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NYC DOE Structure for Supporting Schools December 2011 1.

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1 NYC DOE Structure for Supporting Schools December

2 Support and Supervision of Schools Network Schools self-affiliate to Children First Networks based on common priorities: grade levels, similar student demographics, and/or shared educational philosophies and beliefs. Approximately 50% of Networks are geographically concentrated. Networks are teams of educators and administrative support staff that provide integrated support in all areas of instruction and school operations customized to each school’s needs. There are approximately 25 schools per Network. Networks are accountable for the instructional quality, sound operating practices, and overall student achievement of their schools. Superintendent Every school is supervised by a superintendent based on district (ES/MS) or geographic bounds (HS). Superintendents select & evaluate principals, approve teacher tenure decisions, lead community engagement efforts in the district, and resolve issues and complaints. Superintendents also communicate regularly with all parent associations in the district or borough and serve as a liaison to the Community Education Councils or citywide High School Education Council. School Work closely to provide coherent support and supervision for schools 2 The DOE’s move to a Citywide Network support model has resulted in significant cost savings, allowing us to reinvest the money directly into school budgets: since 2006 the cost of school support has decreased 32%.

3 5 Clusters Office of School Support Saskia Thompson, Chief Executive Officer 59 Children First Networks 3 * Within each Children First Network there are approximately 25 schools

4 Cluster 5 Debra Maldonado 511AED: Judi Aronson 521CUNY: Dennis Sanchez 531CEI-PEA: Joseph Blaize 532CEI-PEA: Benjamin Soccodato 533CEI-PEA: Nancy Ramos 534CEI-PEA: Benjamin Waxman 535CEI-PEA: Mae Fong 551Fordham: Margaret Struk / Anita Batisti 561New Visions: Derek Smith 562New Visions: Barbara Gambino 563New Visions: Alexis Penzell Cluster 1 Corinne Rello-Anselmi 101Marina Cofield 102Alison Sheehan 103Yuet Chu 104Robert Cohen 105Jon Green 106Cynthia Kerr 107Nancy Scala 108Sumita Kaufhold 109Maria Quail 110Nichele Manning-Andrews 111Lucile Lewis 112Kathy Pelles Cluster 4 Christopher Groll 401Roxan Marks 403Gillian Smith 404Terry Byam 405William Bonner 406Cristina Jimenez / Sandra Litrico 407Varleton McDonald 408Lucius Young 409Neal Opromalla 410Altagracia Santana 411Michael Alcoff * 402Renardo Wright 412Ada Orlando Cluster 6 Jose Ruiz 601Lawrence Block 602Julia Bove 603Lawrence Pendergast 604Richard Gallo 605Wendy Karp 606Petrina Palazzo 607Elmer Myers 608Rudy Rupnarian 609Debra Van Nostrand 610Steven Chernigoff 611Robert Hernandez 612Margarita Nell Cluster 2 Charles Amundsen 201Jie Zhang 202Nancy DiMaggio / Vivian Selenikas 203Daniel Feigelson 204Diane Foley 205Joanne Joyner-Wells / Mary Jo Pisacano 206Jayne Godlewski / Ada Cordova 207Peggy Miller 208Daniel Purus 209Marlene Wilks 210Joanne Brucella 211Jean McKeon 212Pat Tubridy Clusters & Networks *Indicates acting Network Leader Office of School Support Saskia Thompson, Chief Executive Officer 4

5 6 High School Superintendents Office of the Senior Supervising Superintendent Donald Conyers, Senior Supervising Superintendent 32 Community Superintendents 5

6 Superintendents Office of Superintendents Donald Conyers, Senior Supervising Superintendent Community Superintendents CSDSuperintendent 1Danielle Phillips 2Mariano Guzman* 3Esther Friedman* 4Luz Cortazzo 5Gale Reeves 6Elsa Nunez* 7Yolanda Torres 8Timothy Behr 9Dolores Esposito 10Sonia Menendez 11Elizabeth White 12Myrna Rodriguez 13Barbara Freeman* 14James Quail 15Anita Skop 16Evelyn Santiago Community Superintendents CSDSuperintendent 17Rhonda Hurdle Taylor 18Beverly Wilkins 19Rose Marie Mills* 20Karina Constantino 21Isabel DiMola 22Linda Waite 23Ainslie Cumberbatch 24Madelene Chan 25Danielle DiMango 26Anita Saunders 27Michele Lloyd-Bey 28Beverly Ffolkes-Bryant 29Lenon Murray 30Philip Composto 31Erminia Claudio 32Lillian Druck High School Superintendents BoroughSuperintendent BrooklynKaren Watts BronxDonald Conyers* Manhattan / BronxGeri Taylor-Brown ManhattanTamika Matheson QueensJuan Mendez Staten Island / BrooklynAimee Horowitz * Indicates acting superintendent 6

7 Central Support: Division of Academics, Performance, and Support School Support Saskia Thompson School support Cluster & Network management Network performance, capacity building & accountability Network & school communications Academics Josh Thomases Common Core / College & Career Readiness Initiatives Instructional Capacity Building (Clusters, Networks, & Schools) Quality Review Arts Career & Technical Education Leadership Anthony Conelli Leadership Pipeline Development (Cluster, Network, School Leader & Teacher) Management of Leadership Contracts (NYC Leadership Academy, New Leaders for New Schools, CSA) Superintendents Donald Conyers Management of 32 Community School District & 6 High School Superintendents Superintendent Appointment Process (C-37) Hiring & Termination of Principals Evaluation of Principals (Principal Performance Review) Performance Adina Lopatin Accountability (Periodic, Local, State & City) School Performance (City & State Accountability, Data Management) Research & Policy (Analytics & Reporting, Academic Policy) Shael Polakow-Suransky, Chief Academic Officer & Senior Deputy Chancellor 7

8 Network Functional Responsibilities Rigorous Academics Adult Development & Professional Learning Support Plans for Struggling Schools & Leaders Operational Services Access & Support for all Students Family & Community Engagement Rigorous Pedagogy, Curriculum, & Assessment Classroom Environment / Culture Targeted Supports for Students with Disabilities & English Language Learners Instructional Innovation School Organization and Academic Policy Teacher Effectiveness Instructional Leadership Leadership Pipeline Effective Processes for Leadership & Tenure Decisions Strategic Intervention & Planning School Improvement Public Engagement Struggling Leaders Business Services (Budget, Human Resources, Technology) Safety, Suspensions, and Crisis Management Enrollment and Space Use Students with Disabilities & English Language Learners Equitable Admissions & Specialized Support for Under- Represented Student Groups Communication Community Partnerships & Campus Relationships 8

9 Sample Network Staffing Structure InstructionOperationsStudent & Family Services Achievement Coach Director of Operations Budget & Procurement Manager Director Human Resources & Payroll Food, Transportation & Health Achievement Coach Special Education Achievement Coach Administrator of Special Education Attendance, Safety & Suspensions Youth Development, ELL, Network Family Point Network Leadership Achievement Coach Data / IT, Special Ed Support Achievement Coach Network Leader Deputy Network Leader 9

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