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PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and further graduate schools on Campus Bahrenfeld.

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1 PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and further graduate schools on Campus Bahrenfeld

2 2 How to apply for a PhD position Use your contacts from the DESY Summer Student Programme Look for open positions on the DESY website or the websites of your favorite reserach teams Apply directly at the mentioned contact person Apply via the application form of a graduate school

3 PIER Helmholtz Graduate School & other 3 Graduate School The Graduate School for all PhD students with DESY contract: Other opportunities:

4 4 PIER = Partnership for Innovation, Education, and Research of DESY and Universität Hamburg PIER Helmholtz Graduate School = “E” in PIER Jointly funded by the Helmholtz Association, DESY and Universität Hamburg. PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

5 5 PhD education within the PIER research and competence fields:  Particle and Astroparticle Physics  Nanoscience  Photon Science  Infection and Structural Biology  Accelerators  Detectors  Theoretical Physics PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

6 6 Study programme with focus on:  Qualification  Interdisciplinarity  Support Additionally:  Leisure activities and social events (Running team, barbecues etc.)

7 7 PIER Helmholtz Graduate School Founded in 2013 70 Phd students / 56% international PhD students Application: all year Stipends: available / call: once a year

8 8  Atomically Resolved Structural Dynamics  Strongly-Correlated Electron Systems  Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics  Structure-Function Relationships in Biology  Theoretical Studies of Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics  Fundamental Processes in Quantum Physics (Theory)  Attosecond Quantum Tomography and Electron Dynamics  Ultrafast Surface Reaction Dynamics  Structural and Electronic Dynamics on Extreme Timescales  Laser-Driven, Ultrafast Undulator X-ray Sources

9 9 Broad Curriculum with few rules Specialist courses by international lectureres Annual advisory panel meeting Social events Founded in 2010 40 Phd students / 65% international PhD students Application: January for fall Stipends: within MPI only

10 10 Graduate School A: Imaging and Control of Quantum Systems  Photo-driven Dynamics coupled to Electronic Excitations  Real-time Chemical Dynamics in Complex Environments  Imaging Local and Global Coherence of Superfluids  Coupled Two-dimensional Superconductors B: Atomically Resolved Structural Dynamics  Structure-function Correlation in Biological Systems  Expanding the Structural Basis of Biology with Novel Radiation Sources  New Methods for Atomically Resolved Imaging C: Dynamics of Order Formation on the Nanoscale  Correlations and Dynamics in Disordered Model Systems  Structure Formation in Nanomaterials  Ultrafast Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Nanosystems The Graduate School is an integrated part of the Cluster of Excellence The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging established in November 2012

11 11 Graduate School Excellent interdisciplinary educational and training programme Guest programme, colloquia and distinguished lectureships International workshops Winter/summer schools organised by the PhD students Graduate Days 46 Phd students / 43% international PhD students Several funding opportunities: invitation of guest scientists, collaborative visits, etc. Stipends: no

12 Thank you for your attention! We are looking forward to meeting you as a PhD student on Campus Bahrenfeld.

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