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Management of the Naboro Landfill – DoE’s Perspective By: Razia Zariff.

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1 Management of the Naboro Landfill – DoE’s Perspective By: Razia Zariff

2 The Role of DoE in Management of the Naboro Landfill Legislation and regulation; Permitting; Implementation/ operation; Enforcement. DoE is the employer of H.G. Leach who operate the Naboro Landfill. The initial contract was signed by the then CEO for Ministry of Local Government, Housing, Squatter Settlement and Environment. After breakup of the Ministry, DoE took control of the landfill operations

3 DoE As a Manager We verify a payment certificate submitted by H.G Leach for the work they have done during the month. This includes their role as under the contract, the total amount of waste entering Naboro, any matters to tend to, etc.

4 Efforts by DoE to Ensure Better Service Monitoring of Leachates Public Awareness Programmes Allowing lower gate fees or in cases of request exempt for gate fees (as in clean ups), despite the subsidy provided fpr by the Government. Signboard and information board put up at the site

5 Planning for the next phase Aerators for the Leachate Pond Meetings with Councils to take their issues on board Fortnightly or monthly monitoring visits Information line Wash bay

6 Peace Corp Volunteer Department will soon be getting a volunteer from Peace Corp who is academically qualified and experienced in managing and designing landfills. This is the Department’s efforts in capacity building to better manage the landfill with limited resources

7 Challenges Faced by DoE Lack of technical staff to manage a sanitary landfill Being first in Fiji and probably the smaller Pacific Islands to operate a sanitary landfill Lack of funding

8 Challenges Faced by DoE Numerous complaints on smell Complaints from Councils Need for Washbay

9 Appeal to Councils Work Together with DoE Ensure all waste collected reaches Naboro Increase collection efficiency Use proper trucks for carrying waste to Naboro

10 Options for Future Government keeps on running the landfill with the help of a private company Let councils run the Naboro Landfill Look at the option of privatization or private public partnership


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