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Mornington Peninsula Shire Geographic Information System Daniel Lane GIS Operator.

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1 Mornington Peninsula Shire Geographic Information System Daniel Lane GIS Operator

2 Presentation Overview The Shire GIS GIS and Local Government (CEO, Executives and all Staff) GIS and Councillors GIS and the Community (Ratepayers) GIS and the Future

3 Administrator Department Power Users Enquiry Map creation ModellingModelling AnalysisAnalysis DistributionDistribution & The Shire GIS

4 GIS and Local Government Customer Service - Proclaim Link video video Customer Service - Service Request video video Planning video video Assets & Infrastructure video video Rangers and Natural Systems video video Other video video Internal Mapping – Serving the Community

5 Mobile Computing Asset Data Collection Weed Mapping Fire Inspections Drainage Audits Lighting Audits Fauna Surveys And many more…. ArcPad

6 Property & Valuation Character Study Council Properties Land Use Management Committee Non Rateable Structure Plans Vacant Land Land Values Sales data Consultant Support Valuation Analysis Zones Overlays Aerial Photos Recreation & Leisure Recreation facilities Event Planning Public Buildings Schools Sport Facilities Management Committee Council Properties Playgrounds Economic Development Tourist sites Tourism Membership Signage Event Management Business locations Food Premises Land Use Structure Plans Governance Electoral Analysis Road Name Changes Boundary changes Council Maps Emergency Management Major Pipelines Public Liability Complaints register Drainage investigation tracking Comm of Management Map references Memo tracking Bushfire Prone Areas Waste & Recycling Roads Register Services Resealing programs Pavement Data Drains & Waterways Grass and Gardens Pathways Playgrounds Signs Street Furniture Bushland Data EVC Maps Geology Remnant Vegetation Roadsides Soils Consultant Support Waste & Recycling Roads Register Data Auditing Mobile Mapping Statutory Planning Scheme Amendments Building Apps Car parks Planning Certificates Character Study Cultural Resource Heritage listings Heritage Places Incorporated Documents Land Use Overlays Permit tracking Planning Apps Planning Certificates Planning zones Shopping centre leases Structure Plans Vegetation Mapping Zones Aerial Photos TS & D Staff Locations Office Maps Map Graphics Strategic Planning Zones Overlays Incorporated Docs Heritage listings Cultural Resource Character Study Land Use Structure Plans Census collector districts Coastal planning Consultant Support Aerial Photos Project Management Permanent survey marks Speed zones Street status Traffic Accident statistics Traffic Volume statistics Drainage investigation Consultant Support Drains & Waterways Roads Register Strategy Assets register Drainage register Street lighting Tree Register Pavement Data Buildings Drains & Waterways Grass and Gardens Pathways Playgrounds Signs Street Furniture Bus Routes Pathways Traffic Counts Drainage investigation Consultant Support Roads Register Communications Poster Maps Event Management Aerial Photos Corporate Planning Interface Maps Consultant Support Aerial Photos Information Services Courier Deliveries Office Maps Microwave Locations Slope/Site analysis GIS Training Finance Asset data Land Use Management Committee Council Properties Non Rateable Land Values Property data Libraries Arts & Culture Poster Maps Heritage listings Event Management Recreation facilities Public Buildings Aged & Disabled Care Home help locations Delivered Meals Community Transport Communities That Care locations Customer locations Child Youth & Family Care School Locations Recreation facilities Public Buildings Event Management Poster Maps Environment Protection Caravan Parks Food & Health S.E.W. Data Septic Tanks Aquaculture Poultry Vineyards Fire Hazards Fire clearing Food premises inspection Septic tank applications Sewered areas Soak pit areas Animal register Parking zones Bushfire Prone Areas Building Apps Flood Prone Areas Zones Overlays Mobile Mapping Speed zones Consultant Support Council/Executive Maps for presentation Strategic analysis Census analysis Ratings Strategy Urban Growth Township maps Ward maps Consultant Support Interface Maps General Aerial Photos Cadastral base Census Data Contour data Conversion of spatial data Easement details Melways Parish Plans Service Provision G.I.S.

7 The Internal & External GIS requests Aerial Photography Cadastral Data – Residential Site Maps Contour Maps Demographic Maps– Particularly from Schools Coastal and Foreshore Maps And many more….

8 What the Councillors wanted to see Aerial Photography Land Information Building Information Community Services Tourism details And many other things GIS and Councillors

9 GIS and the Community What does the community want to see? What is the community allowed to see? How can the community get access to information?

10 GIS and the Future Community Mobile Applications – Warringine Park and The Briars Community Data input and upload/download of data – Bike tracks, walking tracks. Contractor data upload/dowload of data – D-Spec (Drainage data) Development of more GIS customised tools THANK YOU Questions?

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