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America Moves Toward War

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1 America Moves Toward War
16-4 America Moves Toward War

2 The United States Musters Its Forces
What did the United States do after WWII began in Europe? How did the formation of the Axis alliance affect the United States?

3 “The Great Arsenal of Democracy”
How did Roosevelt help the Allies? Why were some Americans opposed to providing aid to the Soviet Union? What did the Germans do that threatened Roosevelt’s lend-lease program?

4 FDR Plans for War What was the Atlantic Charter?
How did the United States end up in an undeclared war with Germany?

5 Japan Attacks the United States
Why was Japan on a collision course with the United States? What event precipitated America’s entry into WWII?

6 Terms and Names Axis powers Lend-Lease Act Atlantic Charter Allies

7 Honors Paragraph Evaluating Decisions #3 pg. 557
Do you think that the United States should have waited to be attacked before declaring war?

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