (2006). State of the Environment 2006 - Desalination. Retrieved June 6, 2012, from al/index.html al/index.html Emirates 247. (2012, June 13). Fine up to Dh500 if you waste water in Sharjah. Retrieved June 20, 2012, from you-waste-water-in-sharjah-2012-06-13-1.462876

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