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2 NetApp Data ONTAP Storage & Data Protection Techniques.

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2 2 NetApp Data ONTAP Storage & Data Protection Techniques

3 NetApp Integrated Data Protection and Business Continuity Solutions Availability Cost Capability Block-Level Incremental Backups Asynchronous Replication Continuous Operations Application Recovery Daily Backup Snapshot ™ Copies Asynchronous SnapMirror® Synchronous Clusters MetroCluster™ Synchronous Clusters MetroCluster™ SnapVault ® Local Restore Remote RestoreRemote Recovery – Low RTO SnapRestore ® (currently not usable by Veeam) 3

4 4 NetApp Clustered ONTAP: Data Agility & Always on Workloads & Users Big Data Content Servers Virtualized Servers Non-virtualized Servers A B CDE Policy-Based Data Management Replication Copy Creation - Workload A Unexpected Growth in Workload B Backup Copy Creation - Workload C Performance Issue - Workload D Unexpected Growth -Workload E System Upgrade Needed Performance Issue Resolved Capacity Expansion Needed Growth Issue Resolved All Actions Occur Without Disruption to Users A1A1 C1C1 B CDE A Unified Data Network FCP FCoE iSCSI CIFS/SMB NFS/pNFS Clustered ONTAP

5 The Era of the Always-On Business

6 Backup VMware


8 RPO ?

9 Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots (VMware)

10 Multiple restores from snapshots


12 Backup VMware with Storage Snapshots

13 VM snap lifetime Storage Snap Delete Storage Snap VM snap lifetime

14 Example of a standard VMware API backup from a slow storage  ~34 min open VMware VM Snapshot at this example.  Veeam uses parallel Disk backup to reduce time window but the Snapshot is open for a long time.  This leads in a ~28min Snapshot commit with high IO at Storage and performance impact on the VM

15 With Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots


17 Veeam Snapshot Orchestrator

18 Create manual snapshot

19 Scheduled snapshot creation

20 Configure secondary destination

21 Browse snapshot content


23 *.vbk

24 Restore SourceRestorable Objects





29 *. vbk

30 Restore SourceRestorable Objects

31 *.vbk LAN (1Gbps) FibreChannel (16Gbps)







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