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Project Kick-off Meeting > > Presented By: > >. Agenda  Introductions & Opening Comments  Purpose  Sponsor’s Statement  Project Background  Project.

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Presentation on theme: "Project Kick-off Meeting > > Presented By: > >. Agenda  Introductions & Opening Comments  Purpose  Sponsor’s Statement  Project Background  Project."— Presentation transcript:

1 Project Kick-off Meeting > > Presented By: > >

2 Agenda  Introductions & Opening Comments  Purpose  Sponsor’s Statement  Project Background  Project Goals and Objectives  Project Scope  SDLC Deliverables  Project Organization  Roles and Responsibilities  Project Team Contact Information  Detailed Project Planning  Next Steps 2

3 Introductions & Opening Comments  Welcome  Objective of this meeting  Round table introductions  Name  Role on the project  Area of expertise  Opening Comments 3

4 Project Kick-Off Purpose  To formally recognize the “official start” of the project  Assist project team members, clients, and key stakeholders to attain a common understanding of the project scope, deliverables, roles and estimates timeline 4

5 Solution Delivery Branch EA – Enterprise Architecture PMO – Project Management Office AD – Application Delivery ESD – Electronic Services Delivery GIS – Geographic / Geospatial Information System 5

6 6 66 SDLC: Quick Summary PHASE 4 Support Initiate PHASE 1 Concept RFPRFP Analysis PH. 2 Plan CloseImplementExecuteDesign PHASE 3 Plan Objective CS Assessment of client request Sample Deliverables Business Case Preliminary Scope FISA Objective PMO & EA review Engage AD Confirm sourcing approach AS/Ops Engagement Sample Deliverables PID PRO, WO Initiation Presentation Objective Detailed business analysis AS/Ops Engagement Sample Deliverables Draft Transition Agreement (TA) BRD Approval Papers Draft RFP Tender Pre-TRA P/PIA Objective Detailed tech. solution design AS/Ops Engagement Sample Deliverables Final TA DAD Draft TRA Draft OPM Conversion Plan Security Design Review Revised Project Plan Objective Implementation and Transition Sample Deliverables VA OPM Support Plan System Doc Change Request Application Build Book Database Build Book COA Go Live Communication RFC Server Build Book Source Code Service Desk Support Guide Objective Build/configure / test solution Sample Deliverables Final TRA Test Plan Cots/Custom Solution DR Checklist Client Acceptance UAT Plan Data Migration Plan Implementation Plan Post Implementation Support Plan Training Plan Objective Handover Project Closure Sample Deliverables Closure Report Vendor Review Lessons Learned Plan Objective Confirm scope - Communication Plan Project Charter - Kickoff Detailed plan - Checklist Risk Assessment - Stakeholder Analysis Indicates Go / No-Go Decision Point PHASE 5

7 Project Sponsor’s Statement >  > 7

8 Project Background  > 8

9 Goals and Objectives  > 9

10 Scope  > 10

11 SDLC Mandatory Deliverables  Business Requirements Document (BRD)  Pre-Threat Risk Assessment (Pre TRA)  Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment (PPIA)  Project Charter  Detailed Architecture Design  Monthly Status Reports  Project Plan  Implementation Plan  Test Plan  Others 11

12 Project Organization  > 12

13 High-Level Roles and Responsibilities  Project Steering Committee  Project Sponsor  Project Manager  Business User(s)  Client Business Experts  Delivery Manager  Client Services  PMO & EA 13

14 Project Steering Committee  Provide overall guidance and strategic direction  Promotes success of project  Reviews the budget and project plans  Reviews and approves Project Scope and Project Scope changes  Clears obstacles to progress  Provides guidance to deal with Risks and project constraints 14

15 Project Sponsor  Responsible to ensure business objectives will be achieved  Provides support from the Department (Business) perspective  Promote and maintain focus on the desired project outcome from the point of view of the end-users  Ensures Department commitment and communicates project progress to executive management  Provides support to the Project Manager  Enable project success by ensuring that Scope is managed effectively  Chair the Project Steering Committee (assigned delegate) 15

16 Project Manager  Responsible for the overall success of the project  Monitors project on an ongoing basis  Leads project team  Communicates status and issues to Delivery Manager and Project Steering Committee  Ensuring project milestones are on time / on budget  Responsible for developing a detailed project plan in accordance with best practices  Manage the budget, schedule, resources, etc.  Responsible for project reporting (Project Status Report, Project Projections, Project Plan and Risk, Issues Log)  Ensure all project documentation is sent to the ISC  Responsible for effective Project Change Management  Ensure appropriate Test Plans are developed and executed (UAT, Stress Testing, Volume Testing)  Manage Transition to Production  Ensure compliance to OCIO’s SDLC 16

17 Business User(s)  Involved throughout project (part time or full time)  Provides input into detailed project planning  Provides knowledge of business processes  Engaged in requirements gathering and confirmation  Resolves business issues and escalates issues to the Project Manager as needed  Performs UAT testing, assists with training and project documentation  Become super-users for new solution  Develops policies and procedures required for new solution  Provides first level of support for new solution 17

18 Client Business Experts  Provides knowledge of business processes  Provides input into detailed project planning  Engages in requirements gathering and confirmation  Resolved business issues and escalates issues to the Project Manager, as needed  Develops policies and procedures required for new solution  Participates throughout the project life cycle 18

19 Delivery Manager  Responsible for delivery of solution to Client  Conduct risk and quality assessments throughout the Project Life cycle  Provides guidance and direction to PM’s and facilitates relationship with Client and Project team for duration of project  Financial monitoring  Monitor progress of project and escalate issues and risks accordingly  Ensure project deliverables are in accordance with the SDLC  Review status reports for accuracy and quality  Maintain communication between stakeholders  Brief Solution Delivery Directors on issues / concerns as needed  Attend Steering Committee meetings 19

20 Client Services  Responsible for the relationship between client department and the OCIO  Responsible for overall relationship with the vendor community and OCIO;  Will be engaged with Departmental Executive before any project starts;  Work with Departments to develop IT strategic plans, to prioritize departmental requirements for budget preparations and to ensure that service levels are being met  Will intervene with departments and the project team on matters relating to project commitment and support;  Attend Steering Committee meetings (as requested) 20

21 Project Management Office (PMO)  SDLC process owner  Responsible for overall project governance and quality assurance monitoring  Financial monitoring of entire Solution Delivery Project Portfolio  Monitoring of monthly/weekly project status reporting  Prepare and review project dashboards  Conduct Project Audits  Review project charter and plan  Coordinator for Copies of Production Data Requests and Requests for Change (Implementation and Go-live activities)  Ad-hoc metrics and reporting 21

22 Enterprise Architecture (EA) Engage Early.  We want to engage early in the process and be there when you need us. Engage Often.  Your EA Prime will offer guidance in areas of:  OCIO architectural standards  Sample documentation and other resources to aid your project’s success  Creation of project deliverables: the Business Case and Scope Document; the Project Initiation Document (PID); the Business Requirements Document (BRD); and the Detailed Architecture Design  Project Architecture Review Board (PARB) Process 22

23 Project Team Contact Information NameRoleemailPhone > 23

24 Detailed Project Planning Project Kick-off - Successful Vendor  Validate the business case, scope and approach  Complete stakeholder analysis  Complete detailed Project Plan  Prepare project Communications Plan  Complete Project Charter  Obtain all sign-offs / approvals on above from the Client Project Sponsor and OCIO Solution Delivery Director before proceeding with the next phase of the project 24

25 Wrap-up  Review Next Steps  Questions  Thank you Solution Delivery… ….delivering solutions and enabling business transformation. 25

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