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Campus Let Contracts Procedure Updates and Prevailing Wage Rates January 30, 2013.

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1 Campus Let Contracts Procedure Updates and Prevailing Wage Rates January 30, 2013

2 What’s new? Tools Updates to Procedure 7555 Training Overview of 7555 Communication Guidance Documents CLC-6: Debriefing CLC-7: Single Sole Source Procurements Website: Listserv: SUNYCLC@LS.SYSADM.SUNY.EDU

3 What’s next? Tools Procedure 7554 - Construction Contracting Contract Agreement Template for Studies Communications Field Orders Payment Forms and Process Records Retention Insurance View procedures on the Office for Capital Facilities websitewebsite

4 Procedure Updates

5 Procedure 7555: Summary of Updates Overall Basic structure and forms Consultant selection process, forms and criteria Added definitions of and guidance on term and backdrop agreements Consultant Service Agreements Clarified agreement types and when they should be used Clarified documentation required on file at campus Clarified consultant documentation requirements Added SUNY Construction Procurement Record Checklist Added Division of Budget B-1184 requirement View procedures on the Office for Capital Facilities websitewebsite

6 Forms IDNew Doc #Old Doc #Document NameChanges 17555-00NewConsultant Procurement ChecklistNew Form 27555-01CS-1Request for QualificationsComprehensive update 37555-02CS-3RFQ Transmittal LetterFormat changes; no substantive changes 47555-03NewShort List Rating FormNew Form 57555-04NewShort List Summary FormNew Form 67555-05NewConsultant Reference FormNew Form 77555-06CS-4Consultant Selection Rating FormComprehensive update 87555-07NewBackdrop Term Mini Selection FormNew Form 97555-08CS-13Letter of IntentFormat changes; no substantive changes 107555-09CS-12Insurance CertificateNo change 117555-10CS-11Consultant AgreementNo change 127555-10ANewTerm/Backdrop Consultant AgreementNew Form 137555-11CS-14Contract AmendmentFormat changes; no substantive changes 147555-12CS-6Consultant Application for PaymentNo change 157555-13NewProject Initiation – TermNew Form 167555-14CS-7Authorization to ProceedComprehensive update

7 Section II. Consultant Service Agreements Lump Sum Agreement with no associated construction cost (for studies & limited design services) Cost Plus Fixed Fee Agreement (for studies & design with a clearly defined scope) Lump Sum Agreement with an associated construction cost (for studies & design) The Fund’s fee schedule is for internal comparison only. Do not provide the fee schedule to consultants. Fund Website

8 Section III. Agreements <$25,000 Documentation requirements DOB B-1184 Approval (applies >$20,000) Procurement Lobbying Forms (applies >$15,000) Certificates of Insurance (Form 7555-09) Certificate of Workers Comp and Disability OSC Form A - State Consultant Services Contractor’s Planned Employment (applies >$15,000; applicable to salaries, does not include travel or reimburseables) Purchase Order or Agreement Exhibit A Exhibit A-1 (applies >$25,000) Project scope and requirements If processed as a Contract - Campus Procurement Certification (Form XV, Procedure 7553)

9 Section IV. Agreements >$25,000 A. Overview Solicitation Selection Award B. Required Documentation See Checklist (Form 7555-00) C. Consultant Service Agreement Process *New* Selection process, criteria and form

10 Consultant Procurement Checklist Link to form

11 Request for Qualifications Link to form

12 Selection Process Highlights Short List Rating (7555-03) Short List Summary (7555-04) Consultant References (7555-05) Consultant Selection Rating (7555-06) Firm Qualifications and Experience (20 Pts.) Personnel Qualifications and Experience (20 Pts.) Previous Experience with Work Specific to Project Scope (20 Pts.) Approach & Capability (20 Pts.) MWBE Utilization (10 Pts.) References (10 Pts.) A detailed description of each category is on page two of the form. Forms available onlineonline New Forms

13 Selection Process Highlights Selection Committee A minimum of three members If interviews are held, each must be attended by all committee members (therefore we recommend committees consist of four or more members) At a minimum the committee chair must have completed the Consultant Selection Training with the Fund A committee member shall have no conflict of interest relating to the consultants being considered Remember: Procurement Lobbying Act Procedure 7552

14 Procurement Lobbying Act Limits communications during the Restricted Period – from Contract Reporter Ad to Contract Execution All inquires must be directed to the Designated Contact Violation could result in the disqualification of the consultant View the procedure at the Office for Capital Facilities website Procedure 7552

15 Term and Backdrop Agreements Term Agreements A pre-awarded agreement for the preparation of a study or for design services and/or contract administration of small projects with similar scopes of work. Backdrop Agreements For small projects with diverse scopes of work Backdrop term agreements involve the selection of three to six firms to serve as a “backdrop” of consultants and a mini-selection process is used to determine the most qualified consultant for each project. *New* Agreement Template available onlineonline

16 Term and Backdrop Agreements Highlights May be issued as dry appropriation contracts Three year maximum term, no option for renewal Selection must demonstrate the most qualified firm is selected A fair and reasonable price must be negotiated for each project Consultation with University Counsel is strongly recommended *New* Agreement Template available onlineonline

17 Term and Backdrop Agreements Forms 7555-10A - Consultant Term Agreement 7555-07 - Backdrop Agreement Mini Selection 7555-13 - Term Project Initiation 7555-14 - Authorization to Proceed *New* Agreement Template available onlineonline

18 What hasn’t changed? “The Basics” Fee Negotiations Insurance Payment

19 Multi Campus or Regional Agreements

20 Prevailing Wage Rates

21 Agency Responsibility Obtain a Prevailing Wage Rate Schedule Include the schedule in the contract Submit a Notice of Contract Award (PW-16) Collect and maintain certified payroll records Submit a Notice of Completion/Cancellation (PW-200) Use the online applicationonline application

22 Certified Payroll Collect payroll records every thirty (30) days Designate an employee to collect and review certified payrolls for facial validity Maintain payroll records for five years from the date of completion of the work Post the name of the employee collecting payroll records on the project site Make filing of payrolls by the contractor(s) a condition of payment Facial validity: the validity of something at face value.

23 OSHA 10 Hour Course Proof of completion must be provided with the first certified payroll Proof must be provided when a new or additional employee is listed

24 Contact: Jessica R. Miller 518-320-1129


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