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2014 State of the School.

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1 2014 State of the School

2 The annual Dean’s State of the School address is shared with faculty, staff, students, and community partners. The address summarizes the past year’s accomplishments and communicates goals for the coming year.

3 Our Mission The School of Education seeks to promote educational success and achievement of diverse learners of all ages through our research, teaching, and service activities that foster learning and development in and out of school.

4 A School of Education for the Future
Technology A School Grounded in Interdisciplinary Collaborations Psychology ● Neuroscience ● Economics ● Sociology Linguistics ● Learning Sciences ● Humanities ● Informatics

5 Who We Are People 23 Senate Faculty 69 Lecturers
35 Professional and Support Staff 18 Affiliated Faculty 5 Visiting Scholars

6 Welcome to New Faculty! Drew Bailey Maria Rosales-Rueda

7 Faculty Synergies Learning, Cognition, & Development (Psychology, Neuroscience, & Learning Sciences) Education Policy & Social Context (Sociology & Economics) Language, Literacy, & Technology (Informatics & Linguistics) Early Childhood Bailey, Collins, Reich, Vandell Duncan, Farkas, Rosales-Rueda Black, Mancilla-Martinez K-12 Literacy Collins Brouillette Black, Lawrence, Mancilla-Martinez, Olson, Warschauer K-12 Math & Science Bailey, Conley, Eccles, Kang, Sandholtz, Santagata, Sengupta-Irving, Vandell, van Es Brouillette, Domina, Duncan, Farkas K-12 Brain Processes, Motivation & Development Conley, Eccles, Jaeggi, Vandell Conchas, Duncan Afterschool & Summer Eccles, Vandell Conchas, Farkas Lawrence Higher Education Kang, Sandholtz, Sengupta-Irving, van Es Conchas, Domina, Duncan Warschauer Note: Currently, teacher education is embedded within the grid; however, faculty are discussing whether teacher education should be reflected separately—vertically or horizontally. Other schools of education have teacher education on the vertical axis.

8 Quality Indicators Faculty Research

9 Quality Indicators Grants and Contracts Current Research Funding
• $31,000,000 2014 – 2015 (July 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015) 30 Proposals 50 Proposals 36 Proposals 33 Proposals 41 Proposals

10 US News & World Report Rankings
Quality Indicators US News & World Report Rankings

11 Our Programs Undergraduate SCH B.A. in Education Sciences
• 300 Declared Majors (Fall 2014) • 772 Applicants for Fall 2015 Minor in Educational Studies • 286 Graduates (Spring 2014) Certificate in Afterschool Education • 42 Awarded (Spring 2014)

12 Teacher Education at UCI
Our Programs Teacher Education at UCI 3 Pathways

13 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)
UCI Passed with Flying Colors in Spring 2014 Highlights from the Accreditation Review All programs functioning as a cohesive unit Robust collection, analysis, and application of data Strong relationships with the community Strong curriculum that incorporates Common Core standards Integration of Senate faculty research into curriculum and practice

14 National Council on Teacher Quality
2014 National Rankings of 800 Teacher Education Programs UCI’s Cal Teach Math & Science Program Ranked #1 in California #8 in U.S.

15 Number of Ph.D. Applications
Ph.D. in Education Number of Ph.D. Applications 30 Graduates 71 Current Students Student Productivity in 65 articles published/in press 24 articles under review 122 presentations at conferences

16 Community Partnerships
The Academy Charter High School UC Irvine Child Development Center St. Margaret’s Episcopal School Garden Grove Unified School District Orange County Head Start Children’s Hospital of Orange County Online Toolbox: Afterschool and Summer Outcomes Partnerships with 28 Regional School Districts

17 UCI Writing Project Carol Booth Olson
11 million USDE Office of Innovation & Improvement 38 Years of Programs for Teachers: Summer Institutes 35,000+ teachers from 90 school districts and 15 colleges/universities 30 Years of Programs for PreK-12: Summer Youth Program 2000+ students: Summer 2014 21 Years of Annual Conference for Teachers 650+ attendance: Fall 2014

18 2013-14 Goals Offer Undergraduate Major
Recruit Two Senate Faculty (Early Childhood; Learning and Cognition) Hire Full-Time SoE Advancement Officer Expand Teacher Education Programs Transform SoE Communications: Website Redesign, Social Media Presence, Coordination of “Message”

19 2013-14 Goals Offer Undergraduate Major
Recruit Two Senate Faculty (Early Childhood; Learning and Cognition) Hire Full-Time SoE Advancement Officer Expand Teacher Education Programs Transform SoE Communications: Website Redesign, Social Media Presence, Coordination of “Message”

20 Director of Development Director of Student Affairs
Welcome to New Staff! Mike Khuu Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst Jenel Lao Director of Online Programs Patricia Collette Assistant Dean Michelle Dramé Director of Development Rhett Lowe Programmer Kevin Reimer Director of Student Affairs Luther Tolbert Facilities Manager

21 Welcome to New Administrative Support!
Emily Yu Administrative Assistant Jamie Blanchard-Poling Administrative Specialist Jennifer Tang Administrative Assistant

22 Welcome to New Research Staff and Postdocs!
Meeta Banerjee Academic Specialist Abigail Alido Research Assistant Jessica Ardo Managing Editor Anne Marre Bautista Research Assistant Anna Lene Dicke Postdoctoral Fellow Paul Hanselman Postdoctoral Fellow

23 Director of Research, Writing Project
Welcome to New Research Staff and Postdocs! Nayssan Safavian Postdoctoral Fellow Libier Isas Research Assistant Tina Matuchniak Director of Research, Writing Project Ellen Sheehan Lab Manager Ashley Wright Research Assistant

24 5-Year Priorities Grow Senate Faculty to 34
Move Into the Ranks of the Top 20 Schools of Education Secure School of Education Naming Gift Expand Cal Teach Undergraduate Education Credential Program Build Online Programming in Language, Literacy, and Technology Acquire Additional Space and Support Staff to Accommodate Growth in Faculty, Students, Teaching, and Research Develop Strategic Plan for

25 Moving Forward Dean’s Advisory Board: 8 New Members
Dean’s Leadership Council: 2015 Inaugural Meeting Dean’s Executive Alumni Council: 4 Executive Members

26 School of Education Initiatives
● Using Technology to Transform Learning ● Promoting Early Childhood Learning and Development ● Fostering Literacy in a Diverse Society ● Strengthening Competencies in Math and Science ● Researching Brain Processes, Motivation, and Development ● Transforming Education of Tomorrow’s Teachers ● Expanding Learning Opportunities: Afterschool and Summer Programs ● Remaking the University ● Supporting Community Partnerships

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