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钍基熔盐核能系统 ASTM and TMSR irradiation program Derek Tsang SINAP 20.09.2013.

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1 钍基熔盐核能系统 ASTM and TMSR irradiation program Derek Tsang SINAP 20.09.2013

2 Introduction  SINAP has a irradiation program to get i-data for material used in molten salt reactors.  Metal and graphite  ASTM standards will be used in all the material properties measurement.  Irradiation temperature is 650 ℃  Max dose for metal is 2.5×10 19 n/cm 2 ( E > 0.1MeV )  Max dose for graphite is 5×10 20 n/cm 2 ( E > 0.1MeV )

3 Metal irradiation program  Total samples = 136  Samples for irradiation = 46 PropertiesASTM HardnessASTM E18-12, E10-12 FatigueASTM E606/E606M-12 Charpy impact testASTM E23-12 Modulus and Poisson's ratioASTM E111-04, ASTM E132-04 Tensile testASTM E8/E8M-09, ASTM E21-09


5 Tension and Impact Lab Creep and Rupture Lab Fatigue Lab Heat Treatment Lab Metallographic Preparation Lab Hardness Tester and Microscope Mechanical Properties Platform Lab Introduction-1

6 Other Analytical Instrument Lab Introduction-2 Corrosion Lab 6 Thermal Properties Lab Microscope and Photometer TEM 石墨样品制备实验室 Welding Lab

7 Graphite irradiation program  Total samples = 312  Samples for irradiation = 94 + 94 PropertiesASTMno. of samples Thermal diffusivityASTM C71416+16 Specific heat capacityASTM E126916+16 Bulk DensityASTM C55916+16 Young's modulusASTMC76916+16 Flexural strengthASTM C65116+16 Tensile strengthASTM D396730+30 Compressive strengthASTM C69516+16 CTEASTM E22816+16

8 Tensile strength  Tensile strength sample size in ASTM is too big for our irradiation program  D3967 is for rock tensile strength  Underestimate graphite tensile strength  More experiment and analytical/numerical studies.  New ASTM standard for graphite tensile strength?

9 DYM or SYM  Gas cooled reactor: gas has no mechanical effect on graphite.  May not be true for molten salt reactor.  3 ways to do graphite irradiation experiment for molten salt reactors A.Not consider molten salt at all B.Graphite samples in a container with molten salt and irradiate together. C.Force molten salt into graphite samples before irradiation experiment.

10  Standard requires no liquid inside the samples!  After irradiation experiment to measure DYM at what temperature?  High DYM at room temperature  Virgin DYM at high temperature Virgin graphite with molten salt Virgin graphite without molten salt

11 Some thoughts  ASTM Standards mainly for nuclear graphite in gas cooled reactor.  Nuclear graphite in molten salt reactor may need NEW ASTM standards???


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