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SAFER Seismic EArly Warning For EuRope Introduction to the 1st year`s meeting and project management (WP1) progress report Athens, 27 June Jochen Zschau,

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1 SAFER Seismic EArly Warning For EuRope Introduction to the 1st year`s meeting and project management (WP1) progress report Athens, 27 June Jochen Zschau, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

2 1 st Year`s SAFER Meeting Agenda 9:00 Registration 9:30 Welcome Gerassimos Papadopoulos 9:40 Introduction, WP1 progress report Jochen Zschau 10:00 SEW progress in California Richard Allen 10:30 Coffee Break 10:45 WP2 progress report Aldo Zollo 11:45 WP3 progress report Gaetano Manfredi 12:05 WP4 progress report Claus Milkereit 13:05 WP5 progress report Jochen Woessner 13:30 Lunch 14:30 WP6 progress report Gerassimos Papadopoulos/Paolo Trautteur 14:50 WP parallel meetings 17:30 Steering Committee meeting Wednesday, 27 th Electra Hotel

3 1 st Year`s SAFER Meeting Agenda 9:00 Continuation of WP parallel meetings 11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 SeaHellArc presentation Joanna Papoulia 12:00 NERIES presentation Alberto Michelini 12:30 TRANSFER presentation Alberto Armigliato 13:00 Discussion of possible synergies between EU projects 13:30 Lunch 14:30 Results of WP meetings and plans for next period 17:30 Executive Committee meeting Thursday, 28 th Electra Palace Hotel Friday, 29 th Electra Palace Hotel 9:30 Round table discussions with end users 11:30 Conclusions 12:30 End of meeting

4 WP1: Project Management Steering Committee Jochen Zschau Coordinator (GFZ) Paolo Gasparini Co-coordinator (AMRA) Gerassimos Papadopoulos Co-coordinator (NOA) Executive Committee Jochen Zschau Paolo Gasparini Gerassimos Papadopoulos George Marmureanu (NIEP) Mustafa Erdik (KOERI) Aldo Zollo, WP2 leader (AMRA) Gaetano Manfredi, WP3 leader (AMRA) Claus Milkereit, WP4 leader (GFZ) Stefan Wiemer, WP5 leader (ETHZ) SAFER Office Alfonso Rossi Filangieri (AMRA) Kevin Fleming (GFZ) WP1 WP2WPn

5 WP1-Activity General Coordination Project Begin: 15 June 2006 Project End: 15 Dec. 2008  Core Contract with EC: 14 August 06 GFZ-signature 23 October 06 All signed accession forms with the EC Mid Dec. 06 Contract signed by EC End of Dec. 06 Payment by EC  Consortium Agreement: Finalized by Nov. 06  First Payment to the Partners: End of Jan. 07  First Year`s Scientific and Financial Report: 31 July 07  First Year`s Scientific Audit: 31 July 07  First Year`s Financial Audit: ???

6 WP1-Activity Meetings  General: 2-4 July 2006, Capri: Kick-off meeting 27-29 June 2007, Athens: First year`s general meeting  Steering Committee: 6 Dec. 2006, Potsdam 19 April 2007, Vienna 27 June 2007, Athens  Executive Committee: 28 June 2007, Athens  Special: 5-9 June 2007, Cairo Jochen Zschau (general coordination) Kevin Fleming (shake map) Max Wyss (real-time damage assessment) Klaus Winkenwerder (decision support system)

7 WP1-Activity Major Decisions and Clerifications  Scientific Advisory Board: Nomination of candidates Raul Madariaga (seismologist, France) Kyriazis Pitilakis (civil engineer, Greece) Scientific advice and external scientific audit!  Amount of First Payment: 100% of the first year`s budget (1.5 million Euros) from 85% of the first 18 months` budget (1.9 million Euros)! Problem of the 70% rule!  Interim Management Report: Necessary and possible!  Deliverables and Milestones: Time can be shifted within the 30 months project duration! But indicate new deadlines and explain!  Shift Between Financial Categories: person., travel, consum.,.. Is possible, but you have to explain!

8 WP1-Activity Website (in Association with WP6)  General Project Information  Management Circulars  Minutes of Meetings  Handbook of Administrative Management  Available Deliverables, Reports, Presentations  Publications  PR-Activities  Participant Coordinates (…Photos?...)  Communication?

9 WP1-Activity Synergies with other EU-Projects  Special SAFER-Organized Meeting: 19 April 2007, Vienna SAFER participants: Steering Committee, Office EC: Denis Peter NERIES: Torild van Eck TRANSFER: Stefano Tinti SeaHellArc: Joanna Papoulia, Jannis Makris  First Year`s NERIES-Meeting: 11-13 June 2007, Zürich SAFER-representative: Bogdan Enescu  First Year`s SeaHellArc-Meeting: 26 June 2007, Athens SAFER-representatives: Jochen Zschau, Gerassimos Papadopoulos  Joint “SAFER WP3/WP4“-“NERIES JRA3“- Meeting: 30-31 August 2007, Oslo  Special Session at SAFER Meeting: 28 June 2007, Athens with NERIES, TRANSFER and SeaHellArc

10 WP1-Activity After One Year: Where Are We?  The Bad News: On average ½ year delay! Late payment! Hiring problems!  The Good News: 1/3 of the first year`s deliverables ready! 10% of the first year`s deliverables nearly ready! We have 30 months instead of 24 months!

11 Completed Deliverables: 14/43 D1.1Kick-off meeting –Report D6.1Web page of the project (AMRA) D6.2Initial report by EUG (NOA) D2.24Evaluation of the existing tools on EEWS in Bucharest (NIEP) D5.3Clustering properties for Italy (INGV) D2.1Report and code on methodologies for earthquake location (AMRA) D2.14Software packages for generating data consistent accelerograms (UNIKAR) D2.18Evaluation scheme and results for optimizing seismic networks for early warning and rapid response (UNIKARL) D3.10Report and publication demonstrating the developed method (NORSAR) D4.1Generation of area-specific relationships between ground motion parameters (PGA, PGV) (GFZ) D4.2Development of magnitude calibrated intensity attenuation relations for target areas (GFZ) D4.8Report on local attenuation relations analysing real and simulated strong motion data (AMRA) D4.9Report on methodologies for real-time adjusting of attenuation relations and shake map computation (AMRA) D6.5Special report about the status of civil protection as regards seismic early warning (NOA)

12 Almost Completed Deliverables: 5/43 D3.1Report on the needs into development of an EWS from the perspective of infrastructural/structural control. (AMRA) D2.2Report on analysis of high quality strong motion data base for exploring the optimal real-time observable for magnitude estimation (AMRA) D3.16Critical review of the different solutions for an integrated safe transmission system for EWS in urban areas. (Selex) D3.2Report on the development of control algorithms and control devices. (AMRA) D3.6Report on the empirical model of landslide prediction and validation against case histories. (NGI)

13 Delayed Deliverables: 24/43 D4.34MMI(PGA) and MMI(PGV) relations valid for SW Iceland. (IMO) D5.1Alpha Version of RAFT distributed (ETHZ) D2.8Calibration of VS parameters for Switzerland (ETHZ) D2.10Performance evaluation and code improvements ((ETHZ) D2.20Demonstration of real-time processing algorithms. (NORSAR) D2.27Results of the application of automatic fault mapping procedure (IMOR) D2.29Implementation of real-time fault mapping at in Iceland. (IMOR) D2.31Report on evaluation of the procedures for real time monitoring (INGV) D2.37Prototype hybrid network design and implementation (NKUA) D2.9First Installation of test VS system (ETHZ) D4.12Selection of target area where to achieve the shake map (NIEP) D4.20Sensor Node Prototype of Low Cost Sensor (UBER) D4.25Network Optimisation simulator development and testing (UBER) D4.27Operation of spare early warning network in the Istanbul area (KOERI) D4.32An automated system for the evaluation a earthquake sequence (NOA) D4.35Analysis of the applicability of using station alerts in SW Iceland. (IMO) D4.37Development of software code for QUAKELOSS (WAPMERR) D4.39Development of software modules for shake map generation (NRIAG) D4.4Development of the seismological analysis software (with UBER) (GFZ) D4.5Development of seismogram analysis of single station/network trigger (GFZ) D5.2Improve PGA- and VGA-distance relations for SW Iceland (IMOR) D5.5RAFT test system Italy online (INGV) D5.8New tool for the calculation of shear and Coulomb stress changes (GFZ) D6.6General software frame of a DDSM (cedim AG)

14 WP1-Activity Some Future Actions  Vision Paper for EC: State of the art and future potential of SEW By the end of the year! As basis for possible post SAFER projects! Together with other EU-projects or separately?  AGU Special Session on SEW: 12-14 Dec, San Francisco Convenor: Richard Allen Co-Convenors: Paolo Gasparini Representative from Japan

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